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Whether it be conceptually or as a result of their storyline, I'm curious to hear how characters of yours have changed and developed over time!

Personally, I have had a looot of characters who no longer exist. Adrian (page WIP) and Harte are my two oldest characters by far. Adrian only really changed in terms of time period - he was an 18th-19th century character before and is now used in modern RPs, but his personality and all other pertinent details remain unchanged.

As for Harte, he's gone through a lot of changes. He was originally a Fallen London character, for those familiar with it (it's a free browser game that I highly recommend, and it essentially makes a character profile as you play), and was entirely human. His appearance was also quite a bit different than it is today.

At one point I made a character named Rowan who was roommates with another OC of mine, but I never used him for anything. Rowan was also a swan selkie (aka, he shifted by putting on or removing a swan skin). Harte went unused for years before I decided to revive him. I chose to subsume Rowan's character into him, giving him the same appearance and making him a shapeshifter as well. Previously, Harte had similar features, but was dark-haired (a very rich burgundy color) and dark-eyed, and perhaps more angular overall in my mind.

I placed him into The Golden Tether's community on Furcadia, along with giving him a substantial backstory as well as placing him in the horse training & competing business. Overall, he's changed a lot- his appearance, backstory, species, and occupation are all different (in Fallen London, he was a writer). In the end, his personality is once again the thing that has remained stable after all of these years. While I loved his original iteration, I'm really satisfied with how I've developed him, and I've put a lot of love into him... if his novel-length profile is any indication.

Let me know about your characters, if you've got any who have changed notably!

Aylssa Nicole Kennedy. She went from being a slutty murderous homewrecking headturner cheerleader to a adorable cute single mother of her pride and joy daughter Melissa ann winona kennedy.
Of those I have listed, probably Kyra. She's one of my older characters, so, y'know... there has been cringe. And I won't claim it's all gone.

She actually still has about the same appearance and same intended personality and habits, although details of how that works out and how it's presented has changed. She's also basically the sort of creature, but the specifics there and how it came to be have changed massively.

In her original incarnation, she was the halfbreed child of some elf dude and a (black) human woman, and they all lived alone together out in the woods where hopefully no one would bother them. Terrible events resulted in her parents being killed and Kyra being turned into a vampire who doesn't really like other vampires, even though she can't consciously remember what happened. She wandered around because what the heck else is she supposed to do, and she did that feeding on animals instead of people thing (and in her very first RP, some guy managed to guilt her out of that, even though he was basically a werewolf himself?).

Initially, all the only changes were behavioral shifts to better suit what I'd intended in the first place. It wasn't until some various ideas came together in a worldbuilding project I had that the really big changes happened, keeping her as true to her original design as I could while completely redoing her background.

She's still a dark-skinned half-elf who tragically became a monster and wanders around by herself starting fights and not taking much seriously despite some deeply-buried guilt/self-loathing. But:
  • She's a second-generation half-elf, and among her people this isn't really an issue
  • Instead of generic elf, her heritage is dark-skinned desert-dwelling elves (that I created mostly because I think it's dumb for the only dark-skinned elves to be cave-dwellers)
  • She was raised in a tribe like any other of her kind and was already nomadic by nature
  • Rather than vampire, she was just messed up by a freak magical accident and can get pretty unstable in some circumstances/conditions
  • Her tribe took a huge hit, but still exists; they just exiled her for their safety

Lots of little points too, but those are the big ones.
I'd have to say the one who changed the most in-story since I created him was/is Steve Harrison. He started out as a quick throw-together for a public high school RP as a jock.

The original RP didn't go anywhere so he answered an LFRP ad and got started in a 'student/teacher' RP'. He then took part in another public high school RP and though it got much further then the previous one, it got overrun by a billion one-liner posts which drove out the actual writers. It did result in Steve getting inundated with PMs for one-offs from girl characters though, so he became a bit of a slut-boy the last part of his senior year.

He has since 'grown up' after graduation went into the U.S. Army and is in a modern military RP set in Afghanistan. The RP story with the original 'teacher' and the daughter she had from their original encounter is still being written.

So Steve went from a carefree high school kid to a concerned parent who isn't there to help raise his daughter. He has been a good evolving character over the last couple years.

