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“Pass on the romance-y stuff, I’m already spoken for, sort of... but! Depending on who you ask I’m also technically a hag’s son, and besides I love a good curse breaking, good for the joints!”
"You know what? I'll take what I can get."
“I’ll pass. I’m not interested.”
"PASS! Though I hope you're gonna be offended when I ask. De ye put goose turd on ye hair? Ye see ye look like one of those Celt Gits."

"Now, any bristly chinned women out there, with big jugs?! Ay?"
Amethyst Azureshield (played anonymously)

"Uh.... no, gross, pass."
Jim Moriarty (played by Atheist)

Jim shakes his head and smiles upon seeing the other. It was too obvious as to what he was about to say, and yet he didn't want to come off as uncouth to the young lady either. Instead he takes a moment to straighten his blazer and give the lapels a gentle tug before kindly directing his attention to her.

"I'm afraid you're just not my type. I'll have to pass," he speaks airily, his Irish descent indisputable by the inflection of his words.
She glares at the much taller man, scoffing at his speech.
"You think you can win any female? Bah, pass and throw yourself into a firepit." She continues her stone carving.

((Its the same idea as wood carving, just with a rock instead of wood.))
”Pass, only because I’m not into women.”
he just smiles and shakes his head indicating that he would say no as he walks on Pass
Callisto Windspear (played anonymously)

"If I chose my mates based solely on how mysterious they are, I would surely be smitten by you. However.. that is not the case."

"Ooh, how pretty! Yes, yes, I'll take it!"
Clover (played anonymously)

"You seem cool, I'd totally be down to date you and see how it works out."
Emma (played anonymously)

"Errrrrr no thanks i'll stay as a single pringle"
Ares Stellan (played anonymously)

His good eye flickered to look directly at her.

“Hard pass. Sorry.”
One, I don't think your my type, two, we're both gay. Three. Ya wanna just go watch a movie or something?
“Hmm....maybe it could work out. I’ll call a romance, and see where it goes from there.”
Charlotte Walker (played anonymously)

“Ummmm... no....”
“Sorry. I’ll have to pass.”
Brynhildr (played by Shadeslayer45)

"if....if i loved you id have to kill you so to not send you to helheim i...will pass"

it looked like it visibly hurt her to say that from her grimace and soft speech

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