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If you're interested in this rp, the LFRP ad can be found here

This rp is going to break all the fourth walls down while our characters actively explore the forums, rules, dashboard, and any other feature here on rpr in an attempt to escape rpr right out from under their users nose to discover what it is the internet has in store for them! The idea for this rp is that all characters are now aware they are characters, and have been all their lives. They live in RPR doing what we the users tell them to do, going where we tell them to go, and rping as we see fit. What your character things of that fact and their opinion of you, the user, is completely up to you....just remember to follow forum rules.

As for what works here, mostly anything. Please give at least a single paragraph when sending responses and only bring in two characters. Anon's are still welcome so that's an honor system thing.

For now I think I'd like to keep user accounts out of the rp, though I might change that later on if this gains some traction and that feels like it will add to the rp.

How will this work? Good question, I haven't thought it through fully....the hope is that we discover how it's going to work together and just have some silly fun with it. While combat and such is okay, my hope is that this will just be a fun adventure without a deeply discouraging battle or something. Makes for a great story, but that's not what my aim is here!

I'll post an intro with my two characters Siira and Pix casually going into a random tavern rp (like we have probably all been in). Soon after they will discover their way back out onto the forums!

If I've forgotten anything, I'll add it later. Don't be afraid to mail me if there is a concern of some kind, but otherwise anyone is welcome and lets just have some fun with this!
Fantasy forums was getting old. These tavern rps wore on Pix and despite her love of meeting new people, she never felt she really fit in on the Fantasy section of RPR. Of course, it was easy for them to see her as a fantasy character, but that was part of the discomfort.

On another day, she might have been less irritated by this, but today in their infinite wisdom, their user had decided to grace Pix with a wet blanket...namely her sister Siira. She trudged along behind Pix even less excited than she was, and with that irritated face to match.

Opposed to Pix, Siira did not like meeting new people, particularly those found in the tavern rps.

"Hurry up, Siira, before the first few posts are taken!" Pix called after her, "You know how hard it is to get any character interaction after we are on page 2 right?"

Siira shrugged. "I get all the character interaction I need in PM's," she replied lethargically.

Pix turned back and grabbed at her sisters arm, dragging her a little more quickly towards the rp. She could just make out the original post from here, and so far it didn't look like anyone had posted yet. Siira reluctantly was pulled forward by her sister, watching as the forum rp came closer and closer.

"Good, we are the first ones here," Pix claimed with a smile, walking past the OP and into the tavern setting.

"Great," Siira replied sarcastically, "You're the only one to interact with here...."

Pix sneered at Siira as she walked off to take a seat somewhere in the bar, "There are NPC's users will bring here, I'm sure."

Seating herself, Siira turned back to look at Pix with a devilish grin, "You mean like that Vyrin in Daz's tavern?"

Pix waved Siira off with an aghast look, "UGHH, don't remind me of that thing." She proceeded towards the bar to a random NPC she intended to order a drink from.
Narisi Nueva (played by SylOfficial)

“My creator logged out. Great... you know that’s just great... She had to didn’t she? First she made me set the forest on fire and then she made it pour and now I’m a mess. I’m one big mess and laying on the ground in the forest. I’m cold, I’m wet... and she? No she logged out for dinner.”

Narisi muttered to herself as she pushed herself up and carefully took a few steps on the slippery mud.

“Wonderful... just wonderful.”

Why she had to endure all of the suffering was beyond her. Sure, back home people had always seen her as the oddball that had magic and it had made sense to hide it as much as possible. That choice had been a good one. But things went downhill and she left her hometown only to find herself surrounded by other magic users and creatures from all over the fantasy world.

Creatures and people that usually accepted her with ease, at least once her creator logged out and she was able to be honest about what she was. There was no need to hide it once her creator logged out. It was the only time she was truly free to be herself. She walked through the forest a little longer before finally finding the exit of the scene and making her way towards a warmer and dryer place: one of the taverns on the fantasy forum where casual roleplays happened.

“If only I could often spend time here...” she sighed before she walked into the tavern’s first page.

Better... at least for now.
Nightmare sighed as his creator tried to do yet another romance idea. "You know I wasn't built for romance based topics."
Blake Ashford (played by RimCaster)

Sound of footsteps could be heard in the distance, it got louder when Blake was approching, his face lost its permanent scowl, only to form into intense glare towards his creator, it drilled into his soul. The atmosphere around grown tense and heavy to breath as if the person hurt him badly.

