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How do I bin items from my inventory? I have a multitude of ridiculous party hats I want off my inventory page. I have the option of using them but they are not removed.
Probably the easiest way is to give the extras to the group 'The Epic Armory' (which holds the leftover items from Epic Week to be used next year).
Thank you Juls. That worked, I appreciate your help. Now I'm not so grumpy.
Wow, you did indeed have quite a lot of stuff! All those who'll be fighting next Epic Week appreciate it. <3
As that is the case, I'm glad it will help. : )
Kim Site Admin

For others wondering this, here's a reminder that there's a quicklink to dump all of your Epic Week items into the armory in one go: :)
My appreciation Kim. I shall post your link in my group.

Dia linn!

You are on: Forums » Help » Removing Inventory clutter.

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