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The rules of the game are easy, just answer this question:

What is your BIGGEST misconception

“I’ll begin.....

People thing my wings are bird wings, they are actually quite lovely bat wings, my cousins the Peregryns and the Seraphim actually have bird-like wings.”
Nails (played anonymously)

People keep thinking I’m a guy!!
Modern Humans (played by PinkBrat)

"That I'm a prostitute or girlfriend of a drug dealer or when they look at me and assume that I don't speak English." - Ayla
Tan'Nun'Nyo (played anonymously)

That I'm some kind of hyena. Pleeeeeaseee.. a hyena?? Just because I laugh a lot?? Come on, people. COME ON!!! Have some creativity!
Pepper (played anonymously)

"That I'm just some ordinary, everyday cat."

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