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Is it... a thing? Are there standards, expectations, things to avoid? I know we have the ability to review each other, but I'm thinking something more proactive.

Sometimes, it's that I'll note folks who appear to have styles that seem like they'd fit together decently, or who seem to be pursuing matching themes. Other times, I'm just not able to fill some particular role that a friend really wants (a theme I'm poor with, an archetype I don't know how to do, etc) but struggles to find anyone to do it with.

Is there some good form for this, some method or approach that's overall likely to be appreciated by all involved, or at least not distressing to anyone? Would that be restricted to people you know reasonably well, or like the actual wingman concept, can it be used with folks you don't really have much or any connection to starting out? And what about just posting things friends are looking for, or ideas you want to see get more attention even if you're not necessarily involved?

I feel like I've mentioned this before, but couldn't find any evidence that... anyone had. o.O

Also not sure how clear I'm being. Brain's been pretty messy and I should probably be asleep right now. ^^;

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I don't really have any advice for this, though I do have a related story. This actually happened to me not so long ago.

A friend of mine (P) had a friend (K) who was looking to get back into rp after a long hiatus. Sadly P didn't have much time to devote to helping his friend, so instead K was pointed in my direction. P knew I was available thanks to my status and thought our styles would mesh well. And he was right! It's been great getting to know K and design a fun rp with him.

Final thoughts, this can absolutely work. It might not always, but I think the desire to help friends and facilitate fun is a great way to bring the community together. :)
Like Dndmama, I have no advice really just that I've had a few people sent my way by other partners. Mainly I have had people read their partners kudos for me and then contact me because of the raving; but maybe 2-3 times I have gotten messages along the lines of 'I write with x-name and they suggested you when I mentioned x-idea.' It makes me pretty happy when that happens. I haven't done it myself yet really but, I wouldn't be against it at all.
I've found myself wanting to help match others up on quite a few occasions. Especially on an old site I used to use where I was the most active user and knew so many people, I really wanted to know if my friends had rped with each other and wanted to tell others I thought they would get along but I was never sure if they were looking for something like that so I stayed quiet. It's pretty awkward to bring up. But, I have met other users here because of a friendship or kudos given by a mutual rp friend. I liked that so I think others might as well.

Or maybe I'm just nosy. I want to know who's writing with who and who actually likes who and who answered a request that leaves me thinking....'oh gurl, you aren't going to end happy with that....'

I think it would be fun to facilitate friendships between likeminded people.
i think this is such a sweet idea! i’ve found a few of my roleplay partners because of the kudos my friends on here gave them. i’ve been wondering about attempting to introduce two of my roleplay partners to each other but i didn’t want to seem to nosy or intruding
I have passed on a couple RP proposals that were 'cold-calls' into my character's PM and along with declining the RP, have given out other character names as being possibly interested. I was happy to hear that one of these 'forwards' led to a very long-term RP between them. I've also managed to bring a couple people here to write when I pointed out the RP prompt thread on another site. I guess if that is 'wingman'ing then yeah it's a cool thing.
Zelphyr Topic Starter

From what I can gather, this seems to be viewed as an overall positive thing, not a nuisance or anything.

Still, any thoughts one what best practices for something like this would be? Checking in if folks are okay with being referred to others? How to handle situations involving annons? If "cold calls" are okay, or chatting someone up specifically for wingman purposes, or if it should only be done with folks who approach you first or that you've already "naturally" built a rapport with? What about open/public posts just to talk about how great you think someone is?

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