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Long story short. I'm in a bit of an art slump. I've just been getting that feeling that I want to draw- but I don't know what to draw. So I decided to take in some requests for now and hopefully get the creative juices flowing again.

A few rules

♥ Humanoid characters only.

♥ Reference pictures aren't required, but appreciated. At the very least the character's description should have enough detail.

♥ A reference to whatever kind of pose you want your character in would really help as well.

♥ Requesting anonymous characters are fine. But if there's too many at once a few might get put on the back-burner until I can finish other user's requests. (Just to make sure the same person isn't put in multiple requests at once.)

♥ On that note; feel free to request as many characters as you like. But make sure to give other people a chance.

♥ And lastly, please be patient. I'm less likely to finish you're request if I'm constantly getting daily messages asking where your drawing is.


Aaaaand I think that's about it I believe! Request away ~
Id love something of Nathaniell!



Basic standing pose. I cant post a ref because i cant find a jpg or png image sorry :(
Wednesday (played by DarkCrow)

You have such a lovely style! Very stark, it's super cool <3

I think Wednesday would look wonderful in your style if you like her? c:


-Body Type : She doesn't put on weight well, she's more thin with smaller features. Soft hourglass, but again, just very petite. Small hips / small chest.



Pose: Anything sort of in this vein works too, obviously, whatever inspires you <3
'Eyyy, hello there! First, I'd like to say that I'm grateful for the opportunity! You're doing us a great favor and your art is amazing!

As for my request, I'd like to put up my crazed mercenary, Jin-Li Huang for you to do something with.
Here's all the refs I have for her:
Ref 1
Ref 2 - Source
Ref 3 - Source
Ref 4 | Source

As for the pose, quite frankly, you can do her in whichever way you please, really! If you absolutely need one, though, I've got this memey still from Neon Genesis Evangelion that you can use (Although Huang could have a smirk instead)
Kaetil Murphey (played by Mipps)

Love your example.
It would be lovely to see your take on Kaetil! (As I am Anon, and this is free, I'm only putting him down)

I'm traveling, so I'll just leave his refs to on his RPR page as there are many! +His description! Super hard to BBC code on my phone.

I don't have much preference for pose. I'll leave it open to artistic interpretation if you decide to draw him :3
Ah he smokes, always drinking.. otherwise hands are often in pockets or maybe messing with his usually loose tie.

Also if you have a Ko-fi or anything.. I'm Happy to donate to support the art!
Winter Durant (played by Dndmama)

Wow, that example is gorgeous! I dunno if you do action poses at all, but if you do I'd love to see Winter here in mortal danger! If full body is too much feel free to only do half body or bust. I'd just like to see her excited to be in the middle of doing what she does best, flipping death the big old bird. Description and all that can be found on her page.

Reference pose


Ohhh I would love it if you could do my character Stela! She has a blonde side cut. Many tattoos on her body, a brand mark behind her right ear, shes very skinny. She has gold eyes, and she wears a lot of punky like clothes to look tough. As for the pose I'll leave it up to you.
What about my cursed dragon Vyrdaxia? Just a picture of her being all superior and horrible. You know, normal red dragon stuff!

Ref pic!
Fiona Scott (played by PinkSheep)

Hi there~!

I’m not sure if you’re still looking for art to do or not, but I have Fiona here and it’d be great to have art of her.

The face claim I chose for her is Jenna Coleman so you could get a good idea from her, along with photos I’ve included for Fiona. Fiona is quite short and curvaceous with a bit of pudge. She dresses smart, but casual and prefers dresses and skirts.

She is abused by her husband so for art she could maybe have a bruise here or there while she’s trying to act happy? Not exactly the best idea, but it’s the best way to describe it! In the end, the pose can be however you see her.
Sophie (played by Cookiesareyummie)

Could you maybe draw Sophie? She has long brown hair, bright blue eyes. She is also a princess so her clothing style would be victorian.

Pose i leave it up to you :)
Vers (played anonymously)

I would love it if you could draw one of the two characters on this profile. They both have descriptions and references on their page, and I don't have any specific poses in mind.
Can you do Laoghaire? Her body type average/slightly petite, has red and topaz-yellow heterochromia, shoulder blade black hair that is usually up in some kind of braided hairstyle. Her clothing style is usually either Jackie O style 60’s or Titanic Era influenced when she is away from work.

I’ll let you chose a pose
Flynn Auburn (played anonymously)

Can you do this boi?

Desc: 6’ 4 with a toned build, tan from working out in the sun, bright sea green eyes, black hair with a red stripe, scar running from his above his eyebrow to just below his lips

Clothing Style: White tank top, black jeans, black industrial earrings, dark red dog tags

Poses: Anything with a mischievous grin or dead expression is fine by me :)
Peaches wrote:
Hikari_Yagaza wrote:
Id love something of Nathaniell!


I couldn't find anything about his body type so I went with a headshot. But I hope you like it! ^_^

Oh wow! Its great!
Tossing Abi out for consideration. She's got lots of references and information on her page.

As for pose, something like this would be fun.

reference pose
Erasmus Galloway (played anonymously)

Oscar Zachary Sawyer (played anonymously)

WOOOOW your art is AMAZING!! Truly, it's splendid and I love your style!

I would love if you could draw Oscar. I don't have a preference for his pose, I will allow your creativity to flow on that one. However, there is two pictures of him on his last character sheet, that's where his visuals are, where he's wearing a white shirt and a dark blue blazer. He's also wearing the outfit on his profile picture. If it is possible for you to do something with that, that would be amazing!! But it's up to you, I don't wish to make this anymore difficult for you.

What you do is amazing and I hope that you will do Oscar. I will be patient and see what happens, hoping.

Thank you and I hope you have an AMAZING day! :D
Aylex Ny'thel (played anonymously)

Heya if still taking requests Id absolutly love one of this guy. He is new so still a work in progress...

If pose doesn't work Im open to any pose or I can find a different one.

Pose Ref
Zariah Thyrule (played by noodle)

OMG your style is amazing!!!! If you're still open, I would absolutely love a picture of my girl here! I hope she's humanoid enough- she's in that awkward half category where she's not fully human but not anthro at all, so I'm never sure with her XD

Pose Reference?

No need to follow the pose if ya don't want though.

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