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Yaazecsus (played by Leighoflight)

For the meantime the beast tucked himself away in a cottage he rented inside the walls of a small town. Here for business for a few weeks to check in with his warlocks in the local area. There was some sort of festival occurring? Not one to want to be left out he'd ask in the daytime what exactly was occurring, a celebration of the dead was one answer he got, another was the planes of life and death thinning and merging was another answer. But from those younger he asked and older ones too it was an excuse to dress up and request tricks or treats from peoples homes. That sounded like fun.

The small stone cottage was fairly plain on the outside, looking like a carbon copy of every single other home in the neighbour. With a slate tiled roof and small, round windows. Three stone steps led up to the wooden front door. The beast had done his best at the market earlier in the day, buying a pumpkin and carving a hunting dog into it before setting it down on the window ledge by the front door. Sweets infused with wild magic, a sweet treat for them and a treat in the form of entertainment for himself. Who knows what would happen? he couldn't wait to find out.

((Wild magic effect will come from having a candy/candies/potatoes in your possession and will last for a day. I can roll an effect for you or you can come up with one just lemme know))
Clementine pops out of a portal and smiled as she went up to the door, dressed as a sheep, and knocked on the door
Kt-tk Tktchi'chkt (played by Riik)

Kt-tk lined up patiently behind Clementine, dressed in a peppermint green wizard's hat and matching robe that bunched between their three legs. A black heart sat emblazoned in the centre of the robe, whilst an adorable pink scarf was wrapped around their neck. Gently clasped in one large hand was a fairly simple-looking bucket with a basic wire handle. A small pool of candy already sat at the bottom of the container, waiting to be added to.
Yaazecsus (played by Leighoflight) Topic Starter

Clementine + Kt-tk

The beast pokes his head around the door and looks down at the winged sheep and some sort of drow-beast wizard? on his doorstep. “Hello! good evening my dears.” first of the night it seemed.

The door swung open and Yaaz was decked out head to toe in arcane symbols drawn on his clothes (a simply white tunic and black pants until the knee) and on his fur and scales. Holding a large bowl of various treats from hard candies, fruits and very small potatoes. All of them literally glowing and humming with some sort of magic.

“How can I help?”
" trick or treat!" she said as she held up her bag of candy. the bag was half full of candy and was waiting for more.
Yaazecsus (played by Leighoflight) Topic Starter


"Of course my dear! Please help yourself to one" Stressing the one factor as he had no idea what any of this candy would do if anyone picked up multiples.
she takes a price of candy smiled and walked off, she popped the candy in her mouth and her wings turned blue. she chuckled and then walked through the portal.
Kt-tk Tktchi'chkt (played by Riik)

Kt-tk stepped forward, holding their bucket out enthusiastically. Just what they were even planning to do with the candy even Kt-tk did not know. It wasn't like they could enjoy it in the same way as other creatures; but collecting it sure was fun! "Tick ah teat!" They declared, just about resisting the urge to bounce on the spot.
Yaazecsus (played by Leighoflight) Topic Starter


"My, aren't you an interesting one!" says the mish-mash creature himself. "I certainly don't know which one you will get but help yourself to one." He holds out the glowing bowl of sweets, fruits and tiny potatoes.
Eliane (played by SavannahSmiles)

Eliane peered curiously up at the house as she approached the front door. Halloween was still a relatively new concept to her, but she had seen how fun it had looked and she wanted to try it out. A pair of black cat ears sat perched on top of her head and she had pinned a cats tail to the back of her shorts. It had taken her a few tries but she eventually managed to paint whiskers on her face that didn't look crooked. All in all, it was a very basic costume, but she thought she had done well for her very first time dressing up. She stepped up behind the individual still at the front door and waited patiently for her turn, plastic pumpkin gripped between her slender fingers.
Yaazecsus (played by Leighoflight) Topic Starter


Yaaz took notice of the next to arrive at his door. “A cat. Lovely.” While they were one of his least favourite animals he wasn’t about to not offer the girl a chance to pick out a treat (that may or may not come with a trick).

He would only hold the bowl out to those who arrived at this door. Never picking up the candy (and potatoes) himself. The arcane runes and circles drawn all over him weren’t for decoration but it looked in season.
Kt-tk Tktchi'chkt (played by Riik)

Kt-tk reached in and very daintily lifted something out between their claws. In honest fact, they did not really care what they obtained; they weren't planning on eating it regardless. It was simply a bauble to add to their collection. They deposited the object in their bucket and bounced up and down cheerfully. "Thank oo!" They said between more coherent chitters that would likely pass meaninglessly to those who did not understand their native language.

Cheerfully, Kt-tk hopped aside for Eliane and began to scuttle away, turning back toward Yaazecsus for a moment to offer a polite bow.
Eliane (played by SavannahSmiles)

Eliane waved cheerily as the individual in front of her took their leave, allowing her to approach the door. "Trick or treat!" She said brightly as she stepped forward to examine the contents of the bowl held out to her. After a few moments of contemplation, she plucked a piece of candy from the bowl and added it to the growing pile in her bucket. "Have a nice night sir!" She said with a wave as she turned and hurried into the night, smile beaming as she headed towards her next destination.
Yaazecsus (played by Leighoflight) Topic Starter

Kt-tj + Eliane

“Have a good evening the both of you!” This was turning out to be interesting even if the candy had this far turned out to be underwhelming. Regardless, the beast was pleased to wait for the next to arrive.
Geist (played by hexblading)

Emerging from the shadows was a familiar and friendly face, albeit covered with a half-mask. Curiously observing the candies Yaazecus distributed to people, the man tilted his head from one side to another like a confused pup.

"Yaazecus... Are you intentionally giving these out to people?" They could be dangerous. Geist could tell just from the waft of magic.

"Do they come in chocolate?"
Yaazecsus (played by Leighoflight) Topic Starter


“Hello my friend! Welcome! Like my temporary home? I’m visiting some of my warlocks in the area. And yes of course they could be dangerous.” He grinned wide “Why do you think I scribbled all these runes onto myself? I’m told there should be a treat and a trick. I find it a treat to find out what happens to them.” He laughed and held out the bowl to his friend “Yes I do indeed have chocolate.”
Geist (played by hexblading)

Geist immediately grabbed a handful of them, pulled down his mask and shoved them into his mouth, wrappers and all. Some sickening crunches and gulps later, Geist put his mask back on and looked at Yaazecus with a satisfied look in his red eyes.

"That was delicious. Thank you. Happy Hallow's Eve." Yet, he did not move from Yaazecus' wonderful porch. "Do I suffer the consequences now or later?"
Yaazecsus (played by Leighoflight) Topic Starter


Yaaz stood there in shock at what his friend had just done “We have no idea what is going to happen! Let alone all at the same time!”

A nauseous smell lingered around his shady friend. The beast covered his nose with one hand. “Don’t blame me for what happens next!”

(Wild magic details given ooc’ly)

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