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It was that amazing time of year again. The time where Nightmare could look normal and be told he looks cool. His team had been extra busy decorating the outside with Halloween decorations to make the base look extra spooky. Nightmare even cast a couple of spells to give the place an extra spooky vibe. "Well team, we're ready."

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The familiar face appeared was walking outside, when she recognised the magic signatures. Lazari waited out there a bit, intrigued by Nightmare being in such a close proximity to her. She wasn't surprised he was in another dimension, more so by the fact that she had tried to avoid him as much as possible, as with her other encounters.
Laz shifted her weight and as she did so, her long brown hair that went down to her knees adjusted accordingly. Her hoodie was about 3-4 sizes too large, but she somehow made it fit. The leggings she wore were black and just fit. Although her hoodie was odd enough, her face was the real eyecatcher. Those mystic purple eyes that was bright enough to stand out in the night, but dark so that during the day her eyes wouldn't stand out unless someone was staring at her eyes. But other than her deathly pale skin, she didn't stand out that much all things considered.
Nightmare was around at the door ready for some trick-or-treat action. He had an entire bowl filled with the best candy for all the children and adults to enjoy.
"Ah, what harm could it do?" She said to herself and walked up. "Hello!" Laz takes a gander at what her options are.
Nightmare opened the door in the form of a banshee. As he was about to release a scream, he switched back to his normal form, recognizing his old friend. "Laz! How are you doing?" He held out the bowl for her to pick what she wanted. "It's enchanted a bit. You'll always find the exact candy you're looking for."
Rivka (played by Juls)

A short figure draped in a plain white sheet with two holes cut for her green eyes scuttled past the various trick or treaters. Two floppy and very well worn boots were exposed beneath the sheet. They seemed ill-fitting, perhaps much too large for the wearer as she stepped a little unnaturally high and the boots slapped the ground with each step.

Her hands were concealed beneath the sheet, but she clutched a dirty burlap sack that already contained just a few pieces of candy. She paused, staring up at the rather spooky looking place, swallowing down a bit of nerves.

Spirits, protect Rivka... she requested silently, then approached the place and gave the door two quick kicks to serve as a knock.

"Treat?" she said, a little uncertainly. "Or Trick?"
As Rivka approached the door, the door opened to reveal a half-dinosaur humanoid. He smiled at Rivka and held out a bowl of candy. "Pick whichever one you want."
Rivka (played by Juls)

"Eeeeeekkkk!" The short figure clad in the white sheet shrieked in fright at sight of the dinosaur-like thing that opened the door. She took several steps backwards and hunched as if it were about to eat her.

But when he held out the bowl of candy toward her, she crept forward again hesitantly.

A green hand with black claws snaked out to quickly snatch candy. And not just one as instructed, but a small handful that she hurriedly shoved into her dirty burlap sack.
The dinosaur man smiled a bit. "Thanks for coming!"
Rivka (played by Juls)

And with that, the goblin sheeted figure darted away with her spoils. This was soooooo much easier than raiding villages. She'd have to tell ALL of her brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, second-cousins, and friends about this wonderful 'trick or treat' thing.
The man smiled again and went back inside, waiting with his other teammates for the next round of kids to give candy to.
"Nice." She picks out a caramel lollipop. "I'm doing fine. Ben is still being annoying."
Nightmare nods. "Well, if you ever need a hand, feel free to call me."
Taz (played by Taz)

Taz was walking around getting little treats from each and every house so far many people had asked who and what she was for Halloween as she looked like her normal self she told everyone that came across her through the street " im a shapeshifter" she showed them battle scars from a war she had recently been in but to the human eye they looked like fake wounds. she wondered for a minute if she would get away being in her wolf form but then ignored it as she wouldn't get down the street without someone calling "wolf" and running away in fear of death.

she saw this house she was arriving towards "hmm, this place looks nice" she walked up towards it looking for a bell she could not see one so she she knocked onto the door " trick" she chuckled "or treat" looking around the house seeing that it was not the normal house you would see everyday. she could smell the scent a few people on the other side and she could also hear them due to her sensitive ears. she waited to see if they going to open the door
After a while, a tall, muscular man with long and flowing hair opened the door with a bowl of candy. "Happy Halloween." he said with a smirk.
Taz (played by Taz)

She smiled back " same to you to, nice night isn't it" she looked up at the sky seeing the clouds and seeing other kids and adults walking around as she lowered her view.
The man nodded, his color-changing eyes shining in the moonlight. "It is a very beautiful night out here."
Taz (played by Taz)

" well...I like your house it's quite nice... " She said Awkwardly "so what are you tonight if you don't mind me asking?"
The man smiled. "That's a good question. I guess I could say I'm a barbarian this year."
Taz (played by Taz)

"well... that's okay i guess" she watched him smile, " guess what i am.... if you can" she chuckled

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