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Out of plain curiosity, does anyone else have characters they consider "cursed"? Characters whose RPs never last, or they can't even find rp partners at all, or they don't seem to fit any story? Share about your unwanted children, maybe they can find a little love here.

As for me I have Viktor, who was enrolled in two RPs that didn't even start, the partners vanished in thin air. Today I consider him memorabilia more than anything else, but I like to have him hanging around in my profile for a reason or another.
A l l my creepypasta-originally characters. Even when people are interested in them they're absolutely not /that/ interested i guess lmao??
Yria Myl-Lys (and her companion Chiwa) is one of my all time favorite characters and so far everything I've tried to get her into dissipates for one reason or another. She's played a couple minor roles in other rps, showing up as a kind of support role to move along a scene, but honestly any character could have been in that spot and I probably only did that to use her somewhere.

I do have an rp going with "her" but it's slow moving and it's actually more of the sub character Lyy's rp as well as some NPC characters I've been utilizing. Shes supposed to show up much later in the rp without her companion in a kind of AU version of herself but I have concerns it wont make it that far anyway :/

One of these days I'm going to make a prompt based around her I think, or perhaps find a reason to stuff her into something else I have going XD
My more "normal" characters appear to not have any allure. Which is amusing to me considering I made them to pair with other people's supernaturals, criminals or law enforcement.

One character I was super excited about but despite my ad and a couple bumps they never got their love.

Personally I think it has less to do with the character and more to do with presentation and season. Better art/pics, profile layouts, ad pitches, RP prompts go a long way. Sometimes its just about waiting for the right partner to see the ad and not be full on RP. Never give up hope on those sweet sweet OCs. They will have their moment to shine xD
My character Cchaaneh has been the last one to post in two or three group RPs before everyone else ghosted. In addition, there have been a couple of planned RPs with them that never got started because, again, the person ghosted. The first bit bothers me more than the second, though. I keep wondering, was it my character that drove everyone else away? Was it something I wrote, did I cross any lines? Cchaaneh is a character that involves some distasteful topics, which I try not to overdo but definitely don't shy away from when I write Cchaaneh, and my fear is that it's these aspects of the character that made others uncomfortable enough to drop the RP without saying anything. I gave everyone involved in those group RPs fair warning about the baggage that my character brings along, and they all consented, but maybe they realized they were less comfortable than they thought? I don't know. It might not even have been my/Cchaaneh's fault at all, it could have been any number of other circumstances, but... Something about being the last one to post in those RPs before all the others ghosted just brings out my anxiety.
Kalene (played by Robyn)

Kalene here comes to mind! She is a feral toddler, dryad race. She has so much potential and is a blast to play. Thankfully there's a promising plot coming up, but up until now she has not been well-received. I think people have made snap judgments and pegged her for a reaction-character instead of being open minded; she'll develop and grow up like any other character. First impressions are tough, but lots of unique characters can get overlooked these days.
Merrin and Ryuuji have definitely not seen as much love as I'd like. Maybe it's offputting to have two friends be so inseperable they need to be roleplayed together? Maybe it's the fact that they end up in an open, polyamorous relationship in their canon? Or maybe people think I'll be that one guy who banters with his own characters, giving no attention to anyone else playing with me?

Regardless, every roleplay I've planned with only Merrin has failed; if I include Ryuuji, I can forget about people looking at my ads. I'd love to play with these two, because their dynamic is energetic and I want to test it out more. In fact, I know they'd shine best with another person tossed in the mix.
Contessa Beauregard (played by MercyInReach)

Contessa is one of my oldest characters and I have had so much trouble finding anyone who is interested in her. I had one rp with her a year ago and it ended after 20 posts. X.X
I'm going to putt Jerr here, as he's the one that pops into my mind.

He does have one RP going, but it's more of an AU of him, considering how gentle he is in said RP

His actual more demented self has had... several RPs, and they either died out before hitting 10 posts, or the one where I sent a starter and the person never replied, despite showing a ton of interest in him from an OOC perspective... which sucked lol

I can't find him a good solid RP to show his more evil traits for the life of me, it seems lol
I have two that I'd consider...difficult to write for though not actually 'cursed' per se.

One is Silva. I created them on a whim and created a lfrp post. Got a bunch of hits too. Started two or three rps. All of them died before hardly even getting off the ground. Not sure if it's the sort of odd concept they have going or what.

The other is Mao Ling, whom I love and has been in two rps that ended far too soon, one a group and one a 1x1. Both times it was just life getting in the way, but it still makes me sad because she's such a fun, silly character.
I'd say Adalind. Most stuff I've started with her has died off.

Maybe she's too sweet? I'm not sure. But, nothing with her has really stuck.

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