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Lucifer (played by MangoNekros)

Halloween. Lucifer's favorite time of the year where he did something that wasn't mingle with women or send people to the underworld for fun- passing out candy. The holiday brought forth happiness to Lucifer, it was like celebrating his birthday (in a sense, it was) so he would go to his dark and brooding mansion which is obviously haunted and spruce it up to welcome guests to chat and as well as grab quite the exotic treats Lucifer can collect. Being the devil has it's perks, y'know.

The mansion was old, yet it had a sense of elegance too it. Think of it as a manor in any horror movie/game, and you get the point. Painted in only dark colors, with the only lights being the small, simple yet spooky decorations and the windows spewing the indoor light to the outside. He went with more... humane decorations since he learned that no one was a big fan of rotting corpses and hanging organs. His house was creepy, but in a welcoming mood. The mansion was a few stories tall, but he only used the first floor for now. His minions tidied the place up, shambling around and making disgusting crunching noises as they moved.

"Master... we have brought the finest sweets from around the world, and decorated the mansion beyond your standards. May we return home?" a gangly figure asked, as Lucifer smiled softly, sitting on a very shiny throne for all to see and dressed in a fine suit and tie since he wasn't a fan of wearing anything that wasn't the good ol' demon in a suit trope.

"Please do. Open the doors before you leave" Lucifer said as the minions started the show, decorations coming to life (Not like, literally coming alive) and the door opening before every deformed, gangly creature disappeared. He was looking forward to this night, a night where ghouls and goblins came forth, and people donned costumes both horrifying and sometimes rather idiotic. Who shall step foot upon Lucifer's mansion first, and get there hands on some sweet candy as well as meet the devil himself?
Clementine was looking for candy when she came across the scary mansion. She came up to the door and knock on it. She opened her bag and smiled in her sheep costume, with friend having a pair of fake wings on him.
Lucifer (played by MangoNekros) Topic Starter

He opened the door. "...Oh. It's you." he said, looking her up and down. "I haven't seen you since our little pocket dimension. How have you been?" he asked
"Hello!" Damson says cheerfully, peeking into the grandly decorated place. "I'm here for candy, but I'll also take information or broken tech if you've got any."
*A winning smile* :D
"Oh, trick-or-treat!" She remembers to add.
“ oh Lucifer how nice to see you” she said with a smile. “ I’ve been good, I learned how to hop dimensions so I’ve been doing that as a job” she said to him
Aisling Rose DeForrest and her little furry friend, Naurine, was walking down the street looking for a place to spend the night. It was an evening where so many people were out and she did not realize what day it was. Halloween was just another holiday that was not celebrated while she was growing up.
She sighs and wishes that she had her car once more. The nights were starting to get colder and the ground more unpleasant to sleep on.

~Perhaps I can get a job as a maid in one of these houses, Naurine. So please stay asleep a bit longer and do behave yourself.~ Aisling spoke telepathed to her tiny friend who snuggled down further in her pocket.
She visited house after house. She was given gifts of change, fruit and more candy than she knew what to do with. Twelve houses and the occupants thought she was a cute maid. None of them took her seriously. The first house gave her a large pumpkin which had a lot of candy and tossed a handful of coins inside of it to boot. Before long Aisling decided to sit down and sort out the coins which were placed in a safe place then the candy was dumped in her back pack.
She now had an empty pumpkin to carry.
~ Naurine would enjoy playing in it. I’ll try one more house then find a place to rest and start over tomorrow.~ she thought to herself. She walked up to the door and knocked. She stepped back so the person could see her.
Lucifer (played by MangoNekros) Topic Starter

"That's lovely, Clementine" he said, turning around to grab a few full-sized candy bars before turning back around, handing them to her. "Be safe Clementine. If you meet the others, tell them I said hello too" he assured her before looking to the next lady over. "I'm afraid I only have candy on me" He said, offering her a few candy bars much like he did with Clementine
“ thanks Lucifer” she said as she skips off opens a portal and skips inside
Eliane (played by SavannahSmiles)

Eliane peered curiously up at the large mansion as she approached the front door. Halloween was still a relatively new concept to her, but she had seen how fun it had looked and she wanted to try it out. A pair of black cat ears sat perched on top of her head and she had pinned a cats tail to the back of her shorts. It had taken her a few tries but she eventually managed to paint whiskers on her face that didn't look crooked. All in all, it was a very basic costume, but she thought she had done well for her very first time dressing up. She stepped up to the door and gave a knock, plastic pumpkin extended before her as she gave a bright smile. "Trick or treat!"
Aisling smiled even though she felt like crying. She accepted the candy bars and spoke
"Thank you for the candy bars. "

She quietly left to find another place to trick or treat at.
Lucifer (played by MangoNekros) Topic Starter

