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(Hello and Greetings~
This is an open place of business for all to come and join.
Don't be afraid of the length of a post and don't be afraid to post something.
Here is some advice or opinion, take your time and enjoy yourself and writing. Take the chances here to learn and grow as a writer and become better as you Role-play. )

A door opens to a world that only one can see within dreams and stories. A place that calls out to every sense of peace, calm and rest. In this view, as far as the eye can see is a place covered in Cherry Blossoms and fields of grass. There is something strange tho, as you take in the scene, you realize that this place is covered in eternal night. A peerless night that only the lanterns and star lights from above glimmer and shine brightly on the world. Your first steps in seems to immediately cause a moment of breathlessness as you are met with a home. A large traditional Japanese style home that is vast and long. Your steps upon the cobbled road to the home is echoed and met with a scent of various, sweet and heartwarming tea. The fragrance is inviting and most of all it welcoming. Before long, you are at the door and with a moment of hesitation and realization of how you managed to approach this close, you have opened the doors to a large opening.

Your eyes scan the room and are met with a layer of tables, with small pillows around them. There are even booths and a bar. Inside you feel a refreshing and homely feel. There is this sense of calm and warmth as if you had stepped into your own home. It is probably strange for you, who knows where you have just been or what you had just witnessed or perhaps how you had felt before all of these things, but you do know and feel as if being here has a chance to give you a moment of peace, a second of thought, or perhaps just a single place where you felt that you belonged, even if it was just here in this place.

End of narration

Standing at the bar stood a male. At first glace, one would notice a silky, white flowing hair the was tied back into a ponytail, his two long red horn protruding from the center line of his forehead, arching upwards for about a good foot. His eyes were crimson in color as his face held a charming and daring look of a person who has years of experience on the battlefield. Yet, it held an emotion of peace and warmth that is welcoming to those who entered. His hands fiddling and working on polishing a glass. This was undoubtedly the owner of this place. His mind was in a deep wonder and thought as he polished the glass to a shimmer. After setting it down and giving a sigh, his mind wondered to a thought, more so an image of who he was.

There he could see his own reflection, an image of his former self. A man dressed up in light armor with a long blade in hand. He remembered all the moves and could feel his own blood boil and the shake of excitement in his hand while seeing himself. This was mental training though. Kenji was taking his time to keep himself mentally prepared for the day when he returned to battle. Keeping his mind keen and sharp, possibly later today he would take some time to practice a little bit for himself. After a bit of time passed, he went and prepared himself a cup of tea. Going to the back, he grab some fresh leaves and returned back out. Mixing and blending the leaves while he heated up the water to a boil, Kenji eventually poured the water into a kettle. A ginger and flawless style to make sure the entire kettle was completely filled with flavor. The Jasmine scented tea filled the Tea House for just a moment before he wandered over with a few cups in hand to a table. Sitting down, he took one cup and poured the tea into it. Letting the teal color mixture fill the cup before taking a soft moment to blow on it then sip it.

may I join as this character? I can make changes if necessary just let me know

(Join as you are, no need to ask)

(ok) *matt walks into the tea shop and turns to kenji* hey *he sits down* you know any good place to stay around here? I just got off my ship it was a long trip from skyrim...

After his first sip, Kenji took a moment to react. His mind was in a partial daze due to the overwhelming nature of the tea. When the gentleman who came in approached him with a greeting. "Hello." Kenji replied, he wasn't a soft-spoken man, but it was respectful in every sense of the word as he gave the male a soft nod before looking him over once. His gear and how he moved gave away much about the new guest, even how he sat showed off a disciplined style of the person. As the male continued to speak, Kenji smiled to him and tilted his head at the new world that was given to him. He would ask at a later time of course, as of now, he was a host and he spoke again. "You can sleep here, this Tea House serves as an inn of sorts." He gave the male a bit of information about the place. This was a house, rather large on the outside to have just a Tea room.

really? well I am slightly curious... *he pulls out a gold coin with a dragon on one side and an emperor on the other* do you guys take septims as payment?

The small frame of the woman came in from wondering out back. She dusted her skirt off, before making her way to stand at the counter. Or even sit on it. She stopped short and combed a hand through her pink to with locks. Her multi colored, stripped eye blinked as she looked at the male that had came in. Smiling to the male. "Hello." Moving once more, to finish making her way to the counter and stand in front of it. " I take it, he has yet to order anything?" She giggled a bit.

*matt turned to the woman* you need somethin? *he slid his hand over his dagger*

Looking the male over once more before taking a soft sip of his tea, he gave a relieved sigh. "No coin is needed, honestly. This is a place where those who wish to rest, may rest." He replied to the male before a noise caught his attention. He turned his head to see a familiar figure come out from the back. Yumi. He gave her a ginger but elated smile as he shook his head no. "Not yet, he is here to rest." He responded to her as he turned back to the male. "Do not fret over that. Yumi is a lover of mine. She is harmless unless you seek harm." He continued with the male as he sipped his drink a few more times.

*matt eased himself* I apologize I haven't been the same since the... *he stopped and stared at the table* never mind... may I see my room good sir?

She blinked, before tilting her head to the side. She looked over the male, a small blush formed over her cheeks. "Aye, I am one of his lovers. And only bring harm to those that wish harm." She watched the males reaction and his reasoning. "If you do not wish to speak about it, you don't have to. We try not to pry into others business. Though, sometimes it can not be helped." She frowned a bit, her tone at that last part was apologetic. Before she spoke again. Pointing to her head. "Don't get me wrong. I do not have control over what thoughts and/or ideas come pop into my head, that belong to others." She gave a friendly, but awkward smile.

*matt stood up and put out his hand for a hand shake* the names matt ebonsword *he smiled underneath his cowl* have either of you heard the legend of the dovahkiin? *he tilted his head as he said this*

(goin to bed good night yall)

A soft moment of silence before words were spoken, the movement of the male in front of him did not feel hostile at all as he stood and extended his hand out towards him. Kenji softly stood as well, reaching out and grasping the hand in a firm and strong handshake. "I am Kenji. Kenji Museigan." He replied before turning his head a bit to catch a glimpse of Yumi. Her form and way she spoke gave him a sense of relief and made his heart flutter a bit, a small blush formed from just the thought of her before he returned his attention to Matt. Taking a few moments to gather his thoughts and knowledge, he could only shake his head a bit to the male. "I do not know of such things. Do you mind sharing what you know to me?" Genuinely confused by the name and thoroughly lost by the attempt, Kenji could only admit that he knew little to nothing of it all. After shaking the male's hand, he would take a few steps over to where Yumi was, listening in on whatever the male would tell him.

When he reached her, he reached out and cupped the side of her face. His smile bright and brilliant as he gave her cheek a few swipes. For a moment, lost in thought and into her eyes, he leaned forward and gave her head a soft kiss. "My sweet love." He called a bit to her, his words were comforting and filled with absolute confirmation of what she may have questioned. Perhaps it was more so him confirming to himself that she was someone he cared for, so deeply that he could barely contain it any longer and this was the only way he could relieve himself of the pint up energy and emotion. A soft breath could be heard, not as a sigh, but just a way of exhaling away any overbearing feelings. It was a way for him to relax and calm himself before he returned his attention to the male.

kosma went inside and looked around. she was pretty but looked in rough shape. she went into a dark corner and you could barely see her. then 2 men and a lady walked in. they seemed like family but looked nothing alike. they look around. one went to aid the young girl in the corner.

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