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I want a character that:
  • Is a King in a Sci-Fi setting
  • Has a mysterious past and a lifelong dream
  • Isn't entirely human

Note: Apologies if Im doing this wrong.
(Sorry if I'm doing this wrong)

Since he's not entirely human and he's futuristic, he may be a cyborg? I know it's a very obvious choice, but the whole "Mysterious Past" kind of reminded me of this character in Fallout 4 that had to go storing his memory in external drives as he ran out of space and that'd be a cool concept to apply to a cyborg! Maybe part of his mysterious past implied him getting part of his brain replaced by futuristic prosthetics and he has to have a cool-ass room full of big ass external drives with flashy lights.

Sorry this prolly reads awful, I'm typing this at 3 am.
Kim Site Admin

OOOH! OOOOH! What if the sci-fi setting was the world we just designed? :D :D :D
"Yea, and though I walk through the valley in the shadow of Death, I shall fear no evil, for I am the badde-"
"-in the valley, and Death don't want none of me!"

The hatch of the pod closes, cutting off any further noise from outside. Some Troopers hyped themselves up, some didn't. Most had zero fear of the drop itself. Drop pods were one of the toughest pieces of kit in the galaxy. Armor, stasis, and forcefields on a variable power core, the couldn't be destroyed by anything short of capital ship cannons, and at that point there really wasn't anything left to worry about. Just push the button, and a Trooper either woke up on the ground, or they never woke up.
And once on the ground, a Trooper (always capitalized) was hands down the most fearsome ground soldier in the entire Imperium. Stronger, faster expanded neurological abilities. Packed with the kind augments, implants, and designer mutations that would be extremely illegal if not for the requirement of a lifetime of service. Even with a regenerative gene that made getting elderly only a theory, no Trooper expected to grow old. There was always another battlefield, another war.
Stasis grabbed hold within milliseconds of pushing the button, and the universe went black.


"Gwip hjramnbr tyuodflz?"
<Alert. Stasis failure. Power failure. Communications failure. Emitter failure. Chronometer failure. Primary systems failure. Secondary systems failure. Emergency systems failure. Alert. Total function failure immenzzzkkk>
Who were these people? They looked like they were of the Imperium, but they looked... Ancient. Pre-industrial. Primitive.
The pod looked like a total loss. Nothing working or even undamaged. But a Trooper serves for life. A Trooper never quits. And a Trooper wins, no matter what.

Sorry about that, normally I wouldn't get so very specific, but that whole scene kinda hit me so I wrote it out (badly) to give an idea.

Your character is a trooper of some sort with modifications and etc from a galactic empire of some sort. During a drop, something goes massively awry.
Fast forward X number of years/centuries/millenia, your character wakes up/is uncoveres by locals to find themselves completely out of touch with the empire they serve, surrounded by people who are human (or wherever) like them (or close enough) but definitely on the low tech side. Being the good trooper that they are, they naturally start conquering the populace in order to get them advanced enough so that your trooper can finally get in contact with their empire.

Now how far down the rabbit hole you want to go is up to you. The empire could be no more (my personal choice) in which case the trooper would be the king of their own burgeoning realm. Or perhaps they are so far away or haven't advanced quite enough to reach the empire, so that fate in itself is still a mystery, and the Trooper is stuck still doing KingStuff while he continues to wait for the tech to advance and be developed.
With advanced technology as an example, along with a unified populace that is focused on scientific advancement, as well as knowing that even more is possible, the "primitives" would actually be able to advance very quickly, especially if the selective pressures of evolution trend towards "big brains get more babies". All that would be needed for a Trooper that can't grow old (or ages very slowly at least) would be patience.
JoJoApples Topic Starter

Just want to say Im loving all these suggestions so far!

The trooper idea is so fudging cool! And I love the cyborg suggestion and storing memory!

I'd love to see some more ideas! This is really helping stir my creativity!
Not to sound dumb, but Jay, that is far out.
Kim Site Admin

Maybe he is pushing the populace to build him a gorgeous new palace, that befits his status... but that palace is a space station, not a castle ;) Maybe that partially constructed space station is already becoming a hub for trade? Gives you a hook to interact with other sci-fi characters!
Yael (played by JoJoApples) Topic Starter

He doesnt feel fully done to me yet-but heres Yael!

I really loved all the amazing ideas and Im definitely gonna flesh him out more later!
I love him so far! Sorry I didn't get to give ideas. Yael is super interesting. :D

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