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U-110 (played by randomentity777)

"Shark is still heeeeeere. Raaaaawr."

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Dr Natalie Manning (played anonymously)

"Of course you are."
he was sitting in a corner his armor thourghly destroyed and his body covered in a multitude of wounds he had defeated the grinner and stopped them from taking earth controlled space with monika's help of course but still he felt alone the battle would rage on endlessly and he would be the only force in his universe capable of holding the grinner at bay
"Can you guys believe that The Jade Amyth$ts are still together?"
Dr Natalie Manning (played anonymously)

"Who are they?"
"They're some R&B girl group that was all over the radio when I was a kid. They kinda faded off of the radar after it emerged that they were created by a record label to try and saturate the market or something. Y'know, they try to hard to be hip even though their style hasn't changed since 2003."
Dr Natalie Manning (played anonymously)


he winces as he trys to readjust himself in his seat his damaged warframe digging into the brusies that cover his body as he stares at the two ladies his helmet a spider web of cracks
Dr Natalie Manning (played anonymously)

"We were just talking about a music group. Do you need me to take a look at those injuries of yours?"
"they will heal with time the voids grip will never release me and i will suffer for eternity but if it makes you happy or whatever you may"
Dr Natalie Manning (played anonymously)

She inspects his injuries. "That is quite a lot of bruising. I imagine it must be pretty painful. Do you want me to get you some painkillers?"
"i have no idea if human medicine would affect me but it wouldn't hurt to try i guess" he tilted his head to look at her his seconds from shattering helmet sparking with golden energy
Dr Natalie Manning (played anonymously)

"Hmm, okay." Natalie fishes around in the first aid kit she has on her. "How painful is it?"
"everything screams in agony miss you'd think after dying twenty five times you'd get used to this kind of thing"
The Jade Amethysts (played by randomentity777)

With a loud horn sounding, a massive purple RV with teal striping and a sparkly finish pulls up outside. Five women, dressed in rather exotic outfits emerge. "What is up, everyboooody!!!! The Jade Amethy$ts are here to have fun!"
he just grunts in horrible pain as he moves his leg a fraction of an inch and pain shoots up it
Dr Natalie Manning (played anonymously)

Excalibur Umbra wrote:
he just grunts in horrible pain as he moves his leg a fraction of an inch and pain shoots up it
"Okay, okay." She puts on some gloves and prepares a syringe. "You might feel a mild pinching sensation in your arm. I'm gonna give you a shot of Nefopam to help with the pain."
"you'll need to unhook the warframes shoulder armor or your not going to get through the steel miss"
Dr Natalie Manning (played anonymously)

"Okay. Does this just come off?" Natalie poked the shoulder plate cautiously.
it pops off without issue after a moment of umbra forcing his shutting down warframe to cooperate

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