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Forums > RP Discussion > Ahem. Vic here demanding your writing playlist.

This thread was created after I found this article...

44 Perfect Songs To Listen To While You Write

Some songs I already have in my playlist(aka Teardrop by Massive Attack because duh). I have a ton of Coheed and Cambria, Dermont Kennedy(if I’m writing a romantic scene) and a jumble of others. To make this easier, let me list my top 5 right now. No particular order btw.

I’m feeling dead so add some new bops to my playlist, stat.

1. Only You - Portishead

2. bury a friend - Billie Eilish

3. Movement - Hozier

4. Miike Snow - Genghis Khan

5. Twenty Twelve - Matt Maeson

vic_c wrote:
This thread was created after I found this article...

Thank you so much for sharing! In addition to Tchaikovsky (I grew up with his music and so it is forever inscribed in my memory as fairy tale music), I very much enjoy Mendelssohn's Midsummer's Night's Dream (here), as well as the following:

1. For when I lack energy or need to be in touch with my wild side, Ukrainian music, Ruslana:

2. For when I want my Celtic roots / writing fairies or being more spiritual inclined, everything Loreena:

3. For my witchy writings and pagan roots:

But also Blackmore's Night! :)

4. For psychedelic writings, Moody Blues, the Doors and Pink Floyd:

5. Finally, for dangerous subjects, Wicked Games and Dead Can Dance:

I think I should stop! :)

PS: I also have soundtracks for particular characters. It helps!!!

power mixes I've collected and listened through at least twenty times




(old favorite for staying motivated while running long live action-packed scenes)


Just gonna drop this here...

Artist: The Glitch Mob
Album: Drink The Sea

Artist: LP
Album: Lost On You

Artist: Overwerk
Album: Canon - EP

Artist: Queens Of The Stone Age
Album: ...Like Clockwork

Artist: Dance With The Dead
Album: *any of them really...*

I also second many of the above choices as they also make it into my usual playlists too.

Well shit. Since you "demand" it vic, I'll give it to you...
Dorian has so many good clips I listen to on her post (Faun, Blackmoore's Night, Moody blues)

I'll just say it really depends on what I'm writing to state what my playlist is. I'll throw out some that I have been listening to while writing of late...

Hell, I listen to whatever when I'm writing RP...

Everybody has included links and such, but I’m just here to say that ABBA really motivates me to write, hahah. There’s something about up-beat, happy pop music :’)

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Forums > RP Discussion > Ahem. Vic here demanding your writing playlist.