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Damian followed Kaito's beckoning along with Lance and Kat and entered the back door of the shop and into what seemed to be the back room of the Treasure Lamp shop itself. Instead of finding a place like the other members of the organization, he just sort of stood there in front of the door which they had entered through and looked around. He saw Ayura standing in front of what looked to be a storage closet. Something at the back of his mind suggested that it wasn't a closet at all, but he wasn't certain about that suggestion, so he just kept quiet on that front. All of the masked figures seemed to have their own place in all of this. He hoped that before long, he would as well. If this were to mark his new beginning, he would probably need to find one, and sooner rather than later.

Anyway, the Mage set his gaze upon Ayura, and shook his head. "None here, I have to say," he said, but this time in Common instead of Elvish. He crossed his arms and swallowed a lump that he just now realized was growing in his throat.

At the beckoning from Xyla and Sparrow, Kat trailed after the others toward what she supposed was the Treasure Lamp's inner sanctum. Waiting until all the others had gone in, she slipped in as well, taking a place near the wall with the weapons, her stormy hues habitually checking all the exits, and the walls for windows. It never hurt to be prepared. Not that she distrusted the group. Kaito had gained her trust, the others no doubt would as well, given time and the desire to. She had to gain theirs as well. Time for that later, though. For now, questions.

With a tilt of her head, Kat stopped her perusal of the room long enough to gaze at Xyla. "What is done with the guild fund, if I might ask?" Her voice was soft with only the slightest remnants of a brogue to color it. "Also, do you usually wait until folk come to you for jobs, or do you seek them out?" She found herself curious if there were many people who came to the Treasure Lamp for odd jobs, or if one had to be in the right place at the right time. Kat had a knack for that, so either way, it seemed right up her alley.

While she waited for Xyla's answer, Katlina allowed her hues to roam the weapon wall, interested in what items she could see, assessing their worth and value as she took note of each.

Xyla tilted her head at the questions. Reasonable questions, and of course what people would like to know if they were in such a group. Those were easy to answer, thankfully.

It was the taller man in black who spoke up this time before she had the chance to reply. Beneath his black hood, cloak, and mask that covered his nose and mouth, stone-blue eyes smiled kindly out at them. Wavy, orange-blond hair hung in wisps over what little was visible of his face. "There is a request box at the front of the shop. There are times when the shop receives messengers or birds as well, with requests from all over Veritae," he replied smoothly, his diction smooth and refined like water.

The elf nodded. "People tend to come to us. We of course reserve the right to pass off a job or pass over it altogether," she added. "And as for the guild fund, it's mostly for group expenses. Property tax to Porthcaul, construction and remodel costs, that kind of stuff. Occasionally we'll take a chunk out for supplies or teleportation spells if we're doing a large expedition with all of us."

Lance followed the others into the actual building and marveled at the interior, feeling his gaze drift to the box of ichor-filled gems. He wondered how similar they were to the ichor-filled bullets he fired from his guns, but shook the thoughts from his head as he looked back around the room once more. He listened to Ayura as she asked if they had any questions, thinking about it as both Damian and Katlina replied. He had similar questions to Katlina and decided to pipe down as Ayura answered. He nodded in reply as she answered the questions.

"What gauges the jobs you do and don't accept?" Lance asked. "I know you said you have the right to pass a job off or to decline it, but is there anything specific about a job that makes it unacceptable?" He added, serious and curious in his words. His mind drifted to the Mountains of Oberon and internally felt he knew if there were any jobs around there that they would be declined. He had saw firsthand what laid in those mountains and did not wish to go up there if he could avoid it himself.

Eyes shifting first from the gentleman with stunning blue eyes which were accentuated by his mask, and Xyla as the two spoke in answer to her questions, Katlina nodded a few times to express her understanding. It was straitforward enough, and the longer they group conversed and she had time to observe them all, the more at ease she found herself.

