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So I was making a game for scratch using some of my kid characters when I thought "Hey, I should make a roleplay where there's an orphanage full of children with unnatural abilities." So I want the roleplay to be about someone who bought a huge mansion with 101 rooms in it and children with unnatural abilities or looks ( One eye, huge shark-like mouth, ability to float etc. ) I'll be the person who can run the orphanage since I only have adult characters and I thought that the roleplay will be fun since caring for the unnatural children would be fun.

Character requirements:

Your child or character can have superpowers but please let me know what unnatural look or power they have so I can approve it just to make sure there aren't any doubles or stuff. You can take inspiration tho, this is kinda an OOC but also where people submit characters. ALSO YES, CROSSOVERS ARE ALLOWED. And yes, even when the roleplay is going on you can still submit a character for approval. Age limit is 1-12, teenagers usually run away, but if you want I can boost up the age limit to 1-19 but we can't have an orphanage full of teenagers, please.

Your character can be someone who lives near the orphanage or is a family member to the owner, just ask them first. You can have siblings, just ask the person who you want to be siblings with first.

Link to rp down below~

RULES: ( I'll add more if needed )

1.I would prefer 1 or maybe 2 paragraphs in detail but please stay to the limit!
2. If you want someone to be your sibling ask them if it's ok first, please.
3. For someone new to the RP can post their first response anytime for the first time, just make sure it fits.
4. Cursing to a limit, these are children.
5. Dating is allowed, keep it PG clean tho.
6. Keep the gore to a minimum, fights are ok but low gored and detail, please.
7. making fun of kids is ok as long as you don't get too aggressive, not every kid is nice.

Here's what a few rooms look like:

The first picture is the headmaster's office



I'll attach the RP link to this, It's kind of an OOC for say, so ask me anythin
Neves Aklina (played anonymously)

Hello! I was wondering if I could possibly join? Just made today, so not everything is filled out yet...but everything for this profile is somewhere else! If you want me to go get it I will. ^-^
No no, it's fine! you can join in but you might hafta wait since I wanna start off with at least 3 or 4 people. Your character seems cute and interesting tho and more info would be cool!
Neves Aklina (played anonymously)

Certainly! :D and I'll add more information to her page throughout the night!
can I join with Liliath?
Yesh you may

I’ll make the rp when I have time, I’m currently in a waiting room and the WiFi isn’t stabled, this is actually my 6th attempt at writing a response :)
Annaliese Beaucourt (played anonymously)

Hi! I'd like to join with her? My computer is acting up, so I can't add in her power. Its prophetic vision! But she can't control who she sees or what time frame. Could be someone across the world or many years in the future, though once or twice, she has been able to see the future of someone she knows. The problem with this is, all she sees are bad events.
Sounds nice! I'm sorry for the wait, one of my friends is sceptical about joining and I wanna wait until I know if they want to join or not.
Here's the RP!

I will be adding rules soon UwU
Since i already sent mine in pm,may i go ahead and reply?
Jason (played by ALTY_Heave)

Hey, hey! May I join in with him? He'd be 10^^
JetStorm wrote:
Since i already sent mine in pm,may i go ahead and reply?

Yes you can
Jason wrote:
Hey, hey! May I join in with him? He'd be 10^^

Ok~! Rp link is up above so join when you're ready
Jason (played by ALTY_Heave)

Pen_Tsunami wrote:
Jason wrote:
Hey, hey! May I join in with him? He'd be 10^^

Ok~! Rp link is up above so join when you're ready

Both links I've tried are broken D: may wanna check on that! And I have to shower, so I'll join after that!
I fixed the links! whoever wants to RP may start off
Can I join
Yes~! Please pick a character and read the rules and character requirements just so I can give your character the ok~
Added some new rules, I would appreciate it if you checked them out but it’s just normal verbal warnings and gore warning.
Question: are non-human or non-humanlike characters allowed? If so, I have a slightly mentally unstable fluffy girl I've been planning on testing out.

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