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"well I do own a blue suit...but sorry don't own a blue dress"

"I think i do . come on." She grabs his hand and takes them to her dorm. She shows off a long deep blue dress with off the shoulder sleeves. Its a loose flowing dress.
"Would this work?"

"yeah, that will work, lets meet outside of the gym, after we are both dressed up and ready to go"

"Deal. " she lets him leave then locks the door. She smiles as she starts brushing her hair taking it out of the usual braid. She changes into the dress, adding a simple necklace. Shechecks herself in the mirror then goes to the meeting place.

He goes to his dorm room and puts on a deep sea blue dress shirt and a darker blue long pants, going to the meeting spot

She waits looking up at the sky.

he walks over to her"sorry I'm late"he says holding out his hand

She looks at him and smiles. "Its okay." She takes his hand.

((hey guys,sorry ive been busy latly))

(( its okay))

He woke up a while later, checking the schedule and grinning. "Prom today? Time to be lonely!" He chuckled to himself, rubbing his hands together in mock planning.

Holly looks around and sneezes, creating a magic explosion that blasts her back “Ow” she says as she gets up



Abby walked in the building and felt an odd feeling somewhere in her heart,like she belongs here.

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Forums > Fantasy Roleplay Forum > Fantasy high rp