After Lance spoke up, Kat allowed her gaze to slide to Kaito, watching him now in his element, with his family, for these were all surely the ones he spoke of being willing to die for. A tightness grew in her breast at the thought. One day... perhaps she would be one of them in heart as well as name. Perhaps she could find her place here.
Trying to keep her mind on task, Kat pushed away thoughts of the family she was born to, the homeland and name that was all stripped away from her, and instead turned curious hues to the other members of the Treasure Lamp, wondering who they were.

"Most of it's pers'nal pref'rence," Sparrow remarked with a shrug. "Each of us've got our limits on what we wanna do 'n' don' wanna do. We got certain areas we don' like goin' to, and also Xy don' usually like takin' jobs in Aëste, for example," he explained, tossing his chin lightly at the elf to indicate her when she was mentioned. "So, jobs in Aëste might get passed onta sum'un else. Same wi' me, I try not ta off anyone in general if I don' hafta, so 'n assassination job'll go ta whoe'er else."

"It's entirely possible that a job can simply go undone if nobody wants to take it on," Xyla added, having cast Sparrow a brief glance of annoyance for the barest moment when she was mentioned. "We also do our best to try to tailor missions according to the strengths of each person, and try to coordinate when working together. It's the cooperation that makes us so effective." She soon crossed her arms, leaning comfortably back against the storage door that she was standing in front of. "Before we show you to your quarters, I'd like everyone to introduce themselves formally, including the recruits," she tacked on, looking over towards Katlina, Damian, and Lance. "Your name, species, a weapon if you have one, and any skills that you think may be useful to all of us, as well as anything else you think we should know." After another moment of hesitation, she sighed. "And, its normally against general policy to do this if we're not down under, but I think it's necessary just for now."

She pulled down her mask and her hood, and the other five members followed her lead to do the same.

Xyla was a surprisingly fresh-faced young elf with pale ivory skin. Her face and sheer violet eyes were a bright against the rest of her darker ensemble, and long raven hair in a high ponytail trailed into her brown hood. There was a necklace with a single violet gemstone upon her neck that matched her eyes. "I guess I can start. I'm called Xyla, but among just us, my name is Ayura. I'm a wood elf; I carry both a sword and a staff though I kind of lean to the latter. I specialize in Ichoric manipulation, and I guess I'm a fairly accomplished mage, as far as being self-taught can get."

Before she could give any indication of who would possibly go next, Sparrow looked up to the new recruits with a small wave, and one would been able to see the incredibly thick metal bangle that he wore around his wrist. Even without his mottled green and brown hood and mask, he had a striking color palette. In contrast to Xyla, he had deep, mauve-toned skin, stark against his bright, neon-green eyes and his electric-blue hair. "Guess 'm up. 'm Sparrow, bu' m' name's Kaito. Earthen DuskFae. Got no stable weapon 's far's 'm concerned, but same time, got a bunch. I c'n bend earth 'n' metal, and I c'n feel vibrations in th' ground. Also, 'm called Sparrow fer a reas'n, so I'll letcha figure that out." He winked playfully.

The shorter man with the matte, sunset-orange cloak, who had been fiddling with something in his hands more or less the whole time that they had been discussing, seemed to feel than see Sparrow's glance at him before he looked up. He seemed to catch himself, and maybe get just a tad flustered. "O-oh! Me?" He had protective goggles over his eyes, and he pushed them back higher on his forehead, revealing his bright orange eyes. After another moment he placed his small machine on the counter beside him. His hair was a bright red, scruffy and messily tossed away by the goggles, and he also had the smallest tuft of red upon his chin. He cleared his throat. "Well, I'm called the Toymaker...I'm sure you can guess why," he managed a bit of an embarrassed grin as he placed his hands into his lap. "Human, and, well, I got these." He drew two blades from his waist, one from each side. Each looked like an overly large hand sickle, the blades as wide as a machete. He sheathed them momentarily. "So, yeah, I build things...and, oh, before I forget, my name's Kajanh. Kajanh Manoro, but you can call be Kaj."

