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Really wanting to do some new Roleplays
Everything is open for discussion!

Idea One: My character is a dragon who can turn human, dragons are a secret in this world.

Idea Two: Bestfriends. Y/C is teaching my character to fight for whatever reason

Idea Three: School of magic or a secret society

Idea Four: Princesses turned commoner

Idea Five: Princess who goes to normal school or is at a normal school and her life gets interrupted when a guard shows up

Idea Six: Princess/ Guard forbidden romance

Idea Seven: Some of the population has magic the other doesn't to keep the ones that do have magic in check they get sent to a school at a young age. My character has been on the run ever since killing her mom suppressing her magic until Y/C shows up to take her to the school

Idea Eight: Cold winter night and your character ends up at a inn that is run by a werewolf and a vampire

Idea Nine: Soul mates

Idea Ten: My character can see demons

Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred. Will be played one-on-one.

I'm interested
OOooooooo Sounds cool!

What does the mix of idea 9 and 10 sound like to you? I have a hot-headed, impatient character here that doesn't believe in love - who so happens to be a demon who's DEFINITELY not looking for love... But YC arrives and... Well.

Pm me if you are interested in this idea!

I'm interested in doing Idea Three with one of my ocs- Andromea. She was born without magic in a magic-filled world, so I think her going to a magical school in an attempt to learn would be an interesting concept.
A mashup rp of idea 1 and 2 would be really great!
I would love to rp idea Seven or Eight! Also, these are great ideas!
I really like ideas one and two.
I'm in

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