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Arms her own guns....and shoots confetti from them. "Yay!"

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Jarlen Aurel (played by Skykitty)

Jarlen blinked in confusion.”Ok um why are guns going off?”
Goro Majima (played by randomentity777)

"I dunno, but I'm getting in on it!" Majima pulls out an automatic rifle, and begins firing it into the ceiling while doing his characteristic insane laugh.
he slaps the rifle out of goro hand "some of us would prefer to not have plaster in our drinks"
Goro Majima (played by randomentity777)

"Fine!" He heads over to the karaoke machine, spontaneously switching to his J-Pop roller disco outfit and queuing the music
he just face palms so hard that people on the opposite side of the world could hear it and goes to get more tea before resuming his work
Hood (played by Sabaton_AllTheWay)

The ensuing facepalm that could be heard on the other side of the world causes a massive earthquake which makes Hood’s tea spill on Shade.
nuclear bomb siren noises of pain
Hood (played by Sabaton_AllTheWay)

“Oh, sorry, let me.” She pulls out a handkerchief to help with the spill…………………due to certain aspects of the website the details have been deleted? Haha just kidding, she helped Shade clean up the hot tea.
"ow so much ow"
Hood (played by Sabaton_AllTheWay)

“Oh, relax, you’ll be fine. What, do you want me to kiss it better?”
he just gives her a blank whot face
Hood (played by Sabaton_AllTheWay)

“Oh, come now, don’t give me that face.”
"i think ill just go back to going through those papers...and adding tea as a potential weapon christ almighty that hurt"
Jarlen Aurel (played by Skykitty)

“You didn’t tell me you were getting married to this lovely lady.” He teased.
"err what are you on about?"
Jarlen Aurel (played by Skykitty)

Jarlen chuckled.”Oh come on don’t play dumb.”
"my guy there are no marriage papers"
Jarlen Aurel (played by Skykitty)

Jarlen chuckled.”I know I’m just teasing.” He said.”But seriously who is this chick?”
"admiral class battlecrusier HMS Hood pennant number 51. that enough info for you?"

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