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Charlotte Evergrande (played by Lumaslily)

In a sailboat surrounded by the vast sea lived a group of traveling performers that were hoping this trip would set off their careers. They had been traveling the countryside for a couple of years, doing small gigs during festivals and parades. They were known as the Bizare Wonders, a small group of performers that were skilled in the arts of music, dance, and magic.

The Bizarre Wonders had finally begun making a name for themselves when a nobleman from across the narrow sea requested a performance from their group. He had heard of their talent and offered to pay a great sum of gold if they willing to perform for at a party in their manor.

A courier had sent the crew a message and even though the place was across the sea and in another country, there was no way they would pass up such an important opportunity.

However, it seems that their desire for stardom would not be coming true as some higher being from above must have had another idea in mind.

For a few days, the trip was going well until a group of pirates raided their ship, slaughtered their captain and rook them as prisoners. The crew sat huddled together in the middle of the deck awaiting their fate.

Most pirates would have killed them off by now, but maybe they had a more sinister plan in mind.

One girl known as Charlotte, had the worst-case scenario in mind as she sat defeated with her hands tied behind her back like the others. She had her face turned to her friend, Yuna who was giving their captures a dirty glare. Charlotte would not dare look at her captures like her friend because she feared looking them in the eyes would reveal to her their terrible intentions.

"Hey, boss what do you suppose we do with these group of milk drinkers?" A pirate inquired.

"Hey, maybe we can kill the men and keep the women for entertainment. I think I like the one that looks like a local tavern wench." Another responded.

Charlotte shuddered at the pirate's casual conversation, how could one be so cruel?
Dealt (played by Dharlas)

Pen scraping on parchment, notes detailing the latest excursion, thoughts and ideas of what to do next. Dealt kept a meticulous log of all dealings and interactions, both mentally and on paper. Just because he says something doesn’t mean it will be believed without proof. He knew his men would be getting rowdy with captives on board, and frankly cleaning more blood off the ship is a bigger hassle then it needs to be. With a reluctant sigh he made his way to the brig.

His men were skilled, so they weren’t injured much during the fight. But it was hardly worth the effort. Boots thudding across the deck his men trying to keep busy in his eyes. ‘Some women and men are all that’s left, some rations not much money, but I guess they can be sold but that’s a hassle in itself’ He thought to himself.

As he reached the brig he heard his men’s suggestions, sneaking up behind the one who mentioned using them for entertainment, with a swift motion he brought his jeweled blade to the man’s throat and whispered in his ear “Are you entertained now?” He enjoyed tormenting his men from time to time, it does break up the monotony.
The men would scramble out in fear and Dealt would eye his prey. Noticing their attire he assumed performers of a sort. He stared at each of them and asked “Who are you supposed to be?” His tone was rough but inquisitive.
Charlotte Evergrande (played by Lumaslily) Topic Starter

Charlotte and her companions looked up to see what looked to be the captain of their crew of pirates. His stance cast a long shadow that made them feel even more intimidated than they already were. When he asked who they were they all sat there in silence.

Why did he want to know? What would he do them if they revealed why they were traveling across the sea? Did it even matter?

Even his own men seemed to be scared by him and he was willing to torment them than just what would he do to regular citizens like these simple entertainers.

Suddenly, the leader of their group, Cicero, who was sitting on the opposite end of Charlotte decided to speak for his crew.

"We're just entertainers..." he murmured loud enough for their captors to hear.

Cicero looked up at the man waiting for the response with the little information he gave him.
Dealt (played by Dharlas)

Dealt sheathed his sword and watched them in silence, waiting for an answer. As soon as the silence was broken his eyes snapped to the man who responded. “Entertainers? What are you some kind of troupe?” His golden eyes glimmered, entertainers are good money. He had received a tip that there would be some out here, heading for a rich noble. Cost him a bit of coin but it seems the tip paid off.

He smirked warmly at them “Well if you are entertainers then you must have some clients you know very well.” He looked at the man who spoke. “I can only assume you’re the leader of this group, so tell me what is your troupe’s name?”

