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The rules of the game are easy, just answer this question:

What is your BIGGEST misconception

“I’ll begin.....

People thing my wings are bird wings, they are actually quite lovely bat wings, my cousins the Peregryns and the Seraphim actually have bird-like wings.”
Nails (played anonymously)

People keep thinking I’m a guy!!
Modern Girls (played by PinkBrat)

"That I'm a prostitute or girlfriend of a drug dealer or when they look at me and assume that I don't speak English." - Ayla
Tan'Nun'Nyo (played anonymously)

That I'm some kind of hyena. Pleeeeeaseee.. a hyena?? Just because I laugh a lot?? Come on, people. COME ON!!! Have some creativity!
Pepper (played anonymously)

"That I'm just some ordinary, everyday cat."
"They think I'm evil," the child said looking downward with a sorrowful tone. "I'm not evil, I just like dead things better than alive ones....the live ones hurt me more....dead one's don't."
"That I am always happy and worry-free. My search for positivity in life has nothing to do with me turning my back on my worries. It's my way to stay sane and make sure I don't get stuck in the past. It's to keep me from falling apart and I try to do the same for others."
Zipactli (played anonymously)

"That I'm evil... eh..."
Amelia Thorne (played by Thatnerdychick)

"that i actually care."
Reginald Tek (played anonymously)

People assume that, due to my race, I’m an idiotic reptile. I’m not. I may be more intelligent than quite a few people here, as a matter of fact.
Sylyntz (played by Riik)

Sylyntz unleashes their hand drone and hovers it around to the side of their head, poking firmly against the flat spot where one might otherwise expect to find an ear. They then turn the drone to gesture with a point toward the adjacent antenna. Sylyntz shakes their head with emphasis - no, they do not hear with their antennae. In fact, they have no sense of hearing at all!
"many of thou believe me to be a cold heartless killer that will sooner kill anything the allow them to live and to that i say nay thou all are wrong there i am capable of showing mercy to those who are deserving of it are thou worthy of seeing my mercy?"
"Some believe me to be the brainless scion of a prominent family due to my...choice in mannerisms, shall we say. very wrong they are."
Maisi Dennis (played anonymously)

"It's a pretty common one for me," the artist answers; her pale blue eyes momentarily unfocus as she thinks, continuing, "Everyone likes to mistake my kindness for weakness. Being nice to people these days often gets me called naïve or a doormat... But I can and do put my foot down when I need to, and I know when someone's trying to screw me over--usually, anyway."

Maisi crosses her arms over her chest, a fleeting look of frustration crossing her countenance. It's gone as swiftly as it came however and she smiles acquiescently, sighing, "But, oh well. I've gotten used to it."
"Lots of folks seem to think that I go ballistic when I'm drunk. Guh, listen mates, first of all, I'm a bloody dwarf! It's incredibly difficult for me to get drunk! Second, I know meself, and when I -have- gotten drunk, I just go straight down to the floor and pass out, ye won't hear a peep outta me. Hmph! If anything I'm way angrier when I'm stone cold sober."
James Moriarty (played by Atheist)

Moriarty has absolutely no problem answering this one. In fact, he's prepared a veritable speech just for the occasion.

"People bear the assumption that I am weak and cowardly, and that I am completely lost without my resources, amenities, and luxuries in life. They believe that everyone around me are pawns at my disposal, and rather than taking the time to appreciate my contributions, they would rather pinpoint my flaws and lay out my life choices as if they had any right to judge me."

Jim pauses, reflecting on his words, yet remaining resolute despite the damning odds pit against him. "Everyone has a critical word. They justify their actions as noble when I, personally, have done no disservice to them. Now," he grins mischievously, "if I have been an affront to your very existence, have at it me. I enjoy a good row."
Most folks consider Warren to be a honourable sort.
However, he really dislikes the idea of honour, seeing people use it as an excuse to feel good about murdering folks.
While he does keep his promises, he considers that a pragmatic thing to do, not an honourable one.
Carys (played by pixl.Bee)

"People seem to think that I like lying and deceiving others. It's not something I enjoy, but it's a way to accomplish what I need, and I happen to be good at it, so it's what I do."
"People think that I'm gung-ho and adventurous like my old man, when really the most excitement in my life came at the cost of my last remaining shreds of mental health, and my mother's life." He sighs. "If I could have just one moment in time to speak with Pepper again, I would try to work things out with her, make her see that the way she treated me was wrong."
Drans (played by Wandering_Mary)

People often assume I'm evil, or power hungry when I'm not... It is just because of the stigma hanging around my kind. I'm often just helpful and pleasant to be around.

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