I have also 're-purposed' characters whose original RPs have ended or have been ghosted, some quite drastically. I find it easier to edit an existing character I'm no longer using than creating an all-new character. I suppose they would have technically 'changed the most', but they technically became different characters entirely.
Tobias Clark (played by Tugboattom)

Tobias all the way! So originally Tobias Clark was a young human kid with electric blur hair and the ability to create illusions(it was a My Hero Acadamia Roleplay.), who had a dark back ground. Then he ended up a child of hephaestus with a super dark backstory( for a World Of x site.).It seems to me i had a thing about dark characters. And now he's a goofy little elven archer.
The character that probably saw the most evolution since his first incarnation is likely Abel, whom also happens to be the character I'm currently working on putting into RPR, but I'm on the fence about how far into his progress and evolution I should go.
For reference, I'll be using the terms Pre-Dis and Post-Dis here, which I only noticed after finishing this would cause some confusion and I didn't feel like editing every instance. Basically, they stand for prior to and following my willingness to Distance (see what I did there?) Abel from his original concept, which also happened to be the point where in one RP he visited Dis, the capital of Hell.

Quick context on the character; Abel was born very much with a "modern monster hunter" plot in mind. He was very much inspired by anime, early 2010s supernatural-themed media, and the underrated Brūtal Legend videogame starring Jack Black.

Originally he was pretty much my current profile picture, looking like so;
Abel Pre-Dis


FULL DISCLOSURE, this was not the original picture for him, it was much poorer quality and I found this much later, but this has pretty much retroactively become his base appearance.
At the time, he very much followed a "big damn hero" archetype, being pretty massive at 200cm (6'6"), being―in hindsight―surprisingly reasonable in weight at just as many pounds (200lbs), and being pretty much devoid of scars or blemishes with constantly well-maintained facial hair and good hygiene despite his life on the road as a demon hunter (for at the time he was specifically chasing down demons rather than supernatural creatures in general, more on that later), and always sporting a friendly smile that showed clear "good guy" vibes. He was also very regularly depicted smoking because I'd just started smoking at the time and thought that was a cool trait that separated him from "less mature" characters... you can see the cringe in his origin design.

Then at some point I started maturing and adding canonical changes to his appearance every time they occurred, particularly any injuries, which netted him his current look;
Abel Post-Dis


My passable-at-best editing skills aside, Abel also saw a significant height decrease, dropping from his original height to 185cm (5'11½") tall (and losing some weight to become 165lbs, keeping him roughly proportional), less as a result of plot and more as a result of a desire to humanize him a bit to make him less of a "larger-than-life Gary Stu" and more of a "still bad-ass, but more well-rounded" character. The steady increase in scars stemmed from the weakness I introduced to him early on of having terrible aim, which resulted in him getting more "up close and personal" in his supernatural conflicts. He often got described with stubble or a full beard (though I'm never gonna bother trying to add that onto the picture myself), more rough appearance in line with the nature of his day-to-day, and I finally canonized what his voice would sound like; giving him a clear but gravelly bass-baritone which I figured felt right for a masculine character with a big smoking habit. This also caused his second weakness to prop up; where he'd have occasional coughing fits at inopportune moments, particularly following or during periods of intense exertion, due to the whole "smoking" thing. He also got the golden eyes somewhere along that process as a result of a plot where I consented to him losing a fight AND suffering lasting consequence from it. He had his eyes gouged out for a period of time before being replaced by the eyes of a demon, which netted him some cool abilities but essentially just made other abilities he already had irrelevant and so those were retroactively removed, diversifying the origin of his powers.

But of course, his appearance wasn't the only thing that changed since this character has been running around having his unashamedly "Supernatural™" meets "Helsing™" and "Devil May Cry™" inspired shenanigans, undergoing various personality revolutions, changes in perspective and maturity level, retcons, and the likes which is pretty normal for a character that was birth by a teenager and evolved across a decade alongside its writer.

Originally, Abel was extremely "anime protagonist" in nature, taking after such wonderful characters as "Dragon Ball Z™"'s Goku, "Inu Yasha™"'s titular character, and "The Legend of the Legendary Heroes™"'s Ryner. He was pretty much oriented towards fighting monsters for fun with the added bonus that it made the world a better place, was technologically backwards, acted way cooler than my poorly refined writing style at the time allowed him to be, and was prone to dissociative behavior such as wise-cracking like an action comedy protagonist in the middle of a fight that reached "Freddy Vs Jason™" levels of severity and gore. If he had a character alignment at this point, it would've been "Stupid Good", and it was clear that his behavior followed "rule of cool" more than logic given his backstory... we'll get to that soon, let me brace for the cringe. But first, his current personality.

