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I bought the 7 extra page slots that the link provided but I'm not sure how to add it to my group.
Page slots a link provided...? Could you explain? Like, do you mean something you bought from the shop for adding pages to groups, like the Book of Blank Pages? If so, upon purchase the item goes to your inventory, and has to be "used" to actually be applied.

Hrm. I'm afraid I've never bothered with items for a group, so I'm not sure if it has to be used from the group's treasury instead of your inventory, or if there's some other method needed to apply the item to a group instead of to your account, and I'm not finding a clear and easy answer to that in the Help documentation. EDIT: There we go, looks like it does need to be used from inside the group's treasury according to this. Er, maybe, possibly not if you're the owner...? For an item that's not exclusive to groups, probably best to assume so, to be sure it doesn't get applied to your account instead.

But if you're past that and just trying to use pages already applied, here's the page for that:
Kim Site Admin

Make sure that the item is in your group treasury, and then hit "use" on the book.

If the item is in YOUR inventory, you can give it to the group to get it into the treasury.

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