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A few, some, or many...I really have no idea how many characters have now become zombies, but even one is too many. Let me be clear, I do not blame anyone for what happened here. No more than you can blame anyone for a natural disaster. Regardless we have lost some characters who now are zombies and I get the feeling not all of them will make a return to rpr, or maybe just not right away.

I thought maybe a good way to work thru this would be to come together and tell each other of our lost characters, who were they? What did they like or dislike? What made them happy sad or scared....maybe I'm just being silly, but I get rather attached to my characters. So I feel a proper eulogy is appropriate.

Feel free to tell me/us about your loss, anonymously is perfectly fine with me :) lets all heal together.

I can't honestly say I lost a whole character, just mainly an NPC attached to my main. But I definitely approve of the idea of a thread like this--maybe it will help inspire some people to rebuild who might otherwise not have! :)

my teacher character, john sharp. may he rest in peice

RIP to these following characters of mine:
Alex Marshall
Seraphina Clover
Axel Spinster
Addison Harper
Marin Kleftis
Darin Kleftis
Jonathon Snow
Elira Mara
Dylan Mathers

May they rest in piece...
They'll be coming back, of course. Lol

R.I.P. to Stereotype, my original acc and all of my ahcaracters, may they rest in peace.

Two of mine got Zombied but I was luckily able to revive them

I’m so sad this happened, my dash got flooded with zombies.
(I only had 3 characters but my dash showed 7 zombies)

While I was deleting the zombies a character I loved dearly got deleted, I made her almost a month ago so I was confused. But i’m okay now, but we will never forget those characters that had taken like ten years to make and got zombified. We will never forget the tragic event of The RpR Purge.


Rip Alf Williams. I spent two days on his basic info page with more to come.

He will return.

I took only minor data loss, and removed some units who THEN zombified, but as I always stick thumbnails to all my chara, cleanup was easy.
I worked the story to include what happened to my units. (I call characters units now.)
Basically, Kana was remade to no longer have FE units (they were sent home by odd events), and a few of my units were lost to save what remained. Nike and Pantera are notable examples, having dove into the rift that ripped through the Xenoworlds. In a sense, them doing that is like us saving RPR. O lost souls, may your sacrifices never be in vain, dear puu~

Fang was killed, but I've revived her!

The rest of my babies are going strong.

RIP Viyva

I think it's cool to set this up, like a space to help people come to terms with character loss. The upset is absolutely legit, too. People put a lot of time and effort in creating their characters, and pretty strong feelings can develop. But as with anything, it is possible to move forward once the mourning is done, and to rebuild what was lost. :)

I'll admit that I was among the lucky. I had to redo a minor edit on one character, and another was among those fully resuscitated after initially breaking off from me. That's not to say I haven't experienced similar stuff, though. ^^;

Puts flowers on my character's gravestone. Cries "You went to soon to character heaven". ☗☗ oh well life goes on and I wasn't even using him anyways.

Only one fell...a captain...a pirate...he who was a true Wavemaster

Funnily enough my zombie character was an actual zombie. No fear, he'll rise again!

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