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"Oh..." Fumizuki hugs Umbra's leg. "I will be here for you. You will never be lonely, fwend."

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"until your passing yes then like it is fated to be.... i will forever be alone" he pats fumizuki's head
Fumizuki smiles at the headpats.
"what is your home like little one?"
"The Sakura Empire is...pleasant. Pretty buildings, and lots of cherry blossoms. It's so nice that other ship girls will visit regularly."
"i see must be nice to have a home a permanent place of residence"
"Is nice indeed." Fumizuki thinks for a moment. "Would you be interested in coming to live there?"
"i have committed too many crimes little one to live peacefully"
"besides little one if i showed up randomly how would those who don't know me react?"
"I understand." Fumizuki hugs Umbra again.
Demi and Demo (played by starwolf)

*the two twin demons walked in the bar talking with each other but one of them shook his head in disappointment of why they were their in the first place anyways*
he picks up fumizuki and just sets her down in his lap as he pats her head since he assumed she was trying to keep him company
Demi and Demo (played by starwolf)

*Demo and Demi looked at each other clearly puzzled by this humans actions but considered to watch since they had no experience of any of this they just whispered to each other looking at the human but Demi only complained about them*
"i'm not human if thats what you are thinking"
Demi and Demo (played by starwolf)

*Demi shook his head* “you look like one and you speak like one so wouldn’t that make you one even if you say you aren’t” *the shorter brother said*
Bismarck (played by AgitoAceXIII)

She raises a brow at the ensuing conversation, decides it’s not her business, and then takes a sip of a beer mug she had.
"i wish it were like that but alas many don't share your thought process"
Demi and Demo (played by starwolf)

“Ignore hun he really just is cold tempered when it comes to humans and all but he’ll have to get used to it anyways I’m Demo and the one that spoke not long ago is my brother Demi” *the reddish black haired brother said putting his hand on his brothers shoulder*
"i am Excalibur Umbra welcome to the bar"

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