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"First off, love your hair! Secondly, girls who wear platform shoes have got to stick together. I think I may have just found my kindred spirit."
Caspian (played anonymously)

"I'm going to have to pass, for my own reasons. But objectively you are pretty cute. Maybe we'll meet again, but I am none too sure about that."
Madison (played by skairipa)

"You're cute but I don't do dates. If by date you mean hook up and never see each other again, that'll work for me"
Pietro (played anonymously)

"Pass. I'm a busy guy with lots of things in my bowl. So let's just not deal with messes, no? Crying over dumped milk."
Karma (played anonymously)

"Look, ya fixed up ma head an' didn' make a fuss over ma dum' mistakes so, we cool. I say we friends."
Herius (played anonymously)

"Hello, new friend. What shall we do today? Get a cup of coffee? Have a deep conversation about politics? You tell me."
Willy (played by Kruhee) Topic Starter


"You are, not the kind of friend I normally have, but you seem pleasant, and as far as I know you have never done anything to me or mine, sooooo... Do you want a cup of coffee?"
Lt Steve Harrison (played anonymously)

“I think we could be friends.” He smiled, thinking he would have dated her if he met her in high school.
Colette (played anonymously)

"Well, let's try a date, okay?"
Kat Rainda (played by RachKirk)

"Date why not if not then friends your choice" Winks

Nancy (played anonymously)

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Nokio Pride (played by KingTai)

"I think I want to be friends"
"I think pass, I'm sorry I don't think I'm ready for living male friends or you know."
Sam Recaro (played anonymously)

“I guess friend, I’m not into girls.....”
"Sorry , but I'll have to pass on this..."
Amari (played anonymously)

"I just don't think this would work in any instance. It's a pass from me."
Oren (played anonymously)

"I think we'd make great friends, don't you? Yeah, let's be friends."
Declen (played by stalkati)

"You seem like fun, let us be friends!"
"I could see us being good friends."

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