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MercyInReach wrote:
I prefer RPR for IC/RP.

I prefer Discord for OOC chat though.

This is how I feel as well.

Before I joined RPR, I preferred Discord. But I really like the character count that RPR provides over Discord. On Discord it's right around 2,000 characters, which is roughly 300-400 words. Meaning that most posts have to be split up into multiple messages, which I find really annoying. Whereas here on RPR, I've had posts reach 900+ words and it wasn't even an issue.

So now whenever I start an RP with someone on here, I ask if they'd like to use discord for OOC, and here for posts. Some are fine with that, and others want to keep everything on-site, which is also totally fine with me. I just usually suggest we use a separate message for OOC chat to keep things clearly separated.

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Jevic (played anonymously)

RPR for finding RP. Discord for the RP itself.
I don’t do well with the fast-paced chat style rp of discord. Not bad for ooc, but I need a solid text box to write in.
I usually do play-by-post on here. Right now, I only have one active game. The others are on hiatus. I do have Discord and have also used . It's been over a year since I've used Roll 20. Mostly I use Discord for chat but would consider using it for the right game. I use Discord for non-gaming stuff, too, and belong to multiple servers. All of my contact info. is available on my profile for interested parties.
I can do either or. I used to use forums a lot more than IRC, but have lately been using Discord for everything. I wouldn't mind finding a group in Discord, but Discord doesn't have robust server-finding the same way this website does.

I actually came here because someone on a TTRPG Discord recommended it for finding FFRP groups, so I suppose that says a lot, heh.

Although I agree with some earlier posts: Discord is better for notification, and I do not mind the pacing of live chat. Having said that, I would only be comfortable on a server using Tupperbot and would probably never/rarely want to take it to PMs for a reason another user has already brought up: Difficulty separating IC and OOC drama.

I think both formats are useful for different things.
nightmqre wrote:
It's just a quick question. Do people prefer to RP on here (RPR) or discord? From what I've seen in my small circle of friends, it's pretty split.

wat about zoom?? is tat not an option? like... if ya don't have et, ten u can google it an use it tat way......
MrFlutterFan01 wrote:

wat about zoom?? is tat not an option? like... if ya don't have et, ten u can google it an use it tat way......

There are probably hundreds (thousands??) of options not presented. But RPR and Discord seem to be the 2 most popular options for folks here.
Discord if I could. Nothing much happening here now.
At present, here. RP via RPR means that I can balance it around work.

Discord is what I personally register as a 'live chat', meaning that I spend far more time on it than I'd like trying to keep up with things.
I like to do Discord if I can so you could keep a record of what is written.

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