The man in black, the tallest of the group, smiled. The expression was warm, and kind. However, one may have not expected the brown-tipped, orange fox ears that protruded out from his wavy orange-blond hair. "I tend to deal dealing with the more tactical side of the group, hence the nickname of Maestro. However, my name is Asher. Pleased to meet you all," he nodded in greeting, comfortable and serene. "My sister and I are vulpine beastkin, and we are also the healers of the group." He gestured lightly towards the pale, diminutive girl in blue who sat aside him. "I have some blacksmithing experience, and my weapon is of my own make." Evidently he meant the curious polearm that was leaning on the wall aside him, as he had placed it there earlier.

The girl aside him, Maestro's sister, was a small and petite girl with long, flaxen hair with a couple of thin braids entwined within them. Her ears were not orange like her brother's, but a brilliant white, tipped with black instead of brown. Her skin was even paler than Xyla's, and the blue of her eyes was pale, and so far removed from the stone-blue of her brother's that it looked almost transparent, like water that has barely retained its tinge of blue. Looking at her completely neutral, almost flat demeanor and her albino countenance would remind anyone of a porcelain doll, broken up only by the deep royal blue of her cloak. "I am Snowy," she introduced herself briefly as she averted her eyes absently, pushing a long strand of hair away from her face. Her voice was succinct and precise, so that even if she spoke softly, it was almost impossible to misunderstand her. "Otherwise Lala. My weapons comprise of bladed gauntlets, much like long claws," she stated quietly, sitting perfectly still with her legs crossed. "And I specialize in apothecarical studies. Potions are my forte." Short and simple. She glanced over at any of the new recruits, waiting for them to speak.

Damian looked around at each of the members of the Treasure Lamp as they introduced themselves. He was glad that he was finally able to put a face to a name when it came to Ayura, and he supposed all those aliases were necessary in their apparent line of work. Apparently, not even assassination was off the table. Damian would be sure to steer clear of such a thing. He liked the serenity and apparent kindness of Asher. He also made a small mental note about how well-spoken the Beastkin was. At the moment he seemed to be the rock in this time of emotional turmoil for his companions. They were a motley collection, but incredibly comfortable in each other's presence. Even if he hadn't had his visions regarding them, he would very much liken them to a family.

Anyway, the mage cleared his throat and stepped forward. He took a deep breath before looking around at them all. "My name is Damian Nazael," he said softly, but clearly enough for everyone to hear him. "I'm trained as a mage, and...." Damian's voice caught in his throat, remembering the course of events that had brought him here. He cleared it again and pressed on. "And only recently completed my apprenticeship. I am highly skilled with magic, as Ayura can attest to. Additionally, I'm good with numbers, and like to think I have a good head on my shoulders," he said, trying to remain humble while also expressing what he could do. "Pleased to meet you all." Damian looked around at them all again. And I am sorry for your loss, he thought. There was more, of course, but he didn't think it would be a good idea to reveal to them his blessing, even to Ayura, whom he trusted. Damian then turned his attention to Kaito. "And I think I might be able to figure out why," he said to the DuskFae in the latter's native language before winking in return.

Out of all the introductions, though each one piqued Kat's curiosity, she focused on the man in black, Asher. He knew of blacksmithing? A soft smile lifted the corners of her lips as the thought took her back to her days at the forge. Her eyes took in his odd weapon, as well.. perhaps there was hope for her here. Then Katlina's gaze swept to Lala, she blinked a bit at the woman's almost frail complexion. She knew better than to judge a book by its cover, it was more than likely that the woman had tricks up her sleeve, could take care of herself, despite her quietness. Sometimes the small quiet ones were the most deadly. Kat found herself smiling again, maybe she had more in common with this family than she thought.

