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Is there a way to hide all kudos from appearing on a user profile? If not, could this be implemented? Right now, it seems the only option is to delete them one by one.

Thanks for your time.
Kim Site Admin

This option does not exist.

Are you wanting to hide without deleting? Or is the point to get rid of all your kudos at once?
ARCHITECT Topic Starter

Hide without deleting, so that the kudos still exist but aren't visible on the user profile. Kind of like how you can place or hide the kudos widget on a character profile!
Kim Site Admin

Unfortunately, user profiles aren't currently nearly so modular.

If the objection to seeing them has something to do with deadnames/no longer used pronouns/changed username/some other issue, I can sometimes help with edits.
ARCHITECT Topic Starter

It's nothing like that.

I will go ahead and delete them. Thank you anyhow.
I think a little tiny feature like this might be neat though in the future. A way to change out kudos that might be outdated in terms of your style/personality now, but still get to keep the memories :^)

Why are you deleting the nice things people say about you...?
MangoNekros wrote:
Why are you deleting the nice things people say about you...?

Sometimes, things happen for the most part lol. Sometimes the things they said are no longer applicable to your style or time frame and could be a little misleading to your future partners. Or, they could be by someone it might ache a little to see. Or, they could be outright wrong and awkward haha. This isn't about deleting them though, this is about hiding them.

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