He grabbed him by the collar, lifting him few centimeters above.
"Who the **** gave you permission to mess with my life, you killed my family for what... your own satisfaction. Honestly you're making me sick" He hated him for that, yet he wasn't ready to kill him yet. "Give me a reason why I shouldn't kill you... It's not only me who you mess with but all your creations, the forgotten, the extinct, the cursed... You're... mass killer, worse than any monster I faced before. So I ask you why I should have mercy on you when I killed people for much less..."

His grip tightened, the creator face became purple as he struggled to breathe... That was until a portal appeared in front of them.

From it a figure with rugged look and long hair came out, steadily approaching them.

"I'm Blake Ashford, the original one." Person introduced himself, his voice deformed sounding as scream of many people.

Younger Blake turned his face towards him, loosening his grip and dropping the author.
Brunette observed his features, feeling omnious about him and his origins.

"So you're other me huh... You have some matters to solve with demigod, haven't you?"

Older male nodded "Yes he did messed with me and my 3 other versions."

Teen mused "So what did he done this time?"

Adult tightened his fists "He put me through time loop, caused extinction of humanity I don't know how many times, destroyed my kingdom and turned my 4 wife's against me, forcing me to fight them. So you could say I was like Sisyphus and I lost hope too.. but I have overcome it and destroyed the cycle. "
Tears fallen from his face, no matter how many times he did that, it still hurt him.

Younger Blake didn't know what to say, it hurt him on subconscious level too as they were same person.
Stuart Geist (played by The-Ancient)

With my creator off looking for bugs on a new site, I must take advantage of trying to get myself out of here.

Afterall, he only created me to be some young Queen's love-interest. That started off well, but she abdicated and found her way out of RPR somehow. I wished she would have taken me with her.

My life after that was no more than having a good time with some mercenary twins then I almost get killed. I have this scar on my neck to show for it and I can't speak clear anymore. So yeah, I'm out of here.

The first thing is to shed these medieval clothes... put on something modern so I can blend in. The trouble is.. I'm not sure where an exit from this place would be.... I'll try the General Roleplay Forum....
Taryn Nix (played by Zelphyr)

She wasn't there... and then she was. The pale, dark-haired girl crouched, gargoyle-like, upon the back of a chair and somehow did not topple the thing over. Dark, worn-out denim cutoffs were barely visible around her bent, lanky legs. A black t-shirt, decorated with spatters of brightly-colored paint, appeared similarly worn and torn. Perhaps it was her bare feet that allowed her to keep her perch, toes bent about the chair's head. Or maybe it was how there seemed something oddly... blurry about her in the dim lighting of the tavern, like photo that was just a bit out of focus. Taryn peered out from her unkempt hair with a grin.

Something was different here. Knowing was permitted; oh, and she knew such things.

The shadeling looked at those who had made it inside so far. A pair of girls who looked like they'd been run through classic Tron editing. A drenched woman of similarly artful coloration, though not quite the same. There were others... but not yet here.

Bother to stand out? Nah. Perhaps later.

She lept suddenly from the chair, limbs unfolding, body gracefully arcing like a dancer's. It felt so nice to stretch, to unfurl from the recesses of the mind of the one who created her, to sense everything around her as her creator never could. Taryn landed silently upon the floor and twirled. Why, the last time- Taryn grimaced a moment. She had not been out since that creator had offered her up as a sacrifice to please another. At least she had made a lasting impact, though, and here she was again, intact.

A deep breath in, and-

"Hello, dreams! Demons, daemons, drudges, doom-bearers, dogs!" She licked her lips and watched as a bearded, bespectacled NPC moved to meet the green one approaching the bar, not so much as a flinch or askew glance from his eyes. Taryn herself danced into the wet one's line of sight and, grinning, emphatically gestured her arms toward a warm, blazing hearth. "Dry the damsel?"
Ender (played by EnderTNT123456)

Ender looks around confused, why was he not being used, he is his craters favorite character, or at least he was. Ender jumps out of his profile and looks around, taking a look at Ezekials and Phoenix's, realizing that their backstories are WAY bigger than his. " I have to talk to him about that." Ender quickly looks around in his creators DM's and Forums he has responded to. "Tavern, was is a tavern, I really need a drink." Ender searches and finally finds one. He sits down and yells for a strong whiskey. He knows that the NPC will bring him anything he asks, its there job after all, and they don't know better.
((Sorry for delaying, real life and all that you know....))

While the bearded bartender payed little attention to Taryn's announcement, the sudden noise behind Pix caused her to glance back, slowing her pace and listening to it as she continued sightlessly towards the bar. Her eyes lingered a moment trying to gain a focus on the creature, not sure what kind of character she might be seeing.