He spoke sweetly and calmly, but he was probing for information trying to figure out their best use. Maybe he stole some valuable cargo, or perhaps they were no one. He hadn’t been to land in a long while. His eyes scanning them for any weakness, any sign one may give up something more useful to him.
Charlotte Evergrande (played by Lumaslily) Topic Starter

"We are called the Bizare Wonders..." Cicero replied making some of the men around them crack up in laughter. Groups usually had eccentric names to catch peoples attention so it wasn't a big deal if people took a jab at their name. But being surrounded by people who could throw you overboard at any moment laughing at you was quite embarrassing. Even some of their members a vested their eyes and lowered their head out of shame.

Cicero hoped that was enough information to make the man stop prying but he knew he probably wanted more detailed information. But he didn't really want to disclose the privacy on their agents.

"We are just simple performers trying to make some money. We can work as servants until we get on land and never look upon each other's faces again!" Cicero pleaded.

"Are you going to sing to us while we work?" Someone japed.

No one in the group wanted to be servants but diplomacy was the only option.
Dealt (played by Dharlas)

Dealt chuckled a bit at their name. It was simple and easy to recall. As his men laughed at the troupe, he stomped hard and yelled for them to find something to do, or to start swimming. He knew this troupe wasn’t a threat, but he did want to seem vulnerable to them, testing to see if they would try and strike, always ready to grab his hidden knife.

Dealt paced a bit the cracks of light filtering through the boards above catching the jeweled hilt of his sabre. He enjoyed the way it sparkled, also a good reminder he wasn’t unarmed. Eyes scanning over the troupe noticing them cowering.

“Bizare Wonders, you say?” He scratched his chin, little stubbly but he wasn’t impressing anyone these days. He waved his hand at the man trying to get by on servant work.

“Now how would you make any money when you get worked to the bone on board my ship? Smart for the moment but the long term is not valuable for you. Plus if my men start to get lazy I have to whip them into shape and frankly, their souls can’t really use a tight squeeze.”

He clenched a fist and one of his men aboard could be heard in agonizing pain calling out for forgiveness as the rest of the crew went to their own duties. As Dealt unclenched the cries stopped and a raspy thanks was muttered. “Take the day off, I needed to show off.” He yelled upwards.
Charlotte Evergrande (played by Lumaslily) Topic Starter

Now was the time to come up with another plan after witnessing the Captain's little display on power.

No one was crazy enough to gang up on the guy as none of them could really fight. They could maybe make a little distraction if one of their magicians, but neither Yuna or Bronn could reach for their wands. Plus, where could they possibly run off to in that small amount of time.

They had to come up with something or else their captain might throw them into a cellar and use them as punching bags instead of his crewmen.

"A nobleman was offering us a wealthy sum of money if you take us there then we can give the payment to you as compensation for all this trouble..." Cicero suggested, at this point, he was getting desperate.

"Are you serious!? Why would we give our hard-earned gold to these...these...scoundrels!?" Yuna raged while looking the captain in the eyes.

"Yuna, no!" Charlotte whispered to her friend as she wasn't making the situation any better.

"They do not give a rats ass about what we can offer!" Yuna said bluntly while glancing at the other members.

"Tell us what you want and quit wasting our time." Yuna turned to the Captain.
Dealt (played by Dharlas)

Dealt revelled in their fear, it was nice to be in charge for sure. He could tell it had thrown them off. Dealt's ear twitched at the mention of payment, wealthy nobleman is two of his favorite words after all. He paid no mind to the woman who was enraged, he knew the hot headed type they were easy marks after all. Not entertaining.

"Well compensation is the way of the world after all. You can't get something for nothing" His golden eyes would shift to a silver hue for a moment, the scent of a deal always enticed him.

Dealt turned his attention to the pink haired woman next to the loud one. "You are quiet. You seem to have a sense of the situation and the trouble you are in." He would take steps towards her and crouch down near her, placing his hands on his knees to balance himself, his long cowl draped over the floor. He looked her right in the eyes. and in a cold tone he asked.

"What is your name?"
Charlotte Evergrande (played by Lumaslily) Topic Starter

Charlotte could feel her heart pounding as the captain crouched down to ask about her name. The thumping was so loud that Charlotte thought she was going to die of fear.

