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Adrianna listens to everyone's input, before taking a breath, the gem on her staff and her eyes going back to normal. She watched yizakevsh as he walked out the door before glancing at the others.

"Be careful ok? Meet ya outside."

She says before slipping out the door. She chants under her breath, and her gem lights up yellow. Though the light was dim. Dim enough so that it didn't attract anything to them, but it was enough for her to see where she was going. She looks around and see yizkavesh, before jogging up to him.

Seeing everyone agreeing to flee the place. Nalia quickly goes out to follow Yizkavesh, not before turning to the Hanged Man to Lower her head a gesture of thanking him.

Please be safe and make sure to follow us

She says before going out the door to follow Yizkavesh, Nalia keeps looking around quietly observing the surrounding as she continues to follow Yizkavesh, she notice the animals are all making sounds as if they are talking to someone, Nalia remember how the hunters of a Elf tribe use animals for guidance or information on the surrounding in the forest, Nalia looks at Yizkavesh and thinks to herself.

This person knows some ancient techniques of the elven people or his some kind of mage that likes to carry a axe

The Hanged Man waited patiently for his companions to retreat. Once they were outside, he followed them, backing up as not to show his back to the creature in the other room. Provided it didn't burst out in the meantime, he'd slip outside and close the door behind him, then turn to regard the area. There were animals--crows among them, but crows did tend to follow him. He couldn't see the pale flash of the albino, his main little ghost, but it tended to come and go as it pleased. "We ought to move," he said in a soft voice, rolling his shoulder to adjust the weight of the shield on his arm. "But I do not--do not know the way."

Bialis wanted to keep moving quickly -- not linger -- and keep distance from Adrianna, yes, this was important. "Well. Th'map said due South, I... I don' remember comin' here an' I ain't sure which way South is, though..." Looking hopefully towards the Elf -- Elves had a good sense of direction, right? He'd only ever met a few.

"Also, I... I may be able to. To feel th'things come. Before they kin sneak up onnus. Umm. Unless they come from 'round the other side of -- her." Pointing to Adrianna. He did not like this -- this Yizkavesh, the man, lich, monster, whatever he might be still gave him the creeps -- preferred to stick by the other two. The lad did not clarify this strange statement.

"Why me??"

She says as she furrows her brow in frustration. She didn't like how be avoided her. However there was a bigger problem. If he could really sense where they were coming from, that was great. But if he couldn't sense it if they came around her side, then that put her at a great disadvantage. It made her nervous a bit, but she just shakes her head and sighs.

"If that's the case...then If they sneak around to my side, then I'll hold them off and catch up with you later. If it comes down to it, I can keep it at bay while the rest of you guys escape."

She says tightening her grip on her staff and glancing around to try to find where south was.

"That thing nearly broke through the door didn't it? We need to find out where south is and start walking...."

"Stay close, we're not exactly at an advantage in this darkness, and heaven knows what kind of vision those things have. The animals say we're going south, but we might need to stop for the night soon, carrying a few of ye back with me into that house took a toll on my bones, I think I snapped a shoulder vine or two." He said in a hushed tone, warily looking around at his surroundings, almost everything in near pitch-black darkness, only able to tell major details if they're near something.

The caravan way off in the distance can be seen slowly dimming in light, as the flames have ate everything that would be burnable. A shattering crack can be heard coming from the house they just got out of, with faint growls as the beast searches the house. A faint breeze can be felt blowing through the dark forest, making the still green leaves seemingly whisper with the wind.

It depends if the elf was raise and born in the forest then yes they would have a great sense of direction but if they happened to be city borne then no.

Nalia answer to Bialis

But we are lucky, seems like Yizkavesh has a talent for direction with his unique ability, though I do agree we should stop for the night soon it's better we rest than force ourselves to get to our destination, when we don't even know what danger we will face along the roads and fatigue won't help us also, if we can find a safe village if not I suggest a cave with one entrance I can try to put a barrier in the cave entrance if it comes to that option, I would want you guys to decide since mine alone won't be enough to decide for us all, we all have a say in this we continue? or we find a place to rest for the night and continue once we have rested enough?

Nalia continues to follow Yizkavesh, while she glanced at everyone every second waiting for their decision on the matter.

The Hanged Man spoke little as he wiped his falchion off on his mantle, leaving a dark purple stain--the cloth was plenty stained already--and sheathed it. He was equally quiet as they set off towards the south. With his right hand free (the left still supported his shield) he could reach into his robes and procure a small leather flask. He worked the cork out with his teeth and took a deep swig. Whatever was in the flask must have tasted unpleasant, for the soldier's face screwed up into a grimace. After a pause, he returned it to his lips, then replaced the cork and stowed it in his robes again.

