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"... Who the heck you're calling lucky... ?" - The Ranger whispered to himself, pretty sure about his "chance of survival" judging by the experience of years piloting fighters. Yes, there was a chance of severe damage, but when something is built to withstand gauss projectiles or even plasma waves.

Even though it's hull were severely burnt and battered and some of it's internal machinery have been overheated to the point of melting, there wasn't much damage to any of the spacecraft's more sensitive systems. But now that the Droid inspected it further, the fighter appeared to operate by petroleum compounds. It was surprising that this flying piece of metal were even able to fly with such fuel.

"Salvage?" - He grunted behind his mask. "Heh, and were am I getting enough 'dough' for other bird?"
His slangs were pretty... Confusing, but it seems that meant 'money' and 'ship', respectively.
... However... Mad Ranger were still curious if this planed were the real, Sol's System Earth.

{Sorry guys for my very late reply. School and a recent family friend's death has kept me quite busy...But now everything is peachy!}

While the interest of the conversation became to an heightened peak, Nirix did have an appointment to keep. Being late was not a good assist on her assassination description either...With a short bow and nod in the others direction, the Eoclu turned on her heels and moved at a brisk pace towards the Maxsoni Towers.

"Andaran atish’an Nirix" A greeting formerly used amongst her people of the highest ranked in social status was thrown at her as she made her way through the glass office doors of her contact. The human politician was nothing to really look at, beady green eyes, thinning auburn hair and a smug smile that made him look like a flithy rat that he was. He swerved easily around in his leather chair as he turned to face her and his eyes instantly locked on to what most disgusting men found to be one of her "attractive" qualities before staring up into her eyes.

"Lesuss T'oyat is dead, as you requested" Nirix murmured, crossing her arms over her chest and narrowing her lavender orbs at the greasy human. If they stuck to being straight to business, she would be out of here in seconds and far away from this annoying human. Though, the Ecolu supposed, maybe the divines would take pity on this human and would allow Nirix to stay her hand instead of her reaching for her nearest weapon and sending him into the afterlife to face judgement of the goddess Creya.

"Good, then I will transfer your payment into your account right away..."The human lazily swiped left and and a holographic screen and keyboard appeared before him as he clicked a few keys, before deactivating the hologram. With a light chime, Nirix was notified that the transfer was successful and before the sleazy male had anything else to say or comment, the Ecolu assassin had seemingly done the impossible and disappeared into thin air right before his eyes.

(I keep confusing myself. Ignore this.)

Colin continues to stand there. He thinks to himself. ' Damn it now I don't have anything to do.

"I do not understand why you would need dough to make a bird, birds are spawned from eggs, and dough is used to make cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and other assortments of fat endusing treats" the droid assessed as it pulled from logical data and appeared to not have sarcasm or anything of the sort in it's data storage "Besides you were flying a fighter craft, not a bird" he stated

So, it was one of these robots. The Ranger had hoped that his new acquaintance had some built-in, emotion mimicking behavior. Even though the only AIs he knew were psychotic man-killers with no morality programmed, at least CD could be something away from it for a change.

"Pfft. Forget what I said. I just won't have any money to buy another ship, even if I salvage that one. But I can easily get another one."

He wasn't going to turn this into the Terminator movie and teach droid how to act in these kinds of situations, so he just focused on what he was here for...

"... Forget about the ship." -- He started to walk away slowly from the ship, assuming that the droid will follow him. "I am here for something else."

"I'm on a lone expedition to find a Lost Planet. The 'real', Sol's System Earth. There's hopefully some data about it on your memory banks."

The droids data retrieval mode activated as it followed behind Ranger "Earth, home to more than 12 billion Humans..." A hologram popped up from the droids hand as he held it out in front of him "As well as thousands upon thousands of other animal species who roam it's many precious biomes" The droids hologram spread out to the solar system map "We are currently not present in the Sol System, we are 41,327,985 Light years from the Sol System, however known data from the Progenitors stretches as far as earliest origins of the Humans starting from the Stone Age as humans refer it" the droid started sparking and it smoked before pulling a hard memory restart and reactivating himself immediately afterwards following shortly behind Ranger "My memory does not allow me to retrieve further data as the Progenitors who are my creators placed a lock on my system, I cannot retrieve it for you"

Agent Royanna Kallengerwas, to say the least, disappointed. Sure, she had not put any real faith in this big, clumsy electromagnetic signal actually having anything to do with her target, but she found herself easily frustrated these days.
And why shouldn’t she? The woman had devoted her entire life to this hunt. Every waking hour was spent tracking, planning, chasing, for the glory of the Empire and for her own deeply rooted drive to do so. Yet still the little rat escaped every time.
It could not be insufficient power – Kallenger never went anywhere without an overwhelming show of force in one form or another – and it did not matter how many gunships and troops she sent down upon him – he always squeezed just out of her grasp.
Agent Kallenger was stubborn, but not stupid. Perhaps, she wondered absently, it might be time to ask for some help. These two – the Ranger and the Droid she was silently approaching from within the cover of the trees – they might be of use. If she could enlist their assistance…