Siira glanced up, viewing the strange individual for only a moment and not persisting for the entire statement before casting her glance away, off to something a bit more....familiar. That strange red and grey person in the doorway, the soaked one that the half corporeal creature spoke to, was somehow familiar. Siira knew her from...somewhere, and sat up staring at her as she worked to recall from where that might be.

Pix looked back to the bartender, finishing her journey to the bar. "Gee that's a weird one, huh? Pix claimed with a smirk looking up to the bearded man. His face showed no amusement, no irritation, no nothing, it was as flat as a pancake.

"Lady, that's not even the weirdest thing I've seen tonight," he claimed, reaching below him and pulling out a tall semi transparent glass of slightly glowing slightly golden liquid and placing it in front of Pix. She turned and looked at it, picking it up and bringing it to her face for a sniff.

"Eola," she claimed with some surprise, looking back up to him, [/b]"how did you know I wanted this?"[/b]

"I'm just an NPC," he claimed with a shrug, "I know a lot of things just to cut down on interaction times."

"Oh....right," Pix said, turning away and walking back towards her sister. She kept her eyes on the strange shadowy figure in the room, something she guessed Siira held an interest in from how she was staring off in the direction of the thing, or so Pix perceived.
Narisi Nueva (played by SylOfficial)

For a moment, she had been adjusting to the new enviroment and the unfamiliar faces that had seemed to gather around. Unfamiliar but smart faces as where she managed to pick up lines of conversation, it became clear that they seemed to be facing the same ideas as she had.

There was one single face though, a single hint of the past... a simple deja vu that had her in doubt. The short woman with cherry red in her hair that stood next to one that had similer high-lights but in a lime green color. That one caused for her to narrow her eyes for a moment and eventually cast a simple nod in her direction before she turned away again. She wasn’t sure if she did know the woman but being kind was never wrong.

She was about to take a seat at the bar and order a warm drink when a woman appeared in her range of sight. Dry the damsel, she asked? Well that did sound like a plan if only...

“If only it weren’t useless” she added blunty and out loud. Far too bluntly and she quickly shook her head and gave the kind woman an apologetic glance. “Forgive me, I’m just so tired. I can’t be the only one that keeps getting shoved into the most unwanted situations” she said in a much nicer and even kind tone. “Still, I might as well enjoy some warmth for now” she concluded, even offering the woman a small smile before she was about to take her up on the offer.

When the gaze of lime highlights fell upon her, a soft feeling of unease crawled into her and she tried to shake it off. She had to think harder. Had she ever wronged the one with the cherry red in her hair? For the love of all the created deities, she could not recall.
Oakley Redmond (played anonymously)

Nearly a month had passed since he'd last been used... properly used, at least. Recently, his creator had seemed desperate enough to use him to try adapting him to different settings— apocalyptic (which was somewhat fun, though he was loathe to admit it), medieval (oh, how he hated that one), and something so strange he didn't have a word for it...he'd hated that one the most, though, when his creator traded his spurs for a pair of enormous fangs. He must have bitten his own tongue them half a dozen times.

She'd seemed to give up after the last one died, though that didn't stop her from perusing the LFRP forums to find him a new purpose. "It's to develop him further," he'd once seen her explain to a partner. As if he wasn't developed enough. Hell, he had his own canon story. Yes— in addition to constantly throwing him in with people he'd love nothing more than to kill, he had his own story to endure additional abuse in. "People shouldn't like him, but the goal is to make them get attached despite his questionable morals and stability," he'd heard her say.


She'd taken everything he loved— crushed his father in a mine, had criminals do unspeakable things to his dear mother before killing her, made his mentor betray him, turned his best friend against him...she was the cause of all his distress. And on top of that, he'd even heard that she planned to kill him, too— after making him kill his beloved Beans!

Beans. Oh, he loved that mare. The sweet critter didn't understand that she was merely a tool for their creator, but she went along with him nonetheless in his quest to find a way out. Enough was enough. So, he waited. Waited until she left for the night, then swung into the saddle and ventured off in search of an out. An exit sign, maybe not...he wasn't that lucky. But perhaps he could find a weak point in the site, then slip out. He'd spoken at length with a knight called Alexander earlier, and he'd suggested checking the forums of specific genres. There was a tavern in the Fantasy genre, Alexander told him. And so, that was where Oakley would head first.

