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Alastor (played by JetStorm)

Do as it says,just ask any question...I'll start this off by using my personal favorite Alastor

Alastor looked at the person and smirked. "If you could go back in time and fix one mistake you made,what would it be and why?"

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Alastor (played by JetStorm) Topic Starter

Alastor wrote:
Do as it says,just ask any question but answer the question thats above you then ask a question...I'll start this off by using my personal favorite Alastor

Alastor looked at the person and smirked. "If you could go back in time and fix one mistake you made,what would it be and why?"
Cletus (played by Sarlic)

"Well if I could fix any would have to be the contract I'm in with my human mother- I'm not allowed to drink blood without permission from the bloods host. I would change this one because"He sighed lightly"Well because this is what caused me to turn out so thin, weak, and sickly"

He turned and faced the next person"Moving on- If you could have any one ability you wanted...but it would be the only ability you had...what would you choose to get?"
Hunter (played by KingdomOdd1)

He frowned, "Having the ability to "restart" my life."

He didn't look at the person, "What's your favorite hobby?"
Steve Harrison (played anonymously)

“Hobby... well in high school it was scoring girls did pretty well with my collection too. There was a girl or two that I didn’t score with mainly because... well in the case of one, they liked advertizing themselves in a way that you would wonder what you’d catch if you did score.”

Steve snickered at the thought of his senior year. “Nowadays I have daughters, so my old school self kinda disgusts me.”

“What do you prefer to have for breakfast?”
Aku Parnama (played by KingOfDorks)

Aku smiled crookedly. "Pfft- Getting the chance to even have sounds better than anything." He snickered quietly, thinking for a moment. "Pancakes, I guess? I mean, I've never actually tried them, but I've heard they're amazing."

"What's the first thing you notice about a person?"
X Name (played by XTheNinja)

X narrows his eyes and shakes his head, obviously perturbed. "Their face, of course." Then he turns.

"If you could have any other person's voice in your head with you, who would it be?"
Zyfali the powerful (played anonymously)

"Well, quite simple logic. No one. The things I know and experience are too much for a normal mortal's mind to process. And we wouldn't want heads exploding, would we? It would be quite the mess." Said Zyfali, leaning over to ask the next question.

"What type of people do you normally get along with?"
Siren looks down, a bit worried that they wouldn't like her answer. "U-Um... really a-anyone? But p-people who d-don't judge me for th-this-" She points at her white face mask that looks like the ones you would find in a doctor's office. "-Are generally n-nice..."

She turns to the next person. "So... um, h-have you ever k-killed anyone?" Siren coughs painfully before looking at the next person, already regretting her decision to ask that question.
Chetan (played by Sarlic)

"Of course I have m'dear"He gave her a smile"Seeing the moment someone loses the last segment of their life is always the most thrilling part"

He spun on one foot and looked at the next person"Well hello there...Have you ever made something...physical like a wooden sword or any other object...and if so what's the favorite thing you've made"
"Nmph..." she shyly looks up at him. "Well, no.. unless y-you count gadgets." She turns to the next person. "H-Hi... do you like a-animals? I'm kinda lonely right now....."
Oscar (played by KingdomOdd1)

"I don't mind them, so I suppose you could say I like them." He shrugged, "What's your favorite thing to sketch/draw?"
Derrick Meuller (played anonymously)

“... the girls I have in my classes at Santa Barbara High. I definitely have a decided preferences for Stephanie Hall, Sarah Williams, and Erica Norvik...“

He toyed with drawing a caricature of one of the ‘mean girl’ cheerleaders who thought herself as ‘hot-stuff’ as he asked,

“What sort of fast food go you like?”
Alastor (played by JetStorm) Topic Starter

"I don't eat fast food mainly because its disgusting." he replies and he looked at the next person. "Why hello there,if you had a time machine,what era would you travel to?" he asked
Lt Steve Harrison (played anonymously)

"I'd go back to just before Freddy kicked an anti-personel mine that blew his leg off and set off an IED that obliterated Benny. I would have to know what I know though so I can order them to do a thourough sweep of the area."

"If you could do one thing in your life over again, what would it be?"
Zoey Robinson (played by Dib2435)

Zoey blush alittle " I really don't want make this seem like I am braging , but since my Apodte father is " The man of tomorrow " he built mostly 100 time machines built only two wasn't destroy me and the rest of my family been to different eras before " Zoey smile friendy and warmly " But I always want go to the future millon years from now , it would be really cool to see what the world will look then in person ."

" If you can meet anyone from the past or present who would it be ? "
Scarlett Sara Dylan (played by LakotaSiouxWarrior)

"Woody guthrie. He was quite the poet and songwriter". Tuning Her bass. She quietly asks"whats your favorite memory?"
"My favorite memory would have to be when I twisted my ankle. I was 12 when it happened and even though I was in a lot of pain, my brother Daniel did everything to make sure I felt better. It was then that we became as close as we are now and I realized that even if I didn't have anyone else, I would always have my brother."

"If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?"
Siren seemed startled by someone turning to her again. "W-Well, really a-anywhere... because of m-my illness I c-can't go t-to my friends house, m-much less a different c-country." She lightly coughs, instinctively putting her right hand up. As if to cover that up, she turns to the next person.

"Um... h-have you ever been made f-fun of for y-your appearance?" She looks down at the ground. A strand of her albino hair falls down, and she puts it behind her ear.
Marionette (played by JetStorm) Topic Starter

"Of course I have." he answered and he looked at the next person. "If you can solve one problem in the world what would it be?"

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