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everyone were there. almost everyone. feast was going on well and nothing to worry about, or .... almost nothing.
people were drinking, eating, laughing, singing, @#$%ing, talking and many things more. O'khal was standing next to Vrago and two of his guards and having a bad feeling as always. his hands were shaking.
his brother who was so drunk, was shouting and singing with other warriors.
three lords of the realm were siting on the nearest table to O'khal and O'khals mother was siting behind him.some minutes passed.

then he saw something. something that shows the fact of being worried about the feast. some maids were distributing axes and swords between other men and women, young and old, and warrior or peasant. one those men who looked harmless and had a simple farmer outfit, was approaching Daulver with an axe swinging on his hand. O'khal got suspicious to him and started walking slowly to his brother. the man reached Daulver from behind, raised his axe and shouted: To Valhalla. but ...

O'khal threw his axe toward the man and knocked him out.reached him and pulled his axe from dead man's chest and looked Daulver, and then the others. there was just silence. but not so long, just three seconds. one ... two ... three

some kind of fight started between people. it looked like a war than a fight. it was them, northmen. they were here already and closing the border wasn't necessary anymore. the immigrants were here. the enemy wasn't clear. half of the crowed were fighting the other half with advantages of having the arms. they killed warriors first, so they can kill the unarmed people easily. some of the loyal guards circled O'khal until he shouted: "i don't need help you idiots. help the people"
"but which people my king? the enemy is among them"
"so kill anyone who holds an armament and tries to kill you"

O'khal separated from the guards and killed two more northmen. He was looking for his mother when he found two dead bodies of lord Orlando and Gallahad. Their throats had been cut. It shows that their guards betrayed them. He when he was starting to move again, he saw someone standing just in front of him. He was Vandil. That son of a whore, who was a @#$%ing northman. O’khal saw him butchering people, old and young, unarmed and harmless, poor and weak, he didn't care about a shitt. He killed them all, even peasant women. Such a shame for a warrior. No. He is no warrior. He has no honour. He is the true devil, who is not welcome in Valhalla. Meanwhile when O’khal was thinking about him that he deserves to be dead, Vandil killed someone who was running towards them. Say something that was not clear for O’khal that moment. And throw a piece of paper on the ground for him. After some moment O’khal noticed that Vandil is gone. He picked the paper and walked towards the wall torch and burn the paper without looking at it. After that he ran to find and kill Vandil when he saw ...

He saw a dead body in Daulvers hands. Their mother. She was dead. O’khal stood by his brother and looking at him crying for her. Yeah, possibly it was Vandil too. First his father and now his mother. And both murderers were northmen.
After a minute Vrago with lord Kevvin and some warriors reached them and said to O’khal:
“my king, there is a back door where we can get out of here from there. We can get out while they are stillfighting. And there are something around forty trusted and loyal men standing by the back door. Want me to tell them to engage??”
"no i want no more bloodshed today, lets go. Daulver, ... lets go”
They reached the door and saw a girl there who pledged to defend the king. After a bit silence Daulver said: “i know her, she can be trusted”
O’khal: “then lets go. Come on.”
They got out of the town, riding horses after killing some northmen in the streets. They stopped a bit further from the town. O’khal:
“they have Londinium now. We could fight them back and retake the city, but they are no human. They will kill our people if we push to fight, so .... (he came in front of two warriors) you ... one of you must go to Malibo and the other to Kattikat for describing our situation now. And we will go to Orsone. Now go brothers. May Odin be with you”
After they left the party lord Kevvin said: “my king, Orsone ....”
“i know, thats why we will go there. They won’t follow us there. ... now lets go. Odin helps us”

Daulver: “Odin is gone”
... ... ...

Behind the temple she wrote a letter and sends it by bird to her clan. Then she sharpens her swords and prepares for for a trip. “ I pray that nthese blades don’t see the light. But if they must I will draw them.” She thought about the feast and how sick it was. She thought of a a idea. If she won a couple kingdoms to her side they could help her take her throne back. She then waits for something to happen.