Why did he want to know her name? Should she keep her mouth shut on give it to him?

When he got down to her level she instinctively curled up into a ball.

"Leave her alone!" Yuna quickly moved in between the captain and her friend, she wasn't going to let him harm her friend if that's what she was planning.

This wasn't good, Yuna was only trying to defend her, but now wasn't the time to get impulsive. He only asked for her name and nothing else so maybe he might go easy on them if she cooperated.

Charlotte whispered in her friend's ear, "its okay Yuna."

Yuna turned away from the stranger and over to Charlotte with a surprised look in her eyes. Charlotte's face was ridden with fear just like hers but there was a hint of assurance in her eyes.

Yuna moved out of the way so Charlotte could face the Captain which was something she rarely did with strangers.

"Charlotte...Charlotte Evergrande." She uttered her name meekly.
Dealt (played by Dharlas)

Dealt twinged annoyingly when the loud girl got in his way, with a snap of his fingers a small little cut would strike her arm. No more than a scratch but would have the instant intensity of a needle through the skin, but pass quickly it was meant to show his capacity for control in this situation. Anyone with magic knowledge would know it was a small amount of compressed air. He would glare at her.

“That was a warning shot, you are not in a place to be making demands or testing my patience. I ignored you in hopes that you would realize you are behind my interest and not try me. You are rash and frankly my crew have many ways to make sure that energy is put to use.” His eyes narrowed at her with his final words and turned to Charlotte.

“Charlotte, your obviously afraid here, but more than most, and yet brave enough to try and protect your friend here, as foolish as she is.” A casual glance at the loud one. “Besides your leader and your... friend, only three of you spoke up, so I am lead to assume none of you really have anything worth protecting and aren’t worth a huge amount.”

He would stand up and tap his chin thinking of what to do next. Captives meant more mouths to feed. The month had been kind, he isn’t a monster but he doesn’t owe them. Everything Is just business after all. Taking a moment he looked back down at them. "Oh I guess I should introduce myself its only fair, I am the great demon lord of wind and chaos, the signer of wishes, and master illusionist, Dealt!"
Charlotte Evergrande (played by Lumaslily) Topic Starter

When Yuna stepped backed off she winced a bit in pain from the sudden cut. If she wasn't tied up then she would totally deck him in the face.

But at as much, as she hated to admit it, he was right about their position in this situation. Yuna watched intently as he spoke to Charlotte.

Charlotte listened quietly as the captain spoke. She may not be worth anything but that didn't mean she would not be missed if he decided to kill her off. She had the family she hoped to return to including her companions.

"It is a Dealt." Charlotte said as politely as she could.
Dealt (played by Dharlas)

Dealt smiled down at Charlotte. "And we have manners, which means you were either raised properly, or are a humble person. I feel its more the latter." He snapped his fingers and the bindings of the loud one, their leader and Charlotte would break as another sliver of air cut them off. "Looks like we may have some more things to discuss, you three may come with me, but I need names. First." He would point at the loud one. "Name." Then at their leader. "Name."

After learning their names he would lead them up to his cabin. His crew would leer and cat call the women and threaten the man. But a stern look would get them back to work and ignoring of the captain and his crew. Dealt would enter his cabin and would pull in chairs for his guests and sit them across from his desk. His magic ledger was on his desk, it gave a faint energy to those sensitive to magic.

Taking his seat across from them he smiled warmly. "Is there anything I can get you? Anything you need? Want perhaps?"
Charlotte Evergrande (played by Lumaslily) Topic Starter

Captain Dealt's compliment made Charlotte's cheeks flush a soft pink making her turn her face so he couldn't look. At least he was a little bit gentlemanly, but it still doesn't change the fact that he has their lives on a thin string.

"You flatter me", Charlotte mumbled.

As the Captain spoke he lifted the binds off of Cicero, Yuna, and Charlotte. The there of them promptly stood up and glanced down at the others who were still bound to their binds.

"My name is Yuna." The girl grumbled.

" name is Cicero, sir!" He bowed respectively.

Three of them followed behind the captain, worried of what would become of the rest of their companions.