Realizing suddenly that it was, perhaps, her turn, Kat ran her stormy hues over to Damian, and then lifted her chin and spoke up. "I am called Katlina, I am just as you see me, human, and..." she hesitated. It wasn't in her nature to reveal her specialties so quickly to people, but... she flicked her eyes to study Sparrow a moment, then gave a nearly imperceptible nod to herself before continuing. "My weapons of choice are knives," which was made fairly obvious by the amount of them strapped to her person. "My specialty is stealth, and, well, being where I am not meant to be, to reposess things that would be put to better use elsewhere." Kat made no mention for the time being of her own skill in Ichor. She only used it when necessary, and, being a late bloomer to the skill she hadn't trained with the others, so she had only her own practice to rely on.

Falling silent, Kat lounged casually against the wall, hoping the spotlight would soon move on and turned to look toward Lance, curious what he would reveal. As she watched and listened, she reflected that knew vaguely something had happened to the Treasure Lamp. Something bad. She had seen glimpses of how it had affected Sparrow, but she had known better than to pry for the time being. Perhaps one day she would learn the history, yet if it was as raw and painful as her own, she knew such had to come to light naturally, and not under pressure.

Lance nodded at the answer to his question. He was sort of glad to hear it was a pick and choose for jobs rather than just being given any ol job and having to take it. He stilled his thoughts as introductions went around. He paused when they got to the toymaker. That's who Indomiel had mentioned before, he thought to himself, recalling the shifters mention of a tinkerer.

Once Damian and Katlina introduced themselves Lance took a step forward. "I'm Lance Faulce, human as well..." He paused and drew his two pistols, spinning them on his fingers. "I wield these two guns and use ichor to make them stronger." He said, sliding the guns back into their holsters. "I'd like to think I'm decent at staying calm in tense situations, but I'm a good shot with my weapons." He said, wondering how the others would take in the fact that he had such uncommon weapons. He recalled Indomiel stating that the tinkerer would have loved to get his hands on them to take them apart and put them back together, but he kept that thought to himself as he looked to the others.

K'zra ru aydin ra nepf iskr' ahkt.

Sparrow jerked a little in surprise at the sound of the tongue of his forebearers, looking over at Damian, who'd spoken. Alright, that was impressive. How many languages did this guy know? And it wasn't as if it were another commonly-spoken tongue like Elven. The original tongue of the DuskFae, many people probably didn't even know that it existed. After the Oni War had scattered the Fae several centuries ago, some of the old traditions had faded away, and individuals sought to fend for themselves in a world hostile to them. He attempted to formulate some reply, although Damian would know that his pronunciation certainly left something to be desired. "Z'va-zrva ra op'num 'lh'ke... ah, t'hell wi' it," Sparrow waved himself off, averting his eyes with a small and wry grin. "Accent in th' damned win, I didn' grow up 'round much Fae," he raised his hands upward in playful surrender. "Jus' common's fine, y'kno'."

The Toymaker looked up at Lance's introduction, particularly when he mentioned that guns were his main weapon. That intrigued him for sure. Guns were uncommon weapons, with few who knew the propulsion mechanism that was so central to the way that a bullet was shot. He was curious to find out all that he could.

Xyla listened closely to the rest of the introductions. Interesting. Everyone was varied, so that was good...she shifted her weight from foot to foot. She had to keep things moving. That way, she wouldn't have time to dwell too much on the weight in her chest. "So, I would assume that you all are wondering to some extent what sort of accommodations you'll be having here in Porthcaul," she remarked after another couple of moments. "Well, there's no need for you to look anywhere else, because you will be staying here in the shop with the rest of us."

This may have been a strange statement, seeing that from the outside, the Treasure Lamp was a single story building that certainly didn't have space comfortably for all ten of them if this was the main commons and the frontroom a retail space.