After the feast, guards came to make the main hall ready, for the new lord. One of Vandil's guards came with a banner on his both hands. The banner of house Sigmunsson.
"As I always wanted.. " said to himself. Looks around...all of the people are happy because of the victory they've got. It is their right to be happy and cheerful. Because they are finally taking their revenge from the enemy who left them behind when they needed help. In cold days. "Ehm, my lord. Do you like it?" Guard told him.
Vandil wakes up and stops dreaming. Stands up and nods to him. The guard also told him the new army is heading towards the castle. A gift from the true King of the north for protection of Londinium, armed soldiers and a Loyal Nord commander named "Sir Ulf" to organize the new army. Leading a city without any help isn't hard for Vandil, but help will always make things easier. At least until he will do his own business.
Guards placed new banners and burnt the old banners of the untrue king of the north, O'khal. Between the dead bodies, the body of a woman attracted his attention. Walked closer until he saw her eyes, he saw kindness inside of it. Probably, she is O'khal's mother.
A young guard with his head under an iron helmet with two horns on it showed up, probably the new guards uniform. Looks like Nordic.
"Make sure you will burn her respectfully on the boat, exactly like other Nords."
Then walked back to his new room in the castle. The sound of the feast is still on his head. Also a sentence from a person who he couldn't remember who was he, "Power gained with a cost." From the king's room, there is the whole city under your feet. People doing their daily activity like there is nothing happening inside the castle. Like they left the country for the gods to deal with.
After some hours, he decided to accept Sir Ulf's request for a meeting, also he commanded to spread the recent news in the city and let the people know what happened. He wants to know peoples reaction.

it was hours passed midnight and they were far enough from the town. they stopped by a river which its water came from the Odin mountain to near the walls of Londinium and then to Orsone port. it's a wide deep river and nothing can get through because of its water velocity. it is one of the biggest rivers in the whole Phirals. but that night, water was calm...

some of them planned to sleep the rest of the night, and others were walking or talking or mocking each other. moon was hiding behind the clouds, scared of that cursed night. O'khal and his brother were looking at the river. that bloody night even slowed down that roaring river. they were listening to the silence and watching the dark. but something, in the river .... attracted their attention ... better say somethings.

dead bodies. they were floating and passing just in front of them. they got closer and pulled one out. it was one of their guards from the feast. O'khal said: "they didn't even burn them. just threw them in the river. why? they are dead they deserve bette......."
at the moment he saw a dead girl a bit further. he reached her and brought her to shore. she was one of the children who he used to see on the streets of Londinium everyday. her hand was keeping something hard. O'khal opened her hand and saw a handmade tiny wooden horse which he made and gave it to her. keeping it hard before dying, shows that the girl believed O'khal can help her, save her at the moment. but where was he? the feast led her to dark, the wooden thing led her to dark, O'khal led her to ... ... he loved children.
he hugged her, yelled and cried. other men came to them and they also stood, staring at river. after some moments all of them were pulling the dead out of river as far as they could until there were no more dead bodies coming from the town. they didn't pull all out, but at least .....

they wait until dawn and then, when the bodies were dry, gathered all together and were burning them all. all men circled the fire and watched their people heading to Valhalla. after a moment like that...
Daulver looked back and shouted O'khal and jumped to his brother, then an arrow hit his back. he lied down on the ground with O'khal arms holding him. O'khal saw the arrow came from a man on the horse further from them. when he was turning the horse to go, Vrago hit him an arrow with his bow and he fell from the horse. O'khal reached him and took his hood. "who are you" O'khal said calmly. but the man was laughing loud. then O'khal cut one of the man's hands with the axe. the man was shouting when O'khal told him "tell that son of a whore Vandil that i ......." but the man laughed even louder than before. "Vandil! .... hah hahahah ... Van... hehheh...... Vandil is just a dog. a fu$%ing dog who do anything for a fu$%ing meat to feed. i came from the king! our great king who you dare not to hear his name! hahah...!" the man said it with a scratching voice. O'khal's men hold the man when O'khal went and brought a scorching stick from their great fire and hit it in the man's eye and leave the stick there and then he shouted louder than before! they tied up the man to his horse and then O'khal told him "see if you can reach your fu$%ing king before you bleed to death. and if ..... if you reached him...... tell him i'm gonna kill him right after that i kill his fu$%ing dog" then he hit the horse's back and the horse ran.
he got back to his brother.
"you'll be okay."
"don't you dare to feel sorry for me. by the way we are even now."

he was bleeding, but still alive. O'khal saw someone standing there. he told her:
"he's dying, and he knows you. so..... wanna do something?"
she was the girl from the feast who pledged to defense.

