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Victor sat in his usual seat in home room listening to his favorite band and trying to ignore all of the obnoxious jocks around him. He knew that they would be obsessively talking about the big party that was going on that night, though he could really care less. Sighing he sat back in his seat and looked up at the rather board looking advisor sitting at the front of the class room. 'Why does this stupid class even exist?' he thought with a rather annoyed look on his face. Looking over he smiled softly as he saw his best friend talking with a few other people. Looking back down at his desk he stuck his hands in the pockets of his black jeans and just waited for the time to pass. He was beyond glad that this was his last year of high school and he could choose to take college classes online, he knew it would be way less people he would have to deal with in person and he wouldn't be stuck in a classroom all day. Victor started to tap his leather biker boots on the floor as team slowly passed, not really sure what to do with himself at this point as he had already done all of his homework the night before and had nothing to really do for his homeroom class. Taking his right hand out of his pocket he flipped his notebook open, grabbed his pencil, and started to absentmindedly doodle on the blank page.

(looking for someone to play his female best friend. If you need details of their friendship check out the character profile. :) Real pictures only please!)

Gwen noticed Victor across the room. Her best friend. She felt her heart flutter as it always did when they spoke or laughed or even locked eyes. She brought out her phone and messaged him You look bored, Vic. How about some ice cream after class? I don’t feel like spending the rest of the day here. she looked up at him when she sent it. Her long black hair cascading over her shoulders. She wore a simple outfit. Torn blue jeans and a grey sweater with some business logo on it. She wasn’t one for putting effort into her looks simple because she didn’t care.

Victor pulled his phone out of his pocket when he felt it vibrate. Chuckling as he looking at the message he glanced over at her and shook his head. “Playing miss bad girl today are we? Lol 😝 yeah I’ll grab our helmets after class. Meet me by my bike.” Hitting send he slipped his phone back into his pocket and went back to his drawing. Vic started to tap his boot on the floor again as he waited for the bell.

One the bell rang she couldn’t have move faster. She jumped up and rushed outside happily and met him at his bike “Hey Vik!! By the way what did you mean by... I’m playing bad girl today? I’m usually bad around you. You’re a bad influence.” She said with a laugh and nudged him playfully.

Victor gathered his things once the bell rang and walked to his locker. Stuffing his bag in he grabbed the two helmets he had out and made his way to his bike. Walking up to Gwen he handed her his spare helmet and laughed at her comment. “Oh I’m the bad influence now? Says the one who wants to play hooky.” He said and got on his bike. Kicking the bike to life he revved the engine and looked over at Gwen as he put his helmet on. “Let’s go lady.” He said and put the kick stand up. Once she was on he put his bike in gear and took off for the ice cream shop.

As he drove her she had her arms around his waist. Her head rested on his back and she felt her cheeks redden. It was times like this that made her heart do backflips. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the ride until the bike came to a halt. She got up and pulled off his spare helmet, her long black hair flowing freely now. She fluffed it up a little and laughed happily “I’ve always loved that!” She said with a light laugh

Vic backed his bike up into the closest parking spot and waited for Gwen to get off. Once she did he put the kick stand down and chucked at her comment. As he pulled his helmet off he said, “what riding on my bike or skipping class?” He had a teasing tone in his voice as he ran his fingers through his hair and smiled at her. Setting his helmet down on the handle bars he turned to her and said, “so miss hooky, what else shall we do with our day?” Vic walked up to the door of the ice cream shop and held it open for her.

She thanked him for that and walked into the shop. “Well I was thinking...” she turned to him “Ice cream first... then how about we head to our old spot? You know... that lake we always swam in?” She suggested with an excited smile and walked to the counter to look at what to get. “I mean we haven’t done that in a good while.” She turned to him and playfully hit his chest “And don’t call me ‘miss hooky’! You know I never ditch.”

Victor laughed and scratched the back of his head. “We would have to go get our swim suits but yeah we can do that.” He relied as he rubbed his chest through his skin tight shirt. “And I know you don’t, but picking on you is fun.” He said with a chuckle. Looking up at the cashier he said, “I’ll take some of the mint chip, please.” Pulling out his wallet he paid for both their ice creams and made his way to one of the empty tables.

She sat down at the table across from him with her cookie dough ice cream and she crossed her arms. “I could’ve paid!” She mumbled. “You’re difficult.” She took a bite of her ice cream then smirked deviously and reached across the table and put some ice cream on his nose “Oops...”

Victor went a little cross eyed looking at the ice cream on his nose. “necessary?” He asked as he wiped it off with a napkin. Chucking he ate some of his ice cream and looked around the shop. “So, is it safe to assume some of your girly friends talked you into that party at Ty’s house tonight?” He asked and looked over at her. Vic knew the only reason he really cared was that he knew there would be a lot of drunk idiots and he was worried about her. He thought about going to keep an eye on her but he felt that would be a bit much. Scratching the back of his head he at more of his ice cream and waited for a response.

“W-Well...” she hesitated before answering “Yeah I’m gonna go. I don’t even know how long I’ll stay honestly. You know me: I’m not much of a drinker.” She shrugged and took a bite of her ice cream. “Are you going to go?” She didn’t want to admit it... but she was nervous to go. And knowing he would be there would make her far more comfortable. “You should go it’ll be fun.” She said with a smile

Victor chuckled as he finished off his ice cream. “No one said you had to drink.” He teased and smiled at her. Leaning back in his chair he scratched the back of his head. “Your love of drinking is about the same amount of love I have for loud places...but if you insist.” He said with another smile. “Shall we go get our bathing suits?” He asked as he stood up and threw his napkin away.

She smiled widely and nodded. Gwen stood up with him and tossed out her trash then walked out to his bike. “Thank you for going by the way.” She said to him with a shy smile. “Okay anyway let’s get our bathing suits.” Her smile was radiant. Her eyes sparkled. She had that expression only he ever saw: love. But she had pushed those feelings deep deep down.

Victor handed her the spare helmet and started up his bike. “I suppose I can’t say no to my best friend...and that smile.” He said over the roar of his bike. Once she got on he took off to her house first. As they pulled up he said, “I’ll wait here while you run in.” He leaned back a little and smiled at her through his helmet. He knew with every fiber of his being that he was in love with her, though he could never bring himself to say it.

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