After some development, Abel became more of an original anti-hero character. He retained his mentality of "fighting monsters because it's fun", but it was more due to a blood knight mentality and a bit of a death wish than because he just liked fighting bad guys for its own sake. It was also justified as a way for him to make money, being a legitimate job. Surprisingly, he developed MORE of a bad boy personality, having a more overt disregard for the law, being much more flirtatious towards the opposite sex, and was the first character with whom I dipped my toes into the world of ERP... that's not super relevant, but still a fun fact about the guy. What he did between monster hunting got more fleshed out, starting with a drinking habit to go along with the smoking, establishing him as a guy who likes reading, and this pushed him into writing about his adventures―a second source of income further justifying his lifestyle. Because I'd established him as having horrible aim and relying more on fisticuffs and melee weapons to take down his prey, I gave him some martial arts related hobbies to go along with that. By the end, his personality ended up becoming a strange blend of a few original concepts, Dean from "Supernatural™", Dante from "Devil May Cry™" and―because my then girlfriend introduced me to the show and I liked the character―Damon from "Vampire Diaries™" of all things. It modulated a bit from there until he eventually got to be his own person. Finally, I gave him a solid justification for his monster hunting besides just "I like punching monsters in the face", which I was shocked took so long... but that requires we step into the realm of backstory.


Originally, Abel's backstory was both 2edgy4thisworld and also extremely plain... Like I said earlier; I needed to prepare for the cringe. Basically, Abel was the son of Satan, named after God's favorite son of Adam as a middle finger to the big G-man in the sky. This netted him some sweet demonic mojo, magical powers, super strength, and a bunch of other stuff that by all rights should have made the ridiculous arsenal of guns I'd outfitted him with completely redundant... but at the time he was pretty much my first and only "modern setting" character, and the first thing that came to mind to distinguish that from fantasy and sci-fi, for some reason, was gunz! His whole thing was that he was pretty much the anti-Christ, though only by virtue of being Satan's kid and otherwise it did precious little to impact his character (as you might've been able to tell from his personality), he was raised in an orphanage ("get those pesky parents out of my character's backstory as fast as possible before they impact his character" says the teen RPer), and pretty much just decided to pick up demon hunting because it seemed like a fun thing to do. No, I'm serious. Original Abel was one of my laziest characters even by the standards I had at the time and I would've honestly ended up dropping him if it wasn't for his evolution through organic RP and a very long lasting RP career with a past partner who―for a reason that escapes me―fell in love with him and practically begged me to always play as him. He grew on me as a result, which is a good thing because it allowed for Abel to become a more fleshed out character which I now enjoy.

Ret-conned hard following the RP where he took a fun dip into hell, Abel was awarded a new backstory. First, rather than being "the dark side's messiah who rebelled against them for fun", he was instead born into a coven of witches who believed him to be the anti-Christ, which was a small but significant nuance. Instead of being born just innately awesome because "Satan blood is in his veins", Abel received a few tasteful magical boons from the members of the cult, giving a less "just born awesome" vibe to his abilities. Eventually, some supernatural hunters caught wind of the cult's operations and took it down, sending the "rescued" orphans into the system. However, Abel managed to escape and track them, making himself a right nuisance until they finally caved in to his demand of taking him along with them, having a desire for adventure considering he'd never been "out" before... kickstart a life of monster hunting.
Wow this is a neat concept! As far as character growth, I'd have to say my boy Domitus. He's one of my oldest, and I've spent a lot of time getting him to a place where I'm happy with his general concept. Beyond that, I've made it so easy for roleplay to really alter his behaviors, thought process, etc. He's come such a long way from just being the drunk anger doge in the gutter.

A close second would be Marshall Nolen, my feline familiar who owns a cat cafe. Initially, it was a bookstore. He started out on the East Coast and wound up on the West. He went from being distrusting of other supernatural folk to good friends with a witch, a familiar, and now engaged to a werewolf. Nolen is one of those characters who developed mostly all on his own via roleplay, too, which is one of my favorite things when it comes to roleplay.

Honestly, I can't wait to look at my characters in a year and see who they've become!
Pint (played by MordosKull)

Honestly, it’s this guy.

What first started as your average cookie cutter, run of the mill dwarven fighter turned into the dwarf version of d'artagnan.

He got a massive hero complex, was betrayed by his original party which drove him to an intense bitterness, went absolutely mad when he fought Cthulhu and came back to the material realm with just pieces of his sanity left.

What once was just another greedy dwarven mercenary became some kind of Shonen hero that rised up against evil despite being in his last legs. I never thought Pint would be hero material- like many of my characters, he was just a joke concept at the beginning and then he took on his own story line.

I guess he’s still pretty greedy despite everything but I reckon if he weren’t chaotic I would have turned him into a Paladin by now.

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