She comforts the man. “ I kinda know him.” She sat down and gave the man medicine to ease his pain. “ this will ease his suffering. If only I could get you to my clan you can be buried in the highest honor.” She started to sing. ( it was lovely. She kept his hair out of his face and helped him ease into his next life. She knew how to treat the dying.

Another day on the road. Everything is okay. The weather, soldiers morale and the food is enough for a month or maybe more. Luckily they are in their own land. So bringing food for the army from other cities wouldn't be hard if that's necessary.

They should be close to Weam Castle.

Persivell invites Hector to his Tent and wants to meet him before Hector and his group split up from the army. Hector came in, with a lather light-armor which ables him to move quickly while fighting. Hector offers him a letter. Without killing any more time Persivell took the letter. The yellow eagle told him everything, a letter from the city of Cewmann. It says the Admiral Walterus will come to aid the army when they need any help from the city. To make sure everything will be okay after this he is sending three hundred soldiers to the army. Persivell read the letter, nodded and put it away.

"Are you sure you can do it?"
Hector nodded and said, "I will do anything I can to save your uncle and your brother my lord."
Persivell couldn't stop being worry about his uncle and mostly his brother. They were together from the good old days.

"I'm sure that there is nothing to worry about in the battle, we got more men, I'm sure about that. I mean..., how many of those raiders needed to kill only one of our armored soldiers?" Hector said.
"I'm not worried about that, but the war behind the closed doors? That's the thing that makes me nervous."

Hector didn't say another single word. But persivell broke the quietness.
"Swear to God, swear that you won't break your words and lose them."
Hector said, "My king, I will protect them until the last drop of my blood in my vessels split on the ground."

That could decrease the stress level of Persivell at least for a short period of time. "Pack your things, don't have much time..."

Seo was walking for hours in the rain outside in the dark forest , followed after a small noisy child named Liliath who decided to run away from her house . “Seo!” “What!” Seo was getting annoyed by the kid , Liliath was already asking and complaining for hours. Good she didn’t talk anymore . Seo felt a little guilty now , she shouldn’t have shouted to the girl.


Liliath didn’t really understood what she did wrong , she felt angry and sad at the same time. She pushed Seo hard “Hey!” Liliath sticked her tongue out and runned away “Come back!” “You will get yourself in trouble come back Liliath.”

Liliath noticed a tent , she would hide in there and then she would continue her journey. She quickly runned in the tent , to bad there where 2 people inside

(Persivell and Hector) (I hope that my post is ok , just tell me if something is wrong)

Weam Castle was a mess of rising smoke. From the outside, someone must have imagined a fire was raging through its walls, but the fire was not on the structures. Instead, men and women were fueling massive pyres in the courtyard, hoisting the bodies of stripped soldiers into the flames. A few short yells and hips were shouted out from the army.

Above them, a gruff man stood looking to his people, a stolen tankard with the castle's coat of arms dangling carelessly from his fingertips as he leaned against the wooden barrier. Sigvat Hafsson had made his first move on the new world, and this castle was the key to the revenge he was seeking.

"You know the fire will only attract more attention to us." A blonde woman, Herdis Thrandottir, spoke, standing beside the man, her hand resting upon the hilt of her sword.

"You think they hadn't taken note of us before now? The dead are dead, there's nothing more to it. They fought enough for Hel will take them into her hall. The least we can do is use their fat to keep us warm." Sigvat chuckled darkly, lifting the tankard to his lips for a gulp of his looted ale.

Then again, it was more than their bodies he was taking. Thier armor was being refitted to be suitable to their standards, leather straps tying it into place through the fur and metal that covered every soldier. Sigvat's eyes scanned the courtyard, glazing over those sharpening their blades. Everyone knew this was only the beginning of something great. They all had that same taste of blood, of burning revenge, on their tongues. Sigvat was going to be delivering the meal to them but they had to earn it under his instruction. They trusted he would feed them, lest they eat him instead.