Instead, she exited from a thicket into the clearing in which they stood, strolling as casually as one could stroll when navigating the finer points of a dense jungle. Sound-dampening boots had kept her fantastically silent, it seemed.
But once she had made her presence known via sight she…just kept walking. Right through the Droid’s holographic map of what was supposedly the Sol System, probably taken out of one of those crackpot religious books. (Or, if the map was not large enough to walk through, she would just rudely walk between them. Typical, she thought, but she probably should have expected this when coming to a planet called Earth anyway.
The woman would totally ignore any attempts made to speak with her and keep on strolling past them. For all intents and purposes she appeared to be completely alone…And then she stopped.
Turning around, she stared down the man in the red-eyed mask, stone-faced and, actually…curious. She looked legitimately perplexed – this was not the sort of expression she would normally take on.

Then the woman proceeded to further blatantly interrupt their conversation by speaking – evidently she did not take the business of others seriously enough to acknowledge it. “You look familiar.” She said in the firm, official and authoritative voice that constituted her only means of verbal communication. “Have we met?”

They had not.

Kete was confused. “W-wait, what?” He questioned, but was not entirely sure what he was questioning. “Nothing to…do?” Then he scratched his head, and glanced again toward the Eoclu woman who was now striding away from them toward Maxsoni Towers. Then eyes returned to the new kid and his android.
“Ooookay, how about we…go get something to eat? My treat.” The offer seemed a little rushed, but whatever.
Without waiting for a response, Kete would take off strolling in the same direction – surely by total coincidence and he didn’t even realize – as the Eoclu woman. He strode with haste, but tried to counter that with some curious glances around at whatever. A small detail, but habitual by now.
“We’ll go to that, uh, place over there.” He said if the two followed him. “I forget the name. And…what they serve but I remember that it’s good!”
Okay, admittedly a sub-par excuse to go toward Maxsoni towers, but really subtlety was not on the Fox’s mind at the moment.
That gut feeling. That reading he had gotten from the woman when he first met her. It was bothering him. He had to see what was going on.

And so they arrived at the base of Maxsoni Towers, where there just happened to be a hot dog stand.
Without stopping, Kete took from his pocket the stolen credit card and tossed it behind him toward the new guy. In the same motion, as he walked by, he swiped a dog from the vendor’s cart and took a bite. “He’ll cover it.” He said to the vendor, “I’ll be out in a minute, get whatever~” He said, to the guy. Had he gotten his name? Hard to remember, to differentiate between the manners in which information was gathered. Best to convince himself to forget the name entirely.
But again, that did not matter.

Munching on the hot dog, Kete walked confidently past the guard. “Hey Charlie. Business on floor six, real urgent, I’ll check in later.” Indeed, the guard’s name was Charlie. Charlie could have sworn that he had never seen that boy in his life, but if he knew his first name…Oh well, let him go.
So Kete still had yet to stop – he entered the elevator and pressed the button for the top floor – or, rather, activated the button remotely without having to touch it at all – and began his ascent to the top floor.
As he got closer, he was able to detect the woman again – though he was having a difficult time accessing anything but her general, relative location to him.

And then she blipped out of existence. Kete’s heart sank. He began to panic.
Having finished his lunch on the ride, Kete burst from the doors the moment they opened at the top floor. He sprinted desperately down the hall, shoving past a few people on the way, and slammed open the doors to the politician’s office.
He had been about to shout something, but instead he froze in the doorway, one hand still on each door to hold them open. His ears went down, and immediately he regretted his panic.
The man was fine.
Kete could have sworn that the woman was planning on assassinating someone – maybe that bad vibe he was getting was from a /past/ assassination? Who could tell?
Now Kete had put himself in a compromising position. He felt stupid for it, and thusly had a hard time coming up with some hasty explanation like he usually would.
He just stood in the doorway, staring at the man as though he had sixteen fire-breathing dragon heads that were about to devour him ravenously.

“Oh, uh, sorry Sir, wrong…uh…wrong office.” He stuttered, smiling weakly. “I’ll just…get going then, real sorry about that~” And he began to back away slowly, hoping to Space that he wasn’t going to call security or something. It was the elevator or stairs, and neither seemed like very good prospective escape routes from the top floor of a skyscraper.

Well, really bungled that one up.


