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After scribbling down the information, Dr. Wilkins handed the paper to Avi. "May I ask of your name? Here we all try to get to know our patients a little better, so we can give better care." She thought to herself how unnatural she sounded, and tried to relax a little. She guided the Fauven up to the Tenebris floor, and then raced down the stairs, thankful that she didn't mess up too badly. She then helped a few others and walked upstairs to check on some injured patients from Pax. "This is gonna be a long ride," she thought to herself.

"Avi. Avi Ramune Pegasis." He hissed, unintentionally threatening as they headed into the building. He headed into a room that had been pointed out for him to enter and looked around as the door fell closed behind him. It was a nice room, truly, fitted for his species, a good sign.

Despite how nice his quarters were, however, he much rather would not be there. He would rather be on his own planet in his own home. He didn't like being in other places, where people would look curiously at strangers. It just made him utterly uncomfortable.

((Anybody still around?))

((Sorry, yes. Just have some exams coming up, and I was cramming in some studies.))

There were so many new species she had never heard of and was incredibly excited to continue her studies. She walked back to the waiting room, taking in the surroundings for her new permanent workplace, but there was no one there, excepting for one creature. She couldn't say she knew what species it was, it was wearing too much armor to tell. Although, it was really tall for a human.

"Can I help you?" She was a little frightened, but stood up straight with her pen and clipboard hugged to her chest.

((May I question who your character is going to interact with?))

((I was kind of leaving that to whom ever responds. Most of the patients wear some sort of armor, I'd thought I'd be a little more specific. You can reply again if you want to, I just tried to leave it open for whom ever wanted to reply. Sorry for the confusion!))

((I'll respond, seeing as how there is a lack of others. I'd do some recruitment, but I may have to take a forced hiatus))

Avi turned, eyes flashing gold. "You again." He grunted, crossing his arms. "Have you not anything better to do? You've done all you can do to help me now. Unless you can bring my home back. My home, and my pets...and my family! So unless you can do that, screw off."

(( can I join in?))

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Forums > Sci-Fi Roleplay Forum > All Is A Mistake {OPEN}