"We will wait. Keep an eye on the distance. Watch for smoke and movement. If you see either, come to me." With that, Sigvat turned to press his tankard into Herdis' chest, the woman grasping it before he turned his back on her. "Finish that, will ya? I'll go see if the hogs have been roasted yet."

It was already dawn.
an accustomed man with an uncommon face from other soil could be seen respiteing in the meadows, tilting on the tree putting dottels in the pipe to smoke some as his breakfast.

Times pass also the Tobacco is getting less. Better save some for the route to Hwen. In Hwen he was enthusiastic to see a person. The sun was flourishing in the sky and the man was travelling under the radiance. The pipe on his left hand and sometime on his mouth. Grasses were in a high length almost covering his limbs till the chest. brume could touch all over his clothes.

Himora Eventually arrived to a mid-way
stead to supply his necessity things. But something wasn't right. Holler and screech could be heard easily from distance. The cry over regression and lost. He experienced that emotions before.

Went closer but a kid (6 to 9 years aged) rushed towards him screeching, with a cheerless face and tears running on his face.

"Wat' just happened?(what just happened)" said Himora with a feeling of wonder and dread blended to gather. The kid explained what happend in the words of sob.

Some savage folk that were
extravagant to them came and slaughtered people guarding some castle called weam castle. Some of the died once were family to people of this steed and some were entourage. This tragedy made people to feel sorrow and Himora didn't want that for any kind of people.

The one handed man decided to ferret out to see the theorem with his own eyes.

Now the aim to reach Hwen was changed to Weam castle. The fire of the castle has been shown to his eyes and his heart full of pain and ruth, couldn't stop beatting slow. His hands were ready to conflict and his swords sharp to incision the souls and cut the string of lives. But fortunately he wasn't that much of a stupid man to manifest his feeling and conflict with all of that men.

Once again he fired his pipe while arriving to the castle. "wher's ya leader at? Eager to meet him. (where is your leader? I'm Eager to meet him.)" said it to the first savage his eyes saw with out any hate, feinting a heart empty of any emotion but aversion in the inside of his invisible feelings.

"First things come first, people of Orson and Piwn should accept us as the new rules of North, I need their message until tomorrow, then we will discuss it. Everyone who stands against us will meet the death." Stands up and ends the small council meeting. Vandil walks towards his room, opens the door and sees a stranger standing next to his reading table. When vandil came in, the stranger with a Nordic face and a blind eye looked at his face and noticed his enter by the voice of the old door. He was about to say something but vandil cut his words. "It's not hard to believe to see a rude Viking who doesn't know how to get permission before the entrance." Said Vandil with a serious face and a little bit angry eyes. The man was a Viking apparently. After Vandil's sentence, the man got surprised. it seems like he had the sentence ready to say before he enters the door.
"I'm I didn't mean to disturb you, my lord." Said the man from the north.

"Of course you didn't want, general Ulf..." Vandal said before surprising him once again with knowing him. "I've heard about you, general. About your courage and your brave soldiers. I can't say that I'm not happy to have you here on my side, but it worries me a bit when I take a look at your eyes."

Ulf didn't know what to say, it was something like he knew what to say even before he opened the door. With some seconds of quietness, Ulf said "I'm just here to do the orders, my lord. My duty is to protect our lands in the south, and Londinium is one of them." with respect.

"Why didn't you ask me what makes me worry about your eyes?" Said vandil with narrowing his mysterious eyes.

Ulf replied, "What makes you worry my lord?"

Vandil came closer to him, took three steps while looking directly into the man's eye, the only eye he got. "Without your left eye, you are a dead meat..." Whispered on Ulf's ears. His last words brought another deadly quietness to the place, looked straight at his eyes and saw the real fear on them. Now all of the people know what he can do with the power he got, even when he is unarmed.
"General Ulf, I wish you knock the door next time you come inside...because if you don't, then there is a second thing that makes me worry."

Ulf nodded without saying another single word, until vandil signaled him to leave. Ulf was about to leave but suddenly he stopped and said, "My lord, if you excuse me, I have an order which commands me to attack the orsone port by the dawn, The great Lord doesn't want us to waste more time in here, we should make faster moves if we want to get rid of rest of them while they got not enough power."

