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Hello hello!! My name's Mattie! I'm really shy but I'm putting myself out there because I want to make friends!! I'm a player of games and a hoarder of dice. Parent of cats and drinker of too much coffee.

I've been RPing since I was pretty young - I started on MySpace and have been off and on since then. I prefer more long winded, story based RPs to instant-gratification story lines. I like things that keep me interested, and keep my mind going.

I've got 4 cats! And I love them all very much. Their names are Circy, Loon, Cassandra (Cassie) and lilparv. And they're the sweetest little fluffs in the whole wide world.

I'm am artist, and a world builder. I've been working on my own little world for going on two years now, and it's still no where near completion, but it's a slow going passion project.

I currently have no job, so my life consists of coffee, helping out around the house, and taking care of my disabled mother.

I don't bite! I'm just here to meet people, make friends, and create memorable stories!
Hi Mattie! Welcome to the site! All your kitties sound adorable.

I hope you're settling into RPR okay. If not, feel free to ask questions as there are a ton of friendly people around willing to help out and answer questions.

Cheers to finding great RPs and a bunch of new friends!
Hey, Mattie!! Welcome to RPR!! I hope you have fun here! Be sure to check out the forums once you're ready!
Welcome, Mattie!

I feel like we could be friends. I too drink an excessive amount of coffee and have a LOT of dice. I only have 3 cats though. ;) But I also have a cat-sized dog! So it's kinda like having 4 cats.

Hope you find lots of great RPs!

I am also an excessive drinker of coffee.... but only have two cats. Do a toddler and a dog count? 😂

I hope you have a great time here! There's a lot of good people.
Welcome to this fine upstanding community called RPRepository. That is so wonderful you take care of your mother. I love animals. I got a German shepherd.
Welcome to RPR!
Aww, your cats sound adorable!

Welcome to RPR!
Welcome Mattie! I hope you find RPR to be a fun place!
Welcome to the family, Mattie! We’re glad you could join us! And your cats sound so cute. (Love the name Loon especially!) :D
Hi Mattie, welcome to RPR! I hope you’ll soon find some great RPs :)
Hello there! Welcome to RPR!
Bonsoir, Mon Ami! I Would Compliment Your Cats And Say They Sound Amazing- If I Didn't Have a The Biggest Fear Of Such Animals. Ahaha- ;w; Anyways! Welcome To RPR! If You Have Any Questions, Or RP Ideas, Don't Be Afraid To Ask/Tell! :D Happy Writings! <3

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