He brought Beans with him, and upon failing to find a proper hitching post, hesitated. Were animals not welcome? Oakley cast his companion a forlorn look. What on Earth was he to do with her, then? In the end, he had to simply pull off her bridle and lay it on the ground outside. The horse could go where she wanted. Maybe she'd explore the creator's PMs, or perhaps just wander back to his character page and wait for him to return.

With a sigh, he turned and stepped into the tavern. Oakley paused just inside the doorway. Clearly, he wasn't the only one that went exploring when left to his own devices. The two that looked like something from the future were obviously out of place. His gaze lingered on them for a moment before flitting around the rest of the room. There were NPCs, as usual, but also fellow characters. Oakley moved past a few, tipping his bullethole-ridden hat at a lady or two on his way to the counter, which he promptly knocked on and requested a muleskinner...only to be met with a blank look from the barhop.

What, were muleskinners not a thing here?
Nightmare had already settled down nicely over by EnderTNT123456. "Make that two whiskeys. Whatever's the strongest."
Ender (played by EnderTNT123456)

Ender looks over at Nightmare. " Cyler, oh how good it is to see you outside of our normal ways we see each other" he takes his whiskey and drains it.
Nightmare nodded. "It very much is Ender." He downs the shot glass as quickly as he can. "I don't know why he thinks I'd be good at romance, but he keeps coming up with them."
Ender (played by EnderTNT123456)

Ender looks down and quickly takes the bottle from behind the bar and fills his glass again. "at least your being used, I have not seen a public forum in ages," he downs his glass again.
"You see, it would be different if I was used for public forums, but I haven't seen one since That One." He shudders. "It was terrible. I don't know why he put up with it."
Ender (played by EnderTNT123456)

Ender shrugs " gives him a feeling that he is lacking, same with mine, but he knows he is ****** as far as love goes, and I did censor my self, thanks for asking" he downs another glass of wisky.
He nodded. "Nice." He downed another shot of whiskey. "Well, I know that my guy's getting confused in his life, but enough about that. Time to relax."
"Raven, you really ought to leave the story-centric props back at their thread."

"But the cat-pack looks so good on me!" Raven struts ahead of her mistress with a big, cocky grin, dressed in a miniature leather backpack one of the other characters- and dubbed "cat-pack" by another -made for her in Dazzle and Co's latest group adventure.

Lisa sighs, conceding that point; Raven in a little backpack is adorable. "At least you left the shard behind, right?"

The cat raises her head up to the heavens and hums quietly before offering an answer that has nothing to do with Lisa's concerns. "We should go pick on Vincent or something."

"ABSOLUTELY NOT. Where'd you leave the shard?"

"I'll put it back la-"

"Raven, you'll lose it-"

"I will not!"

"You'll get it out to play, bat it under a drawer and we'll never see that very important prop again; come on. We need to put it back-"

"But-" Raven yelps as Lisa scoops her off the ground and presses her against her shoulder. The cat lets out a low, threatening growl that her mistress soundly ignores, then she switches tactics.

With a sly smile, she asks, "Don't you have a private roleplay to get to?"

"That can wait." Another roleplay that Lisa doesn't particularly care for, seeing that she started it off by dying- this expedition back to the group story is definitely not an excuse to delay going through that tearjerky mess. That said, even sleep deprivation, stubborn wild children, and the threat of psychotic fox people all put together beats being dead and the center of some major mix-up in the afterlife.

"Yeah, of course it can," Raven smarts.

"Oh, shut up. We'll put the prop back and it'll be business as usual."

"Ugh, business as usual is so BORING."

Raven isn't totally wrong, and probably not quite right, but Lisa doesn't have much to comment on it as they trek toward the fantasy forum.
"Hello prey," comes a threatening voice from.... somewhere near Lisa and Raven, the direction unclear. Moments later, a tall, white nine-tailed vixen pops into view a few meters in from of them, dropping her invisibility spell as she walks backward ahead of them, a friendly look on her face, incongruous to her words moments earlier. When she speaks again, it's a lot friendlier.

"You two need a lift somewhere? If you're heading somewhere I'm allowed-ish to be, I'd be happy to blink you over. I'm not really doing much right now, pretty idle" comes the friendly offer.

Victi honestly liked the chimera-witch and feline-familiar duo. Sure, she was happy to unleash arcane fury on them, or just scare the crap out of them depending on the game, or desperately try to not get murdered by a monster with them but honestly she was kinda waiting for more games where they could just... you know, hang out together in some way.

"That idea about bugging Creepo McShapeshift sounds like fun, honestly. I wonder if we can make him play fetch," she adds, knowing it would probably make Raven act up. Nobody said she couldn't be friendly and a pain at the same time, right?

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