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So, I've been working on the phones as a customer service rep for the past...two? Years? For two different companies.

Two very different companies.

I can't disclose the names of either, but first it was for a major cellphone carrier and then I moved on to calmer, gentler pastures at an insurance brokerage company where I plan to curl up and die.

Now, I have many, many wisdoms for you. Many insights. The pro strats.

But, also: so so so many stories.

Go ahead and ask me anything, and dont be afraid to make it silly or come at me with a 'is this a scam' statement. I don't mind challenging questions, either. I'll be frank-- far more frank than I'm allowed to be on the phone.

Now, let me give you my absolute worst customer service. :D
Is this a scam?
Y'all ain't the ones who keep calling me about the car I don't have, are you?
Claine Moderator

Can I speak to your manager?
Can I order your worst/funniest story?

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