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((When are we going the part when everyone meets up?))

((I dunno but my character can meet up with yours if you want now. I just need to introduce her kind of))

Anna Walked around the city. Pulling her hood over her hair as it started to rain. She side feeling rather lonely.

His pace slowed a bit as he walked on, continuing to observe everyone, filing their faces away and catagorizing them based on his observations; regrettably, he could not use his power in this body, as it was already controlled by what power he had to use. As the rain started, he pulled up the hood of the jacket he had purchased a while ago, making sure that no water touched his brow; a personal preference of remaining dry.

She looked around her nervously towards what looked like a dorm building . Then in a blur of gold she was gone and appeared a split second later by the building. She took off her hood and sat on a bench under an awning.

Meanwhile Jason also known as Moonbeam, was in a nearby warehouse with a Group of other mutants. Listening to the rain pattering against the walls.

“Mutants,” he sighed, “victims of terrible accidents and mutations, spurned even spurned by the heroes; another reason to kill the ‘do-gooders’ off.” Again, he filed them in a mental list, to determine their status; he truly couldn’t trust anyone.

Jason flew out of The warehouse heading towards the dorm building.
He looked down scornfully at all the humans. Not that it mattered they would soon be eliminated. And mutants would rule the earth

Flight; he made sure to add that to his list. Seeing nothing more of value, he made his way back to his apartment. He walked in his door a short time later, laying down and returning to his original form.

Declan awoke once again, the body of John slumbering nearby; even puppets in a comatose state needed rest, unfortunately. He rose and walked to the window, looking out at the bright horizon, though not much was seen due to the other buildings in the way; not that he cared.

Jason transformed in to a cat and silently followed Anna as she started walking to a store.

It was strange to see the two strangers again beneath his window, but not completely unexpected; donning a simple coat and umbrella, he walked outside, across the street, and into the store where the girl had entered. His purpose here was divided; spy on the strange girl, and purchase some groceries for the next week, though it seemed that the former was more important than the latter.

Anna walked in. Grabbed some stuff and disappeared in a flash of gold. She spead off to an empty building

Every bit of knowledge gathered increased his chance of success, and with this, he had obtained yet another useful factor. He finished purchasing the items (he wasn’t a petty thief, and he still needed his identity unknown), he returned to his meager dwelling, finalizing his plans.

Jason was still watching Anna. He knew she was a kleptomaniac. He watched as she sat outside the building eating some marshmallows

The gears of the plan were in place, and the mechanical scheme of Retribution was almost complete. A few more elements and it would be complete.

Anna sighs and looks around. Suddenly Jason jumped in front of her. Returning back to human.
“Anna I thought you should know your brother Peter has joined us already. You should to.”
Anna rolled her eyes
“I already told you I work alone”

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Forums > Sci-Fi Roleplay Forum > Earths Mightiest Heroes; super heroes!!!!