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Let's see booty, pirate's captains, sinking ships, drinking barrels of rum, treasure and sobering up my father.
Finn O'Hara (played by Lanx12)

Well my career goals ? Watch my daughter grow up, Find miss right, Bury whats left of my past.
Frank Efferson (played by Juls)

Got a bullet I'm saving for a certain mudsill
“Freedom for all.”
To drive my mother crazy to graduate kindergarten and be in 1st grade.
Kyle Cestis (played by Lanx12)

"Honestly my career goals? Staying alive and making a living in a galaxy that looks down upon those who are like me. "
Jack: Dunno. Go away.
Agent Smith: To rid the world of crime once and for all!
Dr Will: To promote my medical clinic!
Harry: be a hero...of something.
Zangara: To destroy the people who have suppressed the poor for too long.
Tarx: To get revenge against all the capitalists and kings!
Luther: To carry out my divine mission from God.
Randy: what now?
Artemis Oblivion LightVale- Goal wise? They would probably aim for something like write better , or create better characters even though some of the characters they create are good , they would like to aim for something more.

Ergo Nymphomania LightVale- Their goal would maybe to stop the drinking and stay away from certain things..But overall they would want to change their lifestyle for the better

Valentine- Their goal is off but they would want to blend into society more and be able to avoid others , Its a strange goal but it would benefit more to their job.

Venux- His goal would be to be able to take time from their job and try to spend more time with their siblings. Due to their job they aren't able to since they spend most of their time in the studio.

Vanity- Their goal is to improve their magic , They state that they want to improve more on their necromancy and their strength. They also want to be able to use these power's to make sure a certain someone doesn't come near them.

Nightmare- Their goal is confusing , they also want to improve on their magic but at the time same they want to try to reform themselves and try to gain back their status while staying away from a certain someone..

Yaldabaoth "Karma"- Their goal is unknown.

Quetzalcoatl And Xolotl- Both of their goals are different, Quetzalcoatl wants to be able to gain more power (Like Oblivion) yet Xolotl wants to gain more Knowledge.
To sing the Blues baby.
To bring a end to WW2.
Noble Six (played by shadeslayer45)

To destroy Halo and cripple the covenant army thus ending the human covenant war so that i may finally rest in peace He would cross his arm
To end all wars for my troops to come home alive to their families in one piece.
To be as famous as my father.
Finn O'Hara (played by Lanx12)

"To find a mother figure for my Daughter."
Modern Humans (played by PinkBrat)

"To play piano or be an actress in films set in ancient China." - Ayla

"I only wish to be able to afford the life my daughter deserves to have." - Meng
"To end crime in gotham city and get a date with batman💕💔💖".

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