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You can say it was a bit insane for him to be doing this. Edd looked nervously at the giant manor that was said to have 101 rooms in it. He planned on helping out children who needed help and support the most, the ones that are strange with abnormal abilities or just maybe a normal child with an abnormal look. He let out a sharp cough when he opened the old door. So... Much... Dust... He groaned knowing that cleaning a total of 101 rooms would be a pain but maybe if he was lucky enough the children would help. Maybe he could hire help even, but the children were more important. So far all he had on his mind was to clean up and gather the children he saw outside the town up and bring them here. He set his suitcase down which caused a huge wave of dust to fall off the table making him cough again. Since he was kinda short... ok short... for his age, he decided to start off with the simple things and dust up the floors leaving the door open, allowing a faint noise of sweeping to be heard.

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Under the sofa,where it was dark and dusty,lays a small doll made up of china,a delicate glass that breaks easily,and anyone in that room could hear soft crying,because both her legs broke and shattered. Even if it didn't hurt,she won't be able to walk like she used to be able to now. She lays on the cold floor,hoping someone kind will help her in this situation.

Jason heard the crying, which obviously made him frown. He wasn't much of a talker even at this age, so he didn't explain to an adult; yet, he told himself, "That's so annoying!" The young neko huffed and went to take a look at her. "What are you doing?" He poked her legs out of curiosity and frowned. "It looks really dumb." He stuck his tongue out and played with his tail as he stared at the young girl.

"How rude." she huffed and she inched back,away from the half cat half human thingy. she didn't talk much herself but she grew very upset when someone acted like a jerk toward her. She looked at her broken legs and she looked at the wooden cabnets wondering if there was any glue that could help her.

Anna had heard talk of a man taking in children, the odd children that didn't have anywhere to go. Or at least, those were his intentions, as he had just moved to the area. Someone.. would take care of her? Without anything in return? It was hard to believe; too hard, in fact, but curiousity drew her forward. With bare feet and a ragged dress, she trecked towards the large abandoned manor. She was exhausted when she arrived, the walk having been far, but it wasn't as if she had anywhere else to be. As soon as she had heard of the man, she wanted to see for herself what could happen. It would be wonderful if she could have a place to stay, one that wasn't cold or dangerous. 
The child, spotting the door open, paused. It wasn't polite to walk into somewhere without asking, but she also didn't want to just call in. After all, what if they found her annoying, her voice too loud? So she didn't call out, and she didn't talk. Anna simply walked up to the door and peered in, deep blue eyes looking around in curiousity. Huh? She was just able to see someone sweeping, a short person, though still more than a foot taller than she herself. Was that another child? Were the rumors true? Taking a hesitant step inside, she made care not to step on anything that seemed sharp. After all, she didn't want to hurt her feet. Coming in closer with silent footsteps, she hid behind the doorframe and watched. He seemed a bit older, probably.. late teens? Was this the man everyone was talking about?

(( Time to assume Edd took you in when he first moved into the orphanage ))

"Hey, Jason I told you to watch your mouth please." Edd knelt down next to you and looked at the broken doll. "Would you like me to help you with those legs?" He retreated to his bag and pulled out some super glue and came back to you with it, fixing your legs. "Stay still, the glue takes at least 10 minutes to dry please..."

Edd turned around and saw a little girl by the door. "Oh! hello little one, are you lost?" He walked over to you and knelt down gently smiling, putting your heart at ease.

She looked up at the man,and she smiled a little and nodded,and once the glue dried up she was able to walk. "Thank you so much sir." she said,and the small doll hugged Edd,looking really grateful she is able to walk then she spotted a third human and she retreated into Edd's bag,shyly

((Yeahh, sorry, I assumed so top quickly-))

Jason huffed. "It's only the truth.." He crossed his arms and looked away. "If you can't take the truth, you gotta learn! Right? Her legs looked I called them dumb." He frowned, looking over the porcelain girl with a glare, his hazel eyes piercing into her own. "You should be fine, right? I didn't hurt your feelings.." He crossed his arms and rambled on quietly to himself. Maybe he was more of a talker than even he knew.

As Edd came closer, she bit her lip and seemed to shrink back. Though his smile... his smile was kind, not malicious or angry that she entered without asking or anything. How could she ask what she wanted to? Slowly, she shook her head and pointed to him, then motioned to the area around them. Asking if this place was his now. She wanted to know if this was the orphanage. He seemed kind enough to run one, and even saw two other children in another room. One looked like a doll and the other had cute little ears. Anne had an urge to play with them.

Edd looked at where the child pointed and smiled softly some more. "Don't worry, this is the place. We're busy cleaning up currently then we'll plan out dinner and make a sign so other children know where to go... Maybe even make some posters!" He held your hand and took you inside and let you introduced yourself. He then went back to sweeping before coughing some more and then looked at the children. 3 so far, maybe this wasn't a bad idea... "Hey, guys, how about we try looking for a bedroom so we can clean it up and get everyone situated! there's a whole hall with 27 bedrooms near the lobby, let's go find it." He hopped up the stairs and waited for everyone to help find the hall with the bedrooms.

Her eyes seemed to light up a bit as he told her that this was the place. She could stay here with this nice man? A very faint smile spread across her lips and she nodded slightly at the idea. Posters seemed fun. She liked to draw, so that would be cool! "M-My name is... A-Annaliese.." she greeted, taking his hand with her small one and walked in. As they walked around, trying to find the hallway, she stuck close to Edd, not really comfortable with other children yet.

She nodded and mounted Edd's shoulder since she can't climb stairs,mostly because she is afraid she'll trip and break into thousands of pieces,which gave her chills just thinking about it. She waits till everyone else picked their rooms and she then chose hers last,again thanking Edd he repaired her legs.

"Eh-" Jason simply followed close behind him. His little ears twitched at the sound of all of the foot steps. He frowned. "Is it far?" He stamped his foot just slightly as they walked. "Oh wait-" The orange-haired boy suddenly got an idea. "What if we bake something, too?" He grinned, clapping a bit. Baking was his favorite hobby. It made him happier more than anything else.

Edd smiled down at Jason. "You're really clever aren't you kid?" After he helped the children dust out the beds and sweep each of there rooms he smiles at Anne and patted her head. "I'm Edd, and we'll see if we can find you a loving parent." He gave Periwinkle some large ladders so she could reach the doors and some doll-sized clothes and shoes he got from the old ones in the playroom near the lobby. After everyone had a room he went down the stairs and crossed a hall to get to the kitchen where he had to sweep and dust again, but to his luck, the cleaning wear seemed new. "Now we just need ingredients..." He got out the bowls and a cookbook and looked at the group of children smiling. "What does everyone want to bake?"

"You... You like to bake..?" she asked Jason softly, a bit put off by his enthusiasm. "I-I've never tried it... but I like cookies..." At the mention of cookies, her stomach rumbled loudly and she rubbed at it. "B-But maybe dinner comes first...? What d-do you think, Mr.?" she asked politely, holding onto his hand still.

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