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Yami eyes it suspicously. "I guess...."

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Desert (played by Reithesniper)

She'd inject Yami and run off, Maki chased her back in her norml form
Lance wrote:
He simply walked up to the bar
"Lance? What are you doing here?! Did Matt send you here to shoot up this bar?!"
Robin (played by Astrobeans)

Robin wrote:
She went to the bar counter and ordered fish and chips with a tankard of butterbeer. She stood by the counter, waiting on her order.

(OOC: Ngl, the butterbeer in Harry Potter be looking good. I hope to make it one day)

Once she gotten her food and butterbeer, she paid the bartender 19,996 gin (around equivalent to South Korean won). She ate her fish and chips then drank her butterbeer. Tossing her thrash away and returning the dishes, she grabbed her things and exited the tavern.

(OOC: Sorry for the quick leave but I have to go to bed.)
"So.. Yami? Should we like do something about Natalie or?-"
Yami shrugs. "What can we do? Also, is she teaching or learning?"
"It could be both. I dunno."
"Anyway, i think i should introduce you to the rest of my teammates." Nolegs pulls out some pictures of em then slides em on the table.
Yami looks down at the team. "Can i reqruit them? You guys could the the Fighter vangaurd. WIth em as well, since im modifying my spells to intigrate them with physical attacks.
"Dunno. But let me tell them about em first. So..." Nolegs pulled out a picture of one of his allies: Matt. "This is Matt. I fought him while he was thinking i was going through his garbage, even though i'm actually not. I was actually hiding over there for a sneak attack. But he has some very good sword skills. And sometimes, he'll just rain swords from the heavens on his enemies."
"Very nice, i can do the same, but mine come from hell and the void."
"Yeah yeah, we get the point. Also after the raining swords has stopped, it just gives us a attack buff, which is actually nice."
"I'ma just skip Natalie for now because- There's a lot of things about her and you'll probably waste like 6-7 minutes to listen to all the info."
Yami nods. "got it."
"So, the next person is Anna."
Anna (played by Taro_Nuke1)

"Hey." Anna waved off-screen lmfao.
Rosie (played by Reithesniper)

Rosie is casually messing around creating another experimental fluid she's just testing how much energy she force into a human
Lafella Fella (played by Revereen)

Lafella started pretending to be a bartender offering popcorn based drinks.
Azumi Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

Azumi ordered the popcorn based drink and drank it. She started thinking of popcorn and a piece of popcorn appeared on her hand.
Yami waves back. "hey"

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