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(This is only for BunnyGirl123, PenGryphon2007, wolfkill11, and I)

John walked around the empty streets at night, searching for the vampire he was sent after this time. He had his sword on the side of his black jeans. He looked around then saw something in a darken alley. It looked like a paniced woman and a man. He stared at the man for a few more moments before seeing that it was the vampire he was after. He walked over to the soon horror scene was going to take place soon. He stood behind the vampire and put his index fingure to his lips, telling the woman not to give away his poistion. The woman didn't even notice him, her eyes locked on the vampire. John unshelter his sword and placed the blade against the vampire's neck. "You might want to stop before you end up the one dead on the floor." The woman nodded her thanks and ran for her life away from John and the vampire. John moved his sword in a swift motion up then forward, cutting the vampires head off. The vampires body fell to the ground and John grabbed a pack of matchs. He striked a match and dropped it on the vampires body; which lit up in seconds. John pulled his hood over his head as he walked away from the vampire's burning body.

Faye was on top of a near by buliding dangling her feet off the side. Sence it was night she was waring her normal wich clothes and her staff was in hand. Her staff contained all five elemants that were incased in the crystle ball that was sealed at the top. Her back was layed on the roof as she watched the moon slowly move across the sky. She heard a woman scream in the distance and was curious as to who made the screams and why. She jumped about on the roof tops until she founs the source of the screams and was just in time to see a woman run off farther into the dark ally she was in and to see a vampires head being cut off by a strange man. For a girl like her she had seen stranger things but was curious in this case. She did not come down from the roof, she just sat there, wanting to see what the man would do next.

John returned to where the vampires body was burned to ash. He botteled the ashes left behind to show he had completed his mission. He pocketed the bottel and turned to leave when he felt someone was watching him. He looked up to see a witch peering down at him from the top of the roofs. He raised an eyebrow at the witch, curious as to why she was watching. "May I help you, miss?" He called up to the witch.

Faye giggled when the man called her and got up, jumping to another roof top farthest away from him and the seen.

John just shrugged and walked back into the streets. He waited till he got orders to kill a vampire but if one pissed him off then he won't care what happens, he'll kill the thing. He wondered around then met up with the person from the Vampire Slayer Soceity to collect what he has on the vampire. "Well, well, the amazing John still lives." The guy joked but it only made John roll his purple/red eyes. "Here is what is left of the vampire." He handed the guy the bottle of ashes. The guy in return gave John a folder with his next target. "Here is your next mission, this one might be a little harder." John shrugged and skimpped the papers inside the folder. The man left and John walked around the streets towards his apartment.

Kai lurked in the shadows of the alley, waiting for an opportunity to strike. He had gone two months without feeding, and he was reaching the end of his strength; but it would only take two to bring him back.

A woman stumbled by, drunk or clumsy, and he seized his chance. Sprinting forward, he grabbed her by throat and hauled her to the alley opposite the one he'd been lurking in. Her cry of surprise and fear was muted by the tightening of his hand around her throat, and then he smiled, revealing his fangs.

She screamed when he buried his fangs into her neck--but it was a cry cut short as blood loss took hold and he felt his strength returning.

Faye put away her staff knowing she would not need it. She followed the man in secerate, curious about him. She made sure to stay out of sight, using the shadows as her cover up. She would have followed the man home if it was not for another scream of a woman. She again followed the sound and found a vampire this time, but again watched the man. She was in sight of him but she did not care.

John got to his apartment building, and somehow didn't catch the womans scream. He walked to his apartment and unlocked the room door. He took off his leather jacket and set it on the back of the computer chair and sat down on the bed. He opened the folder again and read everything about the vampire he was going after this time. "Kai, huh?" He smriked at seeing a challnge for once. He was growing tried of the simple vampires that were easy to kill. He placed the folder down on the bedstand table and leaned his sword that was sheltered against the bed post.

Kai pulled away from the woman's corpse, her body dropping like a bag of bones. He swiveled and looked around. He could smell another in the vicinity, or it might be the blood that was rushing through his veins.

Almost carelessly he wiped his mouth, smearing blood across the sleeve of his trenchcoat. He didn't care about being unseen right now. What he cared about was regaining his strength. He merged back into the shadows, heading for the slightly more populated area of town.

Faye sliped into the shadows behind the vampire, following him to where ever he was headed to. Her earings dangled which made a jingeling noise that she, for some reason, did not notice.

John stood up after debating weather he should go ahead and try to find Kai tonight or wait tomorrow. He grabbed his leather jacket and put it on along with snapping his sword to the side of his simple black pants. He walked out of his apartment room and locked it behind him. He walked out of his apartment building and decided to try looking for Kai. In the papers said that he hadn't been reported in quiet some time, which meant he must have not drank any blood for awhile. John guessed Kai would show up in a more populited area so that is where John headed for.

Caroline walked along the side of the town. Her bow ready and her dagger in her boot. As she walked into the town she saw John and walked into a diffrent direction. She went into the middle of the town looking for anything

As he entered the more populated area, Kai stepped from the shadows and merged with the locals who traveled in groups. He didn't look for a threat; there was no need to when he was the threat they needed to watch for.

A ringing sound in his ears distracted him. Someone was following him. He ducked down a side street and waited to see if someone was tracking him. Or at the very least, who was the source of the ringing.

Caroline spotted the person who went down the streets. She hid her bow and arrow from the other people so they would not see it. She jumped on a roof of a building and followed the guy on the roof

Finally Faye realized her earings and took them off, stuffing them into her pocket. When the man stopped, she stopped herself and sat their. She was not afraid fo him, she was just mearly urious about him just as she was with the first man.

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