"If your lord want you to do a such an insane job, then tell him to do it himself, the infection is spreading in that town and I don't want my army killed, I will talk to Sigvat, you can go."

Ulf said again "But, ... My lord..!"
Vandil sand with a higher voice, "Second problem!" Ulf left the room without any respect.

Vandil sits on O'khal's chair, took a paper and started writing a letter to Weam Castle.

After writing his letter, cuts his hands vessel and lets some drops of blood splash on the paper.

"Guards! Make sure this letter will be sent to Weam Castle."

"I wonder what happened to Jericho" Eirene was thinking with herself while she and okhals men were outside of the city running, hiding or maybe as some of them said, surviving. But she wasn't that kind of a girl who runs. No, she would have stood there and fight for what she had.

The night was dying but also something was found in the river close to them. Deas bodies of soldiers and Northmen. Huh, it was obvious who did this. She hadn't a better memory from the new Northmen too for the bad memories of her childhood. Still, it was sad to watch corpses being like rubbish. But not that she wasn't ready to see such a thing.

That night was getting over by paying respect to dead bodies. she had to do it too since she was also a Northmen. Not that she believed in what they believe.

The dawn of that night was getting started they all were ready to keep going. She was a little far from the group and writing a letter for The Black Jackals. Saying that they need soldiers and explaining the situation. a scream interrupted her writing and she went fast to see what happend. a man was hit in the knee with an arrow and Okhal was torturing him! She did not see that coming from Okhal but obviously the man was an enemy cause she haven't been seen her in his life.

As the man was getting tortured she noticed that Okhals brother was injured with an arrow hiting next to his heart. She knew Dulvar from few years ago when she was a kid and they used to play with each other and the other kids in the city but that memory was too short to be remembered.

She went to see how bad the injury is and it was very bad. By the time the torturing was done so she said "your brother.. She is so missed up. The arrow was poisened and the antidote is so rare and you are not the king anymore so finding such a thing would be impossible for us. But the arrow didn't hit to his heart so the process is slow."

The Dulvars chest was already red. it would take a few days and then the vessel around the wound would get black and then spread all over his body and eventually the Dulvar would be a dead body.

"He probably won't be alive much" she said with a worry face.

Sanders walks out of the castle quickly pulling on his elven cloak when he sees someone walking towards him. He runs toward the wall and slips between the buildings he hears someone yell "GUARDS GET HIM HE'S SURROUNDED" so Sanders climbs up the wall and looks below him and sees the Prince and his royal guard he murmurs "aw fudge" so he pulls out his knife and throws it at the captain of the guard and then climbs up the rest of the way when he gets on the roof he jumps off over the wall and runs into the woods

it's a grievous thing to hear that one your beloved ones has a scant time before ascending to Valhalla by Valkyries escorting him. it verily hurts the heart. the sentiments at the moment are ten times worth than losing someone instantly at that moment. in other words, he'll die twice for you and you'll feel the loss twofold in your life for him.
in such conditions, a heap of torment fills your heart. your mind is out at the moment and the first thing you do is blaming yourself, even if it wasn't your fault. and now O'khal is shattered. .....

but this feeling last for only some minutes or moments. the rue laden in your heart, somehow moves to your brain which was out just now. brain gains benefits from the sorrow as it's nutrition and energy. sorrow will turn to aversion and hatred, and after that, you start to blame others, even if it was your fault......

at that time, three options will explicit, choices that needs to be chosen by your volition and if not, your fear:
1- let it go, it'll pass (depression)
2- find the delinquent and remove it (indignation)
3- not accepting it by any cause (insanity)

don't take it wrong, the persecution he did on that man, was not for harming Daulver. it was for his people. his mother. as you knew he didn't do anything after seeing his dead mother in Daulver's arms. he just said lets go he chose option 1. he just needed a push for jumping to option 2. the man was the push so O'khal depleted his anger on him. it seems he liked doing that, and when you start doing that, it gets easier.

first his father, then his mother and now, Daulver. he is losing everyone, but .... he won't be disappointed. so :
"everyone let's go (took Daulver's hand & picked him up) i'll find the cure. you have my word. she can' be sure of this, don't worry" but it seemed O'khal was worrier than him.

they started to gallop forthwith and reached the Orsone gates when the moon rose in the sky.

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