Colin payed for the other males hot dog. "thank you, that'll be all." Colin activated his cloaking device yet again. He snuck last the guard known as Charlie and say in the main lobby, quite obviously sitting with no intentions to actually do something. Colin picked a coin from his pocket and threw it against the wall, messing with the guards. Each throw makes tem turn their heads, almost exactly like how a cat follows a laser pointer, it takes all of Colin's will power not to laugh.

Her escape to the rooftop of the building was flawless. A deep sigh escaped her lips and a carefree smile graced the Eoclu's features as she enjoyed the breeze that flowed through her snowy colored tresses.
"I thank you Arekalo, Lord of Hunters. You have granted that my hands were steady, my strike was true, and my feet moved swiftly." The pray was spoken from her lips, hands clasped tightly together. Nirix was at peace, at ease that the Gods had heard her prayers and had given their sinful yet dutiful worshipper pity to complete her task.

It was odd. Her way of praying to Gods that few Eoclu believed truly existed. They were myths, legends meant to be told for bedtime stories to the young and old stories from a culture long forgotten. Yet Nirix was different; her parents and grandparents were always ones for traditions and their ties to the old ways left them erotic, even to the other Eoclu who decided to stay on their homeworld instead of leaving it for adventures.

Taking another deep breath, Nirix stretched her muscles and hummed in thought. Her heart was soft and it seemed to drift to the Fox half breed she had met eariler. He could definitely live happier with ten thousand credits in his dingy pockets. He could spend it on anything, clothes, food, maybe even invest it in some kind of stock. Yet Nirix could use it as well, send some to her relatives, pay off the rent at her apartment sitting in the Fira system...But the urge to give and help was strong, and Nirix cursed her sudden attachment to the Fox. Was it his child-like qualities that made her want to help or that her heart was too soft to see such things?

With an undetermined shrug, Nirix turned to head down the short stairs and back into the elevator to take her to the lobby. Maybe the ride down would help her clear her mind, and after all, Nirix had offered to buy him lunch. Food could always help a troubled mind

"12 Billion, eh... ?" -- Obviously by something, the tone on the Ranger's voice felt quite frustrated, if the Droid could comprehend at least this. After all, his 'Ultimate Plan' has just been spoiled. Looking down for an instant towards his coat, he patted a fanny pack of sorts under his belt, apparently with something inside that was the sole cause of his 'quest'.
But just as the Ranger tilted his head from the map towards CD, he immediately drew out his, seemingly primitive, revolver towards the new presence that came in.

"Don't care." -- The woman was quickly met with her reply along with a weird dressed fellow clenching his gun with both hands, pointing straight between the agent's eyes. "... But you'd better 'gimme a GOD <BEEP> REASON of WHY was there someone creeping on us."

The woman sighed, rolling her eyes and looking considerably regretful of having not just gone around. Now she was going to have to deal with this, too. She gave a slight gesture of helplessness in a half-shrug, then gave him a contemptuous glare.
"This is what I get for engage pleasant conversation with someone." Then, more directly, "Do you aim your weapons and demand to know the hidden motives of /everyone/ you're too stupid to hear casually walking behind you? It's not my fault if you're so easily frightened by the presence of others...You're going to have a lot of trouble getting anywhere in the city if you have to brandish your peashooter at everyone who walks by you and interrogate them on why they're 'following' you."
Her voice was acidic and absolutely derisive - it was clear she may have had something of a superiority complex. There was spite, venom, bitter sarcasm - she was in incredibly unpleasant person to converse with.

She would wait to hear his reply before speaking again.

"If it will make you feel better, I am here on a specific errand, the likes of which is of no concern to you, because it does not involve you save as a passive bystander. Now, I'm going to continue on my merry @#$%ing way and you can go back to your reenactment of AI." - Was that...humor? Certainly vague if it was, possibly a reference to some ancient story that she had loosely connected...even someone like Kallenger had to find /something/ humorous, even if it didn't make sense to anyone but herself. "Oh, and if you shoot me in the back, I /will/ kill you."

And with that said she would spin to face the direction she had been going, and again begin going in that direction. She would ignore any other attempts to communicate with her.

Then, just before re-entering the thicket on the other side of the clearing, she stopped. "And one final word of advice? You should probably be more aware of your surroundings."
And then she was gone, back into the jungle.

Some twenty seconds later a herd of twenty men, armed to the teeth in advanced black combat armor, came milling out from the jungle from the general direction of where the woman had first appeared.
They ignored the two completely, and just made their way by, temporarily surrounding the Ranger and Droid with a small sea of soldiers.
One of them did offer a subtle, but distinctly humorous half-salute to the Ranger as he walked by.
And then they worked their way to the other side, and then they were gone...A surreal experience, to say the least.

When the elevator door slid open on the lobby floor, the Eoclu assassin would be met with a startling scene.