"I don't want to see which of these horrors make their homes in caves," he remarked softly. "I will stop and keep watch when you all need to rest." He was tired, but then, he was always tired ...

The lad -- perhaps due to youth or due to fear -- was able to keep moving at a decent clip, though he kept looking round and pausing if necessary for the others. His capability -- his sensitivity to magic -- was tuning, in a sense, for his head still hurt and throbbed. Some of that was due to the injury which had been healed, some due to... well, Adrianna. He answered her. "Coz that's how it bloody works, is why... can't play entirely innocent." Voice hoarse and quiet.

"I ain't gotta rest yet. Don' mind standin' guard if others here do, but either gotta find a defensible position or a damn well fleeable one t'rest... I like the idea ovva barricade though..."

what does he mean "cant play entirely innocent?!" What is his problem with me?! You know what? I don't wanna know....she thinks to herself somewhat aggrivated. She moves to the back of the group, as she clutches her staff in one hand, and gently takes hold of her locket in her other hand. She casts her eyes downward as she follows behind them, tracing the symbol on her locket with her thumb before speaking up.

"I'd say stop assuming we're all already tired. Although I don't like the idea of being so close to whatever was back there. We only just left it after all. We should just keep walking until we're sure we're far enough away from whatever was back there. Then you guys can get some rest. I'll help keep watch if that's ok..."

She says the last part somewhat shyly as she continues to walk behind the rest of them.

"I suppose you're right. 'Would be too treacherous right now to stop so soon, but be mindful of you're surroundings. The mice recently seen two beings wandering around this part of the region." He slips a gloved hand into one of his box pouches, and takes it back out, holding a pinch-ful of small seeds. He throws them out to the side, and eventually it can be seen that a few birds and mice go to eat some of it.

However... a faint scream and harrowing roar could be heard coming from the far west. Yizkavesh looks off to the side as he walks, towards the noise. "...Did anyone else hear that? Or is the moment just getting to me?"

No i heard it too.

Nalia's reply to Yizkavesh

Sounded like someone is in trouble a survivor perhaps?... But there was another sound too, it sounded like a beast. We should go help, It might even be a child survivor

Nalia looks at everyone, to see if they are gonna go and help. Nalia sighs as she starts walking toward west. Sorry but i cant just wait and ignore that scream if it is a person or child then my the Gods keep them safe until I can arrive, if it's just a beast then I shall fight it. Judge me if you must, but just remember that I'm not a human. Nalia started running to where the sound came from in a hurry to get to the place where the scream came from not waiting for the others words or decision.

The Hanged Man glanced sidelong at Adrianna as she fell back to the rear. Had Bialis been nipping at her? The grizzled soldier opted to ignore the youngsters. They were soon interrupted by a scream anyway, and though the man was tempted to ignore it, Nalia clearly had other intentions. He let out a soft curse, tempted also to just let her go, but he couldn't let their little group fracture so soon. "We should follow her, carefully," he said, drawing his sword. He began to lope after her, in the direction of the scream.

At the distant scream, the boy shuddered briefly but did not comment -- but looked up as Yizkavesh spoke. The sound had been real -- the realization made him freeze, it was not just something in his head as he regarded the distant blazes of what had once been a long caravan.

The lad was -- crippled with indecision -- ignore it or pursue, he simply could not decide on his own and his already pale face paled further, breathing halting as he listened intently. His queasy attitude was clearly not one shared by the elf.

His dull, distant eyes widened considerably as she ran towards the noise -- and the feel -- he didn't even curse, didn't make a noise. He followed at a jog, with tight hold of his bow and an arrow held in one hand, with the attitude of one going to certain doom -- at least he could be further than the others from whatever this was, but he couldn't shoot from as great a distance as he would like; it was simply too dark to aim so well as he might in the light. And no chance of that letting up ... ever again, so far as he could tell.

Adrianna stopped in her tracks upon hearing the scream. Her head snapped up, and her gaze turned towards the sounds of the screaming. It made a chill go down her back, and she wanted to help. However it seemed like some members of their group were hesitant. Before she could even say anything, she notices that Nalia had already started sprinting towards the noise. She just stood there stunned for a moment before sighing.

"I agree we should help, but running away and acting rashly are two things that are just going to get us killed..."

She mutters under her breath to herself. She then starts running at a light enough jog to keep up, but be quiet enough to avoid drawing any unwanted attention. When she finally reaches the source of the noise with the others, she tries getting a glimpse of the scene, while keeping her voice at a very low whisper.

"Can anyone see what's happening??"

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