"Ah, you look lovely" he complimented before he made some of those huge candy bars (which he gave to everyone) float up and land into her pumpkin. "Be safe, the monsters in the night lurk ever more in the night"
Eliane (played by SavannahSmiles)

Eliane gave a bright smile as she reached forward with her pumpkin to accept the candy bars. "I can protect myself." She said, glowing eyes smiling up at the man. "Have a nice night, and thank you for the candy!" She said with a wave as she turned and skipped away into the night, excited to see where the night took her next.
The titan mech lumbered up the way, his burnished copper-bronze chassis almost fitting with the creepy theme. Under one of his guns, he had a shipping container slung by chains, with painted lettering stating, "I'll take what you give me, and take whatever you want. I can't have it myself, so it shouldn't go to waste." The gun's bolts lacked back as they unloaded their chambers, disarming themselves. He said, in a flanged voice happily, "Trick or treat, my dapper fellow!"
Lucifer wrote:
"That's lovely, Clementine" he said, turning around to grab a few full-sized candy bars before turning back around, handing them to her. "Be safe Clementine. If you meet the others, tell them I said hello too" he assured her before looking to the next lady over. "I'm afraid I only have candy on me" He said, offering her a few candy bars much like he did with Clementine

"That'll do. Thank you! I hope it's very powerful or at least tasty hahahaha! Goodbye! Have a nice Halloween!" The girl winked, waved, and hopped away down the steps of the mansion, autumnal-sounding music twinkling in her head.
Lucifer (played by MangoNekros) Topic Starter

He looked up at he mech. "A few candy bars won't satisfy the likes of you" he said, as luckily his minions assembled skulls stuffed to the brim with candy, as Lucifer took a few and chucked them inside the shipping container. And a thing of WD-40, for the robot of course
The mech said, "I thank you. I wish you a good night. And, by the way..." His center eye folded back and a thick coin came spinning out, landing at lucifers feet. "This token will let you into my arena fights for free. Come see me fight; I bet you'll enjoy it." And with that, the mech turned and lumbered off the grounds, the coin rattling less and less as he got farther away step-by-step.
Miko (played by TheLorekeeper)

Miko came bouncing cheerfully towards this large, spooky mansion. The childlike demon had little understanding of how Halloween worked, but they did understand that it was a day to get free treats from strangers, and to them that sounded just great. As for a costume, well Miko had tried their best - which is to say they were dressed all in yellow, and had affixed a fake duckbill to their face and taped a few feathers to their long ears. It wasn't a good costume at all, but Miko was having fun.
They bounded through the doors of the mansion, with little regard for the creepy decorations. "Trick-or-Treat!!!" They yelled out. "Do you got any cookies??"
Zuriel Atkis (played anonymously)

Zuriel had great big feathered wings and a bag for candy. She'd been roped into the idea by a fellow angel. She was dressed in a lovely white dress that draped across her body loosely and a fake halo on a wire courtesy of said friend. Seeing several people coming to and from a large terrifying mansion she put on a sweet smile and walked up. Anyone she passed she said Happy Halloween. At the door she waited for her turn and held out her bag. "Trick or Treat."
Moll (played by TheLittleWitch)

Though, she was a touch out of her element here, the game of the night seemed simple enough. All she’d had to do so far was follow inviting trails of candles or bioluminescent mushrooms, or the cheerful parades of costumed beings! And oh, the costumes indeed! Many creatures she’d only read or heard tell of, either feigned or other times in the flesh.

The crisp autumn air was filled with sugary smells and the sound of laughter.

It was all very thrilling.

She was grinning like a mad man underneath the wolf skull that was masking her face. Her fingertips tingled with wild excitement. She danced down the street, bare feet making no sound on the leaf strewn sidewalk. The black linen dress she wore twirled about her legs, the laced bottom of the long skirt stuck with small scraps of twigs and leaves from the forest. Her woven basket swung lightly from the crook of her arm as she delicately spun a time or three.

Gleefully, she followed an assembly of folks towards the stoop of the mansion. “How darling,” she cooed to herself as she studied the displays of those who were leaving the mansion a few treats richer. On her way up to the open doors, she came upon an angel. She reached a dainty hand to brush her fingers over silky feathers, hardly a breeze of a touch.

“You are quite beautiful!” the skull maiden lavished, her own pale blue eyes peering at the large set of wings through the empty eye sockets of her mask.
Lucifer (played by MangoNekros) Topic Starter

"Quite the interesting cast of characters..." he said before pulling out one of his skulls filled to the brim with candy, handing it to Zuriel. "Trick or Treat, angel." he said. He was never fond of angels, but he was willing to make an exception so long as the angel didn't bicker about the 'true god' or the sort

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