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Kuro walked to a pound and knelt down to it. She cupped her hands and scoped up some water to drink. She looked at the reflexion of herself in the water, then it shifted into what she would look like if she was born, and didn't have animal DNA mixed with hers. Solid black hair, blue eyes, the way she wanted to look. Then it changed back to how she does look, red streaks, black hair, one blue the other red. Kuro grabbed a rock and through it in the pound. "Why must I be a freak of nature?" She growled under her breath. She walked back to her camp site and started to pack her stuff up.

Nico shifted his weight in the tree and he fell out and into the pond, "Dammit" Nico spurted water from his mouth

Kuro heard someone fall into the pound she just left, with a sigh she finished packing her stuff and walked back to the pound to file her water bottles. She noticed the guy in the walk a raised an eyebrow at him. "Having fun in there, sir?" Kuro couldn't help but
smrik as she saw the guy soaked in the water. She was a good two feet away incase this might be another guy her master sent after her.

"Oh...sorry....i live here...this tree..." Nico whispered

"I had...nowhere else to go... ur not a freak of nature... and...why do you have the live out here too? I havent seen you before..."

Kuro was suprised that he had heard, and that he asked some many questions. "Yes, I do live out here, I move form place to place in the woods ending up anywhere."

"I'm not stupid...I can read youre thoughts too...youre hunting you down...?" Nico said, shivering

(I want to say that I am not like this)
Kuro looked at the man like he was insane. "You shouldn't be listening in on other people thoughts, what goes on in my life is none of you business." Kuro growled, obvious annoied, so easily like always.

(lol) "-And...if i was, one of the men that...youre master sent after you...It would be of my business... So watch youre mouth...or i could easily turn you in, Kuro Sakuranbo."

Kuro shot him a glare. "If you are the one of his hunters you wouldn't last a fight against me, I've killed more of his men than my age."

"And if i said you were already in my trap," said Nico, climbing up the tree, "And i could kill you in less then half a second right now....?"

Kuro keep a good eye on the guy. "I would have ran, and when I was in a safe distance then I get my knife and as so as you reached me, I'll be ready to slit your throat. If you've read my thoughts then I am guessing you read into my meormies, am I corrcet?"

"Yes. So...youre prepared to...kill then... then why run away..." Nico said.

(Nico's a creeper)

(There is promble, lol)
"I don't like to kill people not for the reasons I have to. I've been to different countries, killed a person to prove I am not normal." Kuro gridded her teeth remembering why she was since as a freak, animal DNA was mixed with her's.

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