"How did you know my name!?" Demanded Charlie the security guard, as he held the fox-boy against a wall by the collar of his shirt, giving him a shake or two as he spoke. "Nobody calls me Charlie, especially not someone like /you/!"
Kete was distraught by this. Much too small to have any hope of escaping the beefy man's grip, his ears were down flat and he looked like he was desperately trying to come up with an alabi. Which, in all reality, he kind of was. He squirmed a little, but each time it was halted by another shake that sent his back uncomfortably into the wall. At least it looked like he hadn't been hurt, yet.
"H-hey Charlie c'mon, it's me, Kete, y-you don't remember me?" Kete prattled fearfully, "Y'know, from the-the party at the Waltons' last week! W-"
Another jarring throttle. "Bull@#$%, I know @#$% well there were no kids there and there sure as @#$% weren't no half-beasts! What are you, spying on me or something?"

So, perhaps Charlie the lobby security guard was a little upset at having been bypassed so easliy earlier. He also seemed to be one of the many people who couldn't help seeing halfies as a subservient, less-than-human people. Nobody who used the term 'half-beast' did so casually - if they said it, they meant it.

"N-no, I, I just, well y-your wife stopped me on the street and wanted me to tell you, uh, about that thing that happened, and....uh..."
"You'd better cut the @#$% kid. My wife is on a business trip to Senora (A continent away) I talked to her not an hour ago. Now you have /ten/ @#$%ing seconds to give me a good reason not to beat the tar out of your filthy half-beast ass and call Animal Control!" With those words, he gave the kid a few, much rougher throttles of the collar, this time impacting the boy's back into the wall kind of hard. The ache from this, plus the absolute fear of having authorities called both showed clearly on his face, but there was little he could do.
He also couldn't help the sting that came with the threat of having animal control called. That was a new one. He was used to half-beast by now, but that one was clever.

He had dug through the man's brain trying to come up with a good story to get him out of trouble, but he was just off his game today, it seemed. He whimpered audibly, having really come down to it now, and flinched, shrinking fearfully away from the man as best he could.

Maybe if some invisible kid hadn't been tormenting Charlie for the past ten minutes and driving him mad trying to figure out where the coins were coming from, he wouldn't have been so high-strung and Kete wouldn't be in this predicament! But the Invisible Boy only had so many coins, and besides, it would be pretty hard to get the guard's attention now. There wasn't much he could do. Kete didn't resent him for it. Not really.

The scene of blunt violence was something Nirix was accustomed to. Her occasional hit against the leaders of some organized crime rings would land her in certain situations as such. She would be shoved up against a wall, gun or knife pointed at her face and some threat to cut of her ears or horns was usually thrown at her. Of course Nirix never took it seriously and her assilant would normally be laying groaning or dead at her feet afterwards. But this wasn't about her. Lavender eyes had picked up on the orange tussle of hair and animals ears, while her ears had twitched to the sound of his familiar tone of voice. The fox who had named himself "Kete" had fallen into the ways of trouble and her sense to protect him suddenly kicked in.

"Excuse me sir, but I would recommend that you drop my friend right now." Nirix was polite enough, niceties before action was always a wise thing in her train of thought. Yet even so, her jaw was set and eyes were harden like that of the toughest of stones, if the feeble security guard decided to challenge her.

It would only take a few seconds. A slip of her hand to apply the pressure to the certain point directly before the ear and along the tender portion where his neck muscles met his jaw line. The Anmien, the peaceful sleep pressure point. Or just as easily, she could press such a special nerve point in his body to kill or paralyze him. The racist and already annoying human did not want to test Nirix's patience right now. One wrong move or gesture and he would silenced, either in the way of dreams or eternal sleep.

"ready to fire at will" the droid said it's lights shifted to red and it grabbed it's pulse rifle which lit up and hummed to life as the droid held it tight and aimed it. "Shall I terminate?" the droid offered to Ranger as its attention was kept on the possible target. Sensors locked on and weapon primed this droid meant no joke, it was prepared to do it's duty and that duty was war, combat in the field face to face with an opponent

Every single men that rushed through the area would be forever blinded by the plasma-hot, mad frown that the Ranger. Good for them that he always wore that mas. Both his long and short distance radar had broken down, the first on his trip to this planet and the other one on his way down, nevertheless, this was going to be the LAST TIME he would do an expedition without spare equipment.
Knowing that the unit would just shred them to pieces, the Ranger held his arm towards CD's Pulse Gun, slowly pressing it down as he, as well, holstered his Revolver.

"Hold that <beeping> gun down, you're only going to get us killed..." -- The Ranger replied with the bitterest tone he had in years.
Nothing of value was lost and at least he knew the local authority were unaware on what he was involved into.

"Just let them pass... I'll need to do some repairs and THEN I'll deal with that <beepch>..."

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