Once they entered the office they glanced around surveying their surroundings. When the captain asked if they wanted anything they all stood there silently. He should know that all they wanted was to get the hell out of this situation, but that wasn't going to happen anytime soon. This was probably just a ploy to get them to let their guard down.

Yuna was looking at the magic ledger intriguingly while Charlotte and Cicero kept their eyes on the captain.

"May we ask why you brought us here," Cicero asked.

"May we request that you do not harm our other companions?" Charlotte pleaded.

Yuna took her eyes off the magic ledger and glanced up at the captain, Cicero and Charlotte had already asked the same questions she wanted to know.
Dealt (played by Dharlas)

Dealt took note of their reactions to their new surroundings, the one called Yuna noticed his book and he smirked. 'Good to know' he thought to himself. He looked at them as they each made their requests and leaned on his desk towards them. "Well here is where we stand. You may be worth something to me, there might be a use for you all. So currently your crew is safe, either.. Cicero was it? Has been in these situations more than he lets on or your people are not worth a lot to him, because he asked the right question."

He glanced at Cicero "I wonder which it could be.." he muttered quietly just enough to be heard by all. Before looking at Charlotte again. "You can rest assured that they are safe, for now. Currently you are my prisoners aboard my ship, and currently its the best situation for you all. You aren't sea faring folk, so if you were to somehow take my ship, you would be stranded to the winds of fate and I can assure you, they wouldn't bless this vessel if I wasn't aboard it."

He gauged their reactions and smiled "So as far as I see it, you need me, and frankly I need to see the value in having you aboard my ship, so to answer the appropriate question asked." His gaze suddenly darted to Yuna. "Mage did you find my book interesting?" He secretly was enjoying toying with them a small smirk would hit his lips for the briefest moment before receding back to a slightly serious look.
Charlotte Evergrande (played by Lumaslily) Topic Starter

Yuna and Charlotte glanced at Cicero and then back at the captain, what was this crook insinuating all of a sudden. That Cicero the man they knew longer than the Captain would throw them under to save his own skin? Perhaps this just another part of his sadistic gain to turn them against each other.

Cicero looked at his two companions with a hint of worry that they might turn against him if the captain continued to push the right buttons. Why did he single him out of the three as a possible backstabber?

Yuna turned her head to the Captain when he spoke to her about the ledger, she gave him a suspicious look while she sat in silence.

While Yuna and Cicero were trying to figure the Captain's intentions, Charlotte sat in her seat in deep thought. Maybe the Captain's desires weren't as complicated as they were making it out to be.

"My companions and I have been traveling performers for some time now so we are pretty frugal when it comes to living off what we have. We know how to start campfires and gather supplies. We usually take turns on who does what so whenever we set up for camp everyone has a job to do. We may not look like it but I believe we are survivors and decent ones at that."

Cicero and Yuna looked at Charlotte in confusion and shock, they weren't expecting her to speak.

Charlotte stared back at her friends and took a moment to process what she just said. She suddenly let out a tiny gasp and placed her hands to her mouth as she realized she just bargained their worth to the enemy. In pure honesty, she was just thinking out loud.
Dealt (played by Dharlas)

Dealt noticed the panic on their faces, he kept them guessing and he loved it. It had been a long time since he had people to play with. With his question shot at Yuna he was disappointed to not have startled her. He grimaced for a moment and sat back. thinking of what was the right string to pull with these three, and then Charlotte spoke.

The confusion lingered for a moment as he took note of the fact that this surprised her companions, and herself. Dealt began to laugh loudly at her moment of realization. "Survivors you say? Campers it sounds like it to me!" He laughed even more. "Oh girlie, you wouldn't know survival if it bit your arm off and left you for dead!"

He calmed himself down still chuckling a bit. "You are not the leader, you are clearly important to these two here, and you speak more honestly than your leader. I like you! You know your place, you look out for your friends, and your honest to a fault." He relaxed more from his laughing fit, and got out of his chair going to a cabinet off to the side.