However, Xyla stepped aside, grasping the doorknob of the storage closet behind her. "We keep quiet about it to any outside our group, but we all take our refuge here. If anything, its our little sanctuary." She opened the door and there was a trapdoor open, stairs leading down into a well-lit space beneath that seemed to be a second commons, complete with tables, couches, and cupboards. Lamps containing small wisps of bright golden Ichor were the source of illumination, and the place was constructed mainly out of wood, the ceiling height about average for an establishment. If not for the fact that there were no windows, one may have almost forgotten that they were underground. Two different hallways continued to descend in a gentle slope from the corners of the room opposite from the stairs, each the joint space for many doors.

Maestro gently shooed the recruits down under if they weren't so inclined to descend at first. "Its perfectly fine. Sparrow's insured the integrity of the place," he teased lightly. "But there are really quite the multitude of rooms in this complex. There are quarters for each of us, latrines, springs, a combat space, and even workshop space, as well as other things."

After a small glance for confirmation at Xyla, Snowy spoke after she descended the stairs. "There are spare rooms that have been cleared as bedrooms. Every room for now has been labeled, either with the name of the owner or the function. If you will, you can claim any of the rooms without signs. There should be three."

Damian allowed himself a slight smirk of satisfaction at Kaito's words. He had a fascination for ancient runes, and he had read about a number of ancient languages in the Palace Library. Out of all the languages he had studied, the language of the Fae had interested him the most, and so he taught himself how to speak it out of books in the Palace Library. It had taken him a good while to learn it, but now he had it down. It wasn't a bad third language to know.

Anyway, when Ayura moved out of the way of the closet door and opened it, it seemed his suspicions about it not really being a closet were confirmed. At Asher's behest, Damian went through the trapdoor and descended the stairs. Upon reaching the bottom, he took a couple of steps away from the staircase to leave room for the others to come down. The mage looked around and felt a weight settle over his heart. He recognized this room; he had seen it in his visions on the plains. He could see them now, all ten cloaked figures relaxing, talking, and laughing with each other. Before they had gone to that cave in the Mountains of Oberon where that person with the piercing red eyes was. Before they had lost those whose names were carved in the memorial outside.

A melancholic air settled over Damian as he took a deep breath. His shoulders had drooped slightly, and a vague look of sadness had entered his eyes. I'm sorry for your loss, he thought again. This mustn't be easy for you. He silently sighed. I promise not to dishonor their legacy or memory, he thought resolutely. I will keep them in mind while helping you rebuild this family. He moved further out of the way of the bottom of the staircase to make room for Lala, before listening to her talking about claiming rooms. The mage nodded, and walked off to go explore the complex.

Lance looked at the closet and had originally thought that it was just that, a closet, so he was a little surprised to see it reveal a trapdoor downward. He hesitated slightly before he was ushered to head on down, a brief memory coming back to him of the dark, cramped caves under the Mountains of Oberon. He shook the thoughts and proceeded down the stairs with the others.

Lance nodded as he was informed that they were to choose their own rooms out of the ones unlabeled, which brought both a thought to his head and a curiosity to him. He drifted slightly, looking at the names and labels on the doors, trying to forge a mental map in his head. He paused once he hit one of the doors, reading the name on the door in his head, Indomiel.

He looked at the name with a heavy sigh. "I hope you're safe Indomiel. And if not... At least in a better place..." Lance said quietly to himself. He felt he could have or should have done more to help both of them get out, but he knew it was the Doppler's choice to stay there and seek revenge on those there. Lance shook his head and shoved his hands in his pockets, looking at the door for a moment more. "Thank you for this chance..." He said at last to himself before moving on, looking to the unlabeled door next to it. He didn't say anything, but knew mentally he would pick this room, maybe out of respite from the memories of those caves, or maybe out of hopes that it would give him some luck in his future endeavors.

While it wasn't much of a surprise when Xyla moved to open the fake storage room, revealing the trapdoor and stairs down under the earth, unease immediately trickled through Kat and she reached up to tug at the tip of her braid. Maestro began ussuring everyone downward, and Kat took a careful breath. She hated enclosed spaces. Even though she would never pass up a challenge just because it might involve some less-than-fresh air, she would never choose such a place to actually sleep. She lingered as long as she could, even after Maestro assured them Sparrow had deemed it safe. That wasn't the problem. The problem lay in the fact that there seemed to be only one way to escape. One way out. She never left herself only one way out. But maybe there was another she didn't know of?

