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Koa Sirius (played by chouu)

Koa was poking his own cheek, puffing them, and inflating the air - then poking them. His red eyes twinkled and he looked over to the person with half-lidded blonde long eyelashes looking over. But it was unknown what his reaction was.

"Tyr?" He spoke, and his sclera turned black. "Reeks of hounds. Move on." A raspy voice muttered under his breath, but his sclera turned white once more and he blinked a few times as if that was just a normal thing by now. The prince flashed a big toothy smile with a giggle.

"You heard him~ I don't think he's wrong, either! Passs~"
The large demon's eyes softened when he saw the boy. He was overcome with a deep stinging sense of sympathy and compassion before resting a hand on his shoulder and gave him a gentle grin.

Orithaumos and Sibitharas (played by Anakisuto)

"You dealt with a rival of mine in the past, so I'd become your ally."

Ras thought for a moment.

"If you've earned the respect of Ori, you've earned the respect of me!"

It jumped down from the larger demon's shoulders and popped out its hand in an erratic handshake.

"Nice to meet ya. Name's Sibitharas, or Ras for short. The laddies of old call me The Seeker. You might figure that one out soon enough."
Maggie (played by PinkBrat)

".... I think I'll pass.."
Andrew Rhodes (played by VoliminalVerse)

He places matching kitty ears headbands on both their heads, so what do you think?

"......but Suga is still my bestest friend."
Amanda Cole (played by randomentity777)

Edith (played by Taro_Nuke1)

The Salt Statue stands there... Suddenly, it flopped as it just suddenly creates a message that says: Friend. How strange.
Orithaumos and Sibitharas (played by Anakisuto)

"Shame I can't be by you, but I'll be your friend!"
Nick Reyes and Shadelight (played by GigaBit)

Briefly eyeing the person before her, Imani would lightly hum before pronouncing her verdict. "Friend. You seem like someone who would keep things entertaining for me."
Veliai Rilynath (played by VoliminalVerse)

Veliai offered her a small tray of cinnamon rolls.

"You've got the look of a devil about you... we should definitely be friends!"
Devil May Care (played by GU7TMUNCH3RZ)

the group investigates mako, only thomas and tweek have something to say though

tomas had simply stated "Friend.. if you want"
Both hands sat firmly on her hips while Deja's head gently tilted to the side. As a result, her short-cut hair would begin to lightly follow the motion. For just a moment her lips would purse before she finally made up her mind. "Friend for sure!"
Red Hood (played anonymously)

"I'd hold your hand in public...." Jason shrugged
Zachary Serdre (played by Anakisuto)

"I'd go out on a date with ya," he said smoothly, sidling up to Jason.
Daho Loki (played by chouu)

Daho looked around. Did he take a wrong turn? His nose curled and his eyes squinted.

"This is one hell of an annoying game... Pass."
Shi Feng (played by PinkBrat)

"Hmm.. Date. You look like someone that would be fun to toy with."
Abdessi of Karth (played anonymously)

"As different as the paths we have walked may be, I would love to hear more about your story. Everyone's story deserves to be heard. Perhaps we could be friends."
"Only because you are far too young, pass"

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