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My roleplaying niche is in multifandom RPs, but I notice that this is a mostly OC-based site, so I'm curious to know if anyone else here is into multifandom RPs and/or playing canon characters.

I've been doing it since 2017. I started in FeralFront, abandoned that account and then the site closed, migrated to RpNation, got banned a year ago, now I've just been doing it in Discord. The RPing scene there is great but I really missed the features of RPing on a forum.
Me who has canon characters
PopcornPie Topic Starter

Sweet, I was starting to think I'm alone.
I too RP canons and have been trying to find a place as well. OCs are great and I never discriminate the creative prowess it takes to create one, but I just thoroughly enjoy writing for canons. I hope you find what you are looking for, because I would certainly like to check out places to find other canon writers as well. It has been a smidge difficult, to say the least.
I can't quite tell if your use of OCs is including fan OCs or not, so my post here might be totally useless to you...

But I wanted to point you toward one of the groups on RPR, The All-Fandom Realm. They don't don't take canon characters (though referencing them, like, as people your own character is familiar with or even knows seems to be okay), but all characters do have to qualify as a fan character associated with some piece of established media, and they want to mash together all the universes.
I LOVE canon characters~! It's always so fun to see people's takes on familiar characters. You're definitely not alone. Maybe what you need is an ad advertising the various fandoms you're interested in playing in! You might be surprised and there might be others out there looking.

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