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The smugglers cave has all sorts of things in it that make it a good place for smugglers to come and lay low as well as a platform for smugglers to do business within Neozolis. Elysium was in sleep mode hidden within a small fort of box’s that surrounded the robot. Detecting movement, the A.I came out of sleep mode and slowly raised to see who it was that had arrived.

He saw the ship, parked and glowing boy coming out and into the outside winter. So the Elysium sorta just floated over towards the ship and gave it a quick scan and saw that he was having trouble, he wasn’t surprised since it was a smugglers ship. Instead of breaking the defenses on the ship, he decided to float over towards the boy in the cold.

The bright green light radiated from the A.I as he floated over towards him “I don’t think you are well dressed for this kind of climate” he says in a rather cheery voice. If Frelio turned around, he would see this rounded cube floating as he greeted himself “My name is 232-Elysium, mobile administration A.I” as he gave a cheery laugh as the robotic stared back at the glowing boy.


There were many thoughts that passed through the mind of Frelio upon seeing Elysium hover on over. Perhaps, but not limited to the following:

"Great, this place is already rigged ta' trap me"
"Oooh! This thing glows green!"
"Rats, perhaps sum' otha smuggler left this here ta' deal with me!"
"Ya' know, this fella otta be a GREAT addition to my collection! 'Cause he's green and all..."
"Jeepers, this cube has a real unnervin' laugh n' all..."

Frelio took a deep breath of cold air. That seemed to get his brain back "online" as he would put it. Things that had that familiar green glow drew him like a moth to industrial-grade-bat-zappers. Glowing green himself, he had a habit of collecting whatever sort of thing matched his own hue. "Cheers, Pal! I'm who they call Frelio! Ya' know where I could get a coat? And while yer at it, ya mind tellin' me how to get to the nearest city? I'm talkin' BIG city. I gotta collect a parcel for a pal. First time here, ya see."

Nuh-Uh. This thing wasn't going to buy it. Frelio had no tact for words. He could only hope this thing wasn't loaded with guns, or even at the worse some sort of electrical taser. The last thing Frelio needed was a visit to some sort of intergalactic police-force. He had a bad record, you see. Running away from his life of forced labor, stealing and pawning off items from across the galaxy, and forgetting to pay for some donuts at a faraway fuel-station (and he hasn't passed by since!). No, Mr. Frelio would certainly be in for it, should he be caught. Maybe he could turn himself in and pay off the donuts if things went south.

“Hello, Frelio, it’s a pleasure to meet you” Elysium said as he bobbed around in happiness. The A.I was certainly enjoying himself as it was sometime that he hadn’t spoke to anyone else. Though his joyfulness ended as he looked around and then back at Frelio. “Clearly you aren’t gonna get a coat out here, plus, are you suffering with radiation poisoning? Since you are glowing green” he asks as got to Frelio’s height and in front of him. “Sadly I do not know this planet, as I snuck onto a smuggler’s ship sometime ago and I was on sleep mode till just now” it said as it shook itself as if to nod no.

“Though I think I can hack into the planet’s network and see what I can do!” He says joyful once again as it rose up for a minute before coming back down. “Hurah! I have access to the network, it doesn’t give me a map, but what is this parcel you are looking for? I understand this is illegal or you wouldn’t have landed in the smugglers cave” he chuckled at the end. “I promise to keep my processor shut for this as long as you let me tag along?” He says as his looks directly into Frelio’s eye.

“I also like to point out that there are a number of big cities on this planet and if you tell what you are looking for, I can bring us close to where it is and zip us back here in a jiffy” he adds on hoping to have this boy’s trust. “Plus within the big city, we can find you a coat and probably medicine for your condition” he hummed as he began to slowly circle Frelio.

"Well, I have no problem whatsoeva that ye be taggin' along, then!"

EXCELLENT! Frelio was in need of a companion. It had been far too long since anyone had really wanted to talk to him as well.

"Right then. I'm lookin' for a real fancy sorta' knife. Buyer said it was'a Mono-Molecular Blade o' sorts. Never even heard o'vit before in me life. Says it's a real sharp dagga' that can cut through jus'about anything." Frelio rustled through a few old crates before finding an old coat to cover himself up a bit. It would be completely necessary to keep him warm... and to cover a few of his bright green patches.

"An' about me green color, pal! Dun worry'bout it. I've always been like this. It's just me defining trait is all. This is how I do my business, ya see?" Frelio smiled. The green glow was what let him pass as a meaningless servant into all sorts of locations. His race was considered one of the lowest among the civilized worlds, so wherever one of his kind was being used as labor, was where he could slip in... and there were Glow'to being employed practically everywhere.

"In fact, I gots a favor to ask ye. I can't just get in by myself into these top-notch places 'cause I'm basically dirt, but you as a fancy robot can be like, me task-manager o' somethin'! We jus' don't separate and ya' need to pretend to be wif me on behalf o' me boss!"

This would probably be Frelio's easiest task ever. Big cities, lots of money, and now an AI to help him out on his quest. ELYSIUM WAS ALSO GREEN, WHAT ELSE DID HE WANT?? He could probably sway him to stay after this mission ended.

What could possibly go wrong?

"Alright, I'll follow yer lead. You got the tech that'll take us to where we gotta go, and I got me brains with every trick we gotta know. This'll be like a slice o' cake. Real smooth. N' chocolatey too."

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