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Inspired by the game 'Romance or Pass' (also fun, you should go check it out) this simply adds one more element, would you rather just stay friends? Or become friends to begin with!

So, simple rules, simply say if you would Date, Befriend, or just Pass on the character before you. (We are assuming that when you romance you become friends so le's try not to argue semantics there.) You don't need to say why, but it make things more fun!

Feel free to post multiple times as whoever as long as you aren't posting after yourself !

Let's play a game for fun, shhhhall we ;)
Gabriel (played anonymously)


"It's weird to break the 4th wall, soooo... Nope!"
Wilhelmina (played anonymously)


Mina waggles her brows at him.
Brior (played anonymously)


"Please? Please? Please?"
Oren (played anonymously)


"One can never have too many to delve into debauchery with."
Mali (played anonymously)


"You are sweet, I think, or you could be if you wanted."
Creatia (played by Lucretire)


"M-my, you're a, you're a d-darling thing, a-aren't you? Teehee!"

"My God, you're the cutest I've laid eyes upon!"
Kiro Wasaki (played by Nivela)


“I’m into men.. but.. you would be a wonderful friend.” Kiro averts his eyes and blushed some.
Oona Lehder (played anonymously)


"Well, I won't date someone who's not into my gender, but you seem cool. Weeeeird, but I'm into it"
Estha Masson (played by Nivela)


Estha grinned, showing her pearly white teeth. “You’re a cutey.” She complimented.
Nazli (played anonymously)


"...I have this feeling it will end poorly. But our deaths will not be on your hands, I must believe Salar Saleel knows this."
Rosianka (played anonymously)


"We have many things we can discuss and converse about, if you'll allow me some of your time."
Ecio (played anonymously)

Date Wed.

"I will get my way and there is no changing it, though I invite you to try, Little Fox."
Enio (played anonymously)


"Till our last breaths, brother."

You seem like someone I could have a good laugh with.
Bendy (played anonymously)

you seem fun to hang out with

"Sorry, but there wasn't really much information available to determine whether we could be friends or lovers. So, for that reason, I'll have to pass."
Caelus (played anonymously)


"Given what I know, we aren't gonna get along."
Evelyn (played anonymously)


"One can never have too many friends, so now you're one of mine!"

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