Quelling her unease, hiding it beneath a face set with slightly pursed lips Katlina forced herself down the steps after the others. As she listened first to the explanation from Maestro, then Snowy's addition. As Lance and Damian spread out to claim their rooms, Kat figured she'd take the room that was left. Instead of searching for it right off, she hoped to map the layout of the area. If there was a backdoor, she'd find it.

As she moved through the network of rooms, she took note of each name she saw on the doors and filed away each in her mind so she could find them later. Kat decided she'd return to the training room soon. It had been too long since she'd spent time training, and several times in her journey with Kaito she'd found her focus slipping. She needed to work on that, and retidy the rooms she'd shoved her memories in as well. They had been leaking. Darn that dusk fae. How had he gotten in? Perhaps it was for the best though, that she allow herself to move on. She had thought it was possible.... but was it really?

Despite the fact that they were underground, the space was comfortable. The two hallways were just enough for three abreast, and both Damian and Katlina passed many doors with signs, including the names that would indicate bedrooms, Lala, Asher, Kaj, Indomiel in the right-hand hallway from the stairs, and Ayura, Kaito in the left. There were two unmarked doors aside each other, directly adjacent to Kaito's room. There was also a door with a sign but no name between Ayura and Kaito's rooms. The third empty bedroom, which Lance had gravitated to immediately, was between Indomiel and Kaj's room.

Aside from the bedrooms, other labeled doors abounded: Study, and a couple of Storage rooms and Latrines. would find that the two downward sloping hallways curved and met at a flat landing, where yet another hallway branched off and took them downward still. Here the ceilings were a a couple of feet higher, and the doors were much farther apart. Spring, Forge, Distillery, Workshop, Latrine. At the end of the bottom hall was a pair of double doors. Warehouse. And from there, another tiny walkway, this one only for one. The door at its very end would be labeled Stables. There were tiny vents--not large enough for a person to fit through--occasionally along the ceiling, bringing air in. The Ichoric lanterns lit the halls well aside from that to the stables. The walls and the floors were all made of wood, the latter worn somewhat smooth.

Lala brushed away a lock of her pale hair. "Checking on something steeping," she mused quietly to the others before heading down towards the distillery. Momentarily, the others seemed to scatter as well down the halls.

Damian walked through the hallway to the left of the stairs, following its gentle slope downwards. He read the signs on the doors as he passed. He saw Ayura's name on one door and Kaito's name on another. Something else he saw, which intrigued him was a door that had a sign, but no name on it. The mage quickly debated whether or not he should investigate, but something told him that he should move on instead. It was that way for a reason, and Damian wondered if part of that reason was the reason he, Lance, and Kat were there in the first place. He did make a mental note to come back to it at a later day. He also made the note to come back and pick one of the two empty rooms beyond Kaito's.

Anyway, a little after the two empty rooms, there was a door marked Study. Curious, Damian approached the door and opened it, slowly stepping inside. The room was brightly illuminated by the same ichor-filled lamps out in the hallway and in the commons. The young nobleman looked around, seeing a desk, a couple of chairs and...books absolutely everywhere. Full bookshelves lined the walls; stacks of books littered the floor; they were also stacked on the desk. A smile slowly started appearing on his face. It was his first genuine smile in several days, and first since before he left Illustra.

He had been in the Palace Library several times, which was absolutely enormous, so it wasn't the size of the collection that had him smiling. What made him happy was the mere fact that all these books were here. Furthermore, a quick scan of the collection with his eyes told him that there were many books here that he had either seen but not read or never even heard of before. Damian wasn't sure which one to pick to read first. His fixation on the collection of books was so complete that he didn't hear the sound of someone else coming up behind him.

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