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so far, as i've browsed, there's been no BNHA-Universe groups on RPR, and that's kinda sad. I've been lacking in terms of 1x1 RPs recently due to school & stress, but I'd love to get my creative juices back up. A main outlet for that has been my new BNHA OC, Kyote. I haven't had the chance to RP as them yet, but I'm hoping that might change with the arrival of this group?

It'll contain snippets from all sorts, including Villains, Heroes, U.A, and more. (Possibly even a rebellion for people against the society...?)

The group has actually been in the works for a few months now, although it's been kept on a Top Secret setting so that I can get it perfect.

basically this is a 'sign up' thread. if you're interested, lemme know, and when its up & public, you'll be the first to know.
yes sirrrrr
intrested....very much so.
nightmqre Topic Starter


it's about 30%-ish complete, since i'm re-writing a lot of it. it'll probably be slow for the next few days since i have a lot of art homework to work on. c:
VERY interested!!
I'd definatly be interested in this, I actually already have a BNHA OC I could use :)
I'm interested
I'd love to see this!!
Definitely interested. Will have to get my MHA OC up for this bad boy
nightmqre Topic Starter

large image

>.> It's slowly getting there. I'm adding small bits here and there when I'm not playing with my sister, eating, doing work or sleeping c:
i an interested as well! i have BNHA oc i would love to use for this!

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