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Ok, I've been dragging my feet on trying to learn how to make art. So it's time for drastic measure. Please read this carefully. I AM BAD AT ART. So, the FIRST THREE people to reply are going to give me one of their characters to draw. I need at least one. Preferably two references for this. Once again, I am BAD at art, dont expect anything fancy or good please. You won't hurt my feelings if you decide not to use the art after all, I wouldn't blame you. When I finish the first three, I'll take another three and so on until I can make something I am personally happy with. I will dm you to ask for more specific details. Everyone got it? Good. Ready. Set... GO!
Ledgnair (played anonymously)

About that! go ahead, you have plenty of images to reference on my site or I can send you them directly whatever it is you desire. You know the big blue bastard I would hope. go ahead... that should give you some practice.
Shula (played by Michonne)

Hey I don't mind helping out. References should be on her weeblie
but if you need them personally, dm me on Discord and I'll send them to ya that way.

It's nice to see you want to learn art! That's really cool and definitely a good attitude for an aspiring artist. Don't give up! <3

So here. Her appearance is actually pretty simple and her color palette is too. This is my baby Ris. You can draw her in your own style and even add anything you feel like adding to her appearance. I love how people put their own spin in my character.

Good luck! And looking forward to your work! :D

Thatnerdychick Topic Starter

Alright! That's the first pod filled. I'm gonna get started on these. Others may post. But please know I will not ask for details until I first this pod. Please one character per person so people have a chance at getting my really bad art. So keep it coming. I will keep running face first into this metaphorical wall until I bust through like the KOOLAID man. Thank you.
My best boi Nathcal Shahen, general looks are within the gallery.

Basically, cloak similar to the one in the first photo, a helmet/mask that hides the face under the hood. Pretty simple stuff.
I'm just popping in to say that the quality of your artwork doesn't matter when you gift people art (commissions are a different story though). As long as you put time and a little bit of effort into it, you will absolutely make people happy and learn something in the process. <3
I’d like to throw my characters in. For now I’ll go with Sallie for this.
She has long brown hair and wears light brown leathery armour
Six (played anonymously)

Six here needs a drawing, however he doesn't have a face claim since he always wears a wolf skull over his face. The images in his profile should suffice, I hope!
My boy Patricio could definitely use some art!!

I would love art of either Hale or Elah! they're identical except for eye colour, so either one would work!
Thatnerdychick Topic Starter

Keep it coming. Don't be afraid to pile it on.

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