"What do you drink? Each of you! I am in good spirits and frankly you have earned your pay. It's mostly brandy, some rum in here." Shuffling through he would mutter to himself. "No that would kill them, that was a gift, hmm.. A little vodka, so those are your choices! Or water if you prefer but one of my men would have to get that for you!." He produced three intricately designed goblets, laden with gold for each and laid them in front of them, he would pour whatever they wished.
Charlotte Evergrande (played by Lumaslily) Topic Starter

Charlotte's face turned almost completely red from his response, me and my big mouth she thought. Living as a group of entertainers was no easy job and it was clear he didn't appreciate that one bit.

Okay, maybe "survives" was a little bit of an exaggeration and it wasn't like they were out in the middle of a war. But they have had their fair share of fending off a couple of brigands from time to time while on the road.

Wait, did those even count? Charlotte thought.

Yuna leaned back in her chair and crossed her legs, "hey, cut her some slack, at least she was giving you a reason not to slit our throats." Yuna defended Charlotte the best she could.

Well, at least he took a liking to Charlotte much to her own disliking.

"Thank you for your...uh...hospitality," Cicero took the Captain's offer of his variety of alcohol.

"I don't need any alcohol, can't stand the taste." Yuna made a shooing motion with her hand.

"Thank you but I think I will pass." Charlotte buried her face in her hands still very much embarrassed from before.
Dealt (played by Dharlas)

Dealt passed Cicero his drink and smiled happily at Charlotte, embarrassment is a fun thing to play with and it looks like she would have loads of it for him. Shooting a quick glance to Yuna he retorted "You should thank her because frankly, for every reason you gave me to slit your throat, she gave me one to not. You are in a deficit and she is paying your tab. Keep that in mind."

He called out for some men to bring in a pitcher of water and he filled the two empty glasses for Yuna and Charlotte. His demeanor softened slightly and gave them a concerned look. "Drink the water, you both have been through a lot in the last day and frankly some extra water would be good for you. If I wanted you dead or to harm you, you would be." His tone was soft and calm not giving an order, but a thoughtful suggestion. He put his drinks away and sat back in his chair after telling his crew to bring fresh water to those in the brig.

"Now enough playing around, I had my fun so its time to get to why I brought you here. Business. Pure and simple. I am the maker of deals and I can grant anything you desire but I require something in return. Anything is on the table and everything is a bargaining chip." He grabbed his ledger and took out a quill marking the date, the names and setting.

"Now clearly you want freedom, safe passage, no harm, etcetera etcetera.." he waved his hands unconcerned. "But what have you to offer? Its a long journey anywhere..." He eyed them up judgingly. "..suitable for the lovely Charlotte here, the loudmouth Yuna, and the malleable Cicero. There are slave ports abound but those can obviously be ruled out." He brought out a paper and wrote down some ideas, scratching out slave ports. "Probably your destination or the nearest port to there would be ideal? Or at this point is anywhere good enough?" He sat back in his chair awaiting their answer.
Charlotte Evergrande (played by Lumaslily) Topic Starter

That arrogant, lowlife, manipulative little...! Yuna returned his glance with an aggressive glare, god's if only looks could kill. He might have a point but the only reason Charlotte did speak was because of the prying on his part. Yuna could tell by his expression that he was getting enjoyment out of embarrassing the poor girl.

Yuna and Charlotte took the men's offer of water since both of them had a dislike for alcohol. It was true that they were a little dehydrated from sitting outside in the head with their hands tied behind their backs.

All three of them listened carefully to the Captain as he explained the situation and his motivations for keeping them alive. Cicero placed his barge on his lap to observe the ledger.

"Before you arrived we were heading to Anya, it's a city three months from here and is the place where our client is waiting for us," Cicero mentioned.

That's where they all wanted to go more than anything.
Dealt (played by Dharlas)

Dealt grimaced. "Three months? That is quite the journey. Well that would require at least one stop to restock for resources." He took notes on this. "This would be very costly and you have very little. So what can you offer?" He eyed them again stopping at Cicero.

"I guess the question really comes down to what can you offer? The woman... clearly have ways to pay their fare." He would glance at Yuna for a second. "Some would have to work harder." He would sneer at her, but then would look at Charlotte. "And some would have to work a bit less." Giving a soft smile at her.

Closing his ledger. "So tell me what your thoughts are?" A devilish grin manifested across his face. Eyes shifting to a brilliant silver color from gold.

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