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I'm giving away an Enchanted Silk Cloak! I cant find a use for it and it's just going to waste just sitting in my inventory!!

To get it, reply with a funny interaction between your character and you receiving the cloak!! May the best one win!
Kim Site Admin

When is the deadline for this? :)
NeonStitchLover Topic Starter

Kim wrote:
When is the deadline for this? :)
By the end of the month I suppose
Me: *looks at Pint*

Pint: *smoking his pipe* "Wot?"

Me: "Yer not gonna scold me or anything for trying to get another cloak?"

Pint: "Wot? Why would I do that? I bloody live in yer head, do ye think I donna know wot yer plans are? Plus, it's against me best interest to dissuade ye from making characters seeing as I wouldn't bloody exist without yer, ugh, creativity, or wotever."

Me: "Huh, I was pretty certain you'd go on a tirade of insults anyway. I mean, you complain about everything all the time, I should know considering-"

Pint: "Aye, aye! Ye bloody made me! I can go full dwarven barrage of antagonization if ye really want me to."

Me: "NO! That's.. that's not necessary..

Pint: "Thought so! Hmph! Oi lad... not one fer much subterfuge but ye better keep priorities in order."

Me: "Yeah yeah, fighting and working and stuff."

Pint: "Mhm.. and wot else?"

Me: "And the bun.."

Pint: "Aye! Gotta go get to me bunny!! HAHAHAR!!"

Me: "Sheesh, well, at least a technical part of me has their priorities in order."
Collapsed my entry since I think its a bit too big, click here to see the pic ^^

Zossie-"Hello creator Jetstorm! Guess what I found in the basement!" She says excitedly.

Me- She looked up from her phone with tired eyes,she had dark circles as well "What....Coffee?" She asks sluggishly and she yawned a little.

Zossie-She giggles like a small child and spoke "Nope! Wrong answer." She says and she waited for the creator to try and answer again.

Me- She gets annoyed a little and sighs "I dunno...A stuffed animal?" She asks again and she took a sip of coffee.

Zossie-She sighs "No silly! It's an enchanted Silk Cloak! Cool right?!" She asks the creator with a wide eyed stare,excitement was written on her face.

Me- She spat out her coffee in surprise and she looked at the cloak "I didn't know I had one...This is great! I could create a whole new character for this fandom I'm really into." She thought out loud and she looked at Zossie only to see that it caught fire.

Zossie-She accidentally burned the cloak since she has the ability to manipulate fire,and she isn't really in control of her ability. "Uh...Oopsies?" She says with a nervous laugh.

Me-She sighed and facepalms "Great..." she says with sarcasm.
Ali (me): *In the middle of a school assembly*

Scott: *Appears in my head, trying to get my attention*

Ali: 😒 What now, Scott-?

Scott: *deep breath*

Ali: Oh no, not this again...

Scott: *tons of awesome lyrics, sounds, guitar riffs, drumbeats, and sound*

Ali: *has no pen or paper* STOPPPPPPP NO-

The next day...

Ali: *Has pen and paper at the clothing store, walking around with my mom, waiting for random inspiration like normal*

Scott: ...

Ali: Well-?

Scott: I got nothin'


Next, next day

Ali: *Busy, no pen or paper*

Scott: Hey guess what

Ali: No-

Scott: 🎼🎵🎶🎙️🎚️🎛️🎤🎧🎷🎺🎸🪕🎻🥁

Ali: Please stop...

Scott: Okay fine, here's this cool thingy I found *shows the cloak*

Me: …? It’s not time to break the fourth wall, Asami.
Asami: …Maybe, but look at this.
Me: …That’s…That’s a cloak. I wonder who sent it…?
Asami: It’s not just a cloak…it’s someone’s wish to help us push forward. I say we use it.
Me: So, what’ll it be? A Legend or someone new?
Asami: Who knows?

Who won?
NeonStitchLover Topic Starter

Forgive me for I didn't know anyone had even responded because my alerts weren't on for the forum for some reason??
JetStorm was the winner of the enchanted silk cloak. Congratulations and better luck next time. Your entries were all amazing though. Thanks!!!

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