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Stormkit was a thunderclan cat she was four moons old and was playing with a moss ball with her sibling named lightkit.

Teagan98 wrote:
Stormkit was a thunderclan cat she was four moons old and was playing with a moss ball with her sibling named lightkit.
All of a sudden, their mother, Mothheart, called them into the nursery, unexpectedly.

Lightkit and Stormkit went into the nursery to see what there mother wanted. (also Lightkit is a male named for his light coloured fur and Stormkit wants to be a medicine cat)

(Cool) "You two, I hope you know that your father was told that you two ran into the elder's den and attacked them. He is very displeased. I thought you knew better. What was the game this time?" (Btw, their father is the deputy.)

"lightkit and me wanted to hear a story from the elders, and Brambletail was in pain so i wanted to help him i didn't mean to hurt him" Stormkit said.

"Well, I believe you, but your father still wants to see you. Wait outside of the leader's den until he gets back."
Mothheart told them

"okay" stormkit and lightkit said at the same time and went to the leaders den to wait for there father.

Mousefeather came out of the den moments later and told them, "You have to stay away from the elders for 3 months. Also, I want you to apologize to Brambletail and to Dovelight(medicine cat). She had to use the last of her fennel to help him.

"okay" stromkit said and she and her brother headed to the medicine cat's den "Brambletail i'm sorry for hurting you i was only trying to help, and i'm sorry Dovelight you had to use the last of the fennel to help him, i could help you find some if you want" stormkit said, "i'm sorry as well Brambletail, Dovelight it's my fault we just wanted to hear about a certain cat from starclan" lightkit said.

Barambletail: Oh, yeah, you guys were wondering about Silverstar, weren't you. Or was it Mapleheart. No, maybe it was.., oh nevermind.
Dovelight: Apology accepted. In fact Stormkit, if you weren't grounded and so young, I would take you into the forest to help me find some. Guess I'll have to look on my own.

"in two moons i'll be a apprentice i can wait till then for you to be my mentor also Lilypaw said she saw some fennel near the abandoned twoleg nest" stormkit said, "we were wondering about Yellowfang we heard the she was from shadowclan and she was a medicine cat and somehow she became thunderclan's medicine cat back in the old territory in the woods" lightkit said.

"Ah, yes. I've just remembered. You guys were asking about Yellowfang. I can tell you all about her." Brambletail exclaimed.
"Thank you for the advice, Stormkit. You'll be a great apprentice to me when you get there. I'll go collect the fennel now. You should go to your mother."

"okay, lightkit, let's go" stormkit said "we'll ask you in three moons Brambletail since dad told us we can't go to the elder's den for three moons" lightkit said then followed his sister back to the nursery.

"Well, what were them little kits so upset about?" Brambletail asked. "They can't visit you. Plus they got grounded for pestering you." Doveheart replied
"Ah, there you are. Just in time for food. You two spilt the vole over there and then go to your nest for bed." Mothheart told them.

lightkit and stormkit ate the vole and left some for there mother then they curled up in there bed of moss and fell asleep.

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