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I generally enjoy reading comics, but nowadays I mainly read the web ones. In high school I started reading some of them on Webtoon and still read to this day. Here are certain webcomics I enjoy:

1.) Waffles & Pancakes - Although it has this humor that I have mixed thoughts about (some things can be funny to me, and some not really) it's a fun one to read, even if I generally don't like slice of life genre. This comic series is about two college students who are polar opposites but all in all get along well. W&P can have wholesome, deep moments which can have unexpected twists. As for the artstyle, it's simple and recognisable. What I find quite funny would be exaggerated facial expressions the characters can have. XD

2.) Down To Earth - a romance comic about an alien girl from outer space and a regular guy who lives on Earth. I'm not sure how to describe the plot without spoiling anything, but I would recommend this to people who are looking for a webcomic of this genre. To me the characters are likeable and the artstyle is adorable *screams into oblivion because of how cute it is, even if it's a stretch to scream*.

3.) True Beauty - back in high school, when I wasn't into romance genre at all I stumbled upon this webcomic. Even if (as I said) wasn't into that kind of stuff I was curious about it anyway. But unfortunately, I wasn't impressed by the story as I thought it mainly revolves around makeup (I'm not into makeup so yeah). Two years later I decided to give it another chance. And, the more I read it, the more I grew to love the story! There can be hilarious moments, but also situations you least expected. And, to be frank, I saw myself in Jugyeong, the main character. I saw my past and present self, and we have gone through similar situations. I'm glad I gave this one a chance, because it's certainly worth reading and also recommend it!

Which webcomics do you like? And which ones would you recommend?
I like Down To Earth because it reminds me of SVTFOE. And Zaida is just the best!
Let's see how many I can remember...

The ones I've been keeping up with best lately are El Goonish Shive, Goblins, The Glass Scientists, Accursed Dragon, Girl Genius, Trying Human, Gunnerkrigg Court, Alice and the Nightmare, Weregeek, Not a Villain, and Scandinavia and the World. I've also been adoring Property of Hate, but keep forgetting it exists/wanting to have more than one page at a time to process, so I fall behind on that one a lot.

Been meaning to pick Romantically Apocalyptic back up. The Adventures of Dr. McNinja were a heck of a trip, but it concluded a while back. Same with Strays, though I found out there's another comic now in the same setting (apparently the folks involved did a lot of worldbuilding that never even had any relevance in Strays). Been through plenty others, too, and have varying bits of memory about any of them.
I really like Sam and Max... I know it has turned into a lot more since its initial release, but I feel like the